46 Random Acts Of Kindness That Are Giving Us Hope For Humanity

The world can be a tough place and life isn’t always easy, so it’s very important to always keep in mind the positive parts of life. And there is no better example of the goodness in our world than random acts of kindness performed by complete strangers.

Kindhearted people who help each other for no reason other than to make the world a better place can truly renew your faith in humanity. It also shows that everyone — regardless of how much money or time they have — can make a significant impact on others and help make our world a better place. Just take a glance at these inspiring actions!

1. A parking official gave a couple in need a break when their car was parked illegally. When these people begged for the police to take pity on them for losing their key, they had no idea that they cop wouldn’t just take pity, he’d write back!

2. While they were stuck in an elevator for hours, a kindhearted college student became a “human chair” when this elderly lady needed to sit down. Talk about putting someone else’s needs above your own! And he’s doing it with a smile.

3. A young Egyptian girl helps a street vendor’s child learn how to read and write every day. School doesn’t have to take place inside of four walls; we can learn wherever we go as long as we have people who are willing to teach us.

4. This good neighbor made sure this car didn’t get soaked in a sudden rainstorm. This is a perfect example of why you should always take the time to get to know your neighbors! You never know when they might save your behind!

5. This man spends his lunch every day reading to a coworker who cannot. When learning to read is something you learn as a youngster, it’s easy to take the skill for granted as an adult. This man is a powerful reminder that not everyone is so lucky.

6. On Valentine’s day, a stranger performed this well-timed good deed. You do not need to spend a fortune on flowers to let someone who matters to you know how much you care, but this kind gesture makes it easy for you to do it anyway!

7. This man stopped running to catch his train to help an older woman with her bags. Simple and generous acts of kindness like this one are a powerful reminder that we aren’t just cogs in a machine; we’re people and we should help each other.

8. This is a generous and touching act of kindness for dogs and their owners. It is impossible to read the touching message left by this late dog’s owners and not get a little bit choked up. We learn so much from our canine friends about how to be truly happy.

9. This gentleman used a table umbrella to help escort three ladies to their cars in the pouring rain. See? Chivlary isn’t dead! This umbrella might seem too big, but it was just what these poor women needed to keep from getting drenched.

10. This man teaches the love of his life how to read again after she lost her memory following a stroke. True love isn’t just about sharing the good times with someone; it is about helping them through the tough times, too.

11. “I saw this woman buy two meals at a street vendor and give this man one of the meals. She introduced herself and talked to him about his life. She was his equal and just wanted to express inclusion to a fellow human being.”

12. This mailman loves to make others smile. Sometimes getting an anonymous note in the mail like this can make all the difference in someone’s day. You never know the positive impact you can have on someone else’s life.

13. This anonymous donor helped a stranger have a treat. Some days it is easy to make ourselves feel better fast with a sugary snack. That day can be made even better if that sugary snack is bought by someone else! How considerate.

14. There is nothing more frustrating that having to lug your clothes to a laundromat and wait for them to finish drying. It can be expensive and time consuming. This laundry fairy really made someone’s night! Hopefully they passed the kindness on!

15. When someone breaks into your car or your home, in addition to the physical losses, the feeling of emotional violation can be very intense. It’s amazing the difference a little note like this can make. A kind stranger truly helped someone in need.

16. This person got the surprise of a lifetime. Stories like this almost always are guaranteed to send chills right down your spine. It’s the perfect example of just how contagious random acts of kindness can be. Keep paying it forward!

17. A police officer bought food for 20 people after finding out that the day center was closed. The resources for the poor and the homeless are so important to helping them survive. This police officer’s simple gesture proved how much he cares.

18. This firefighter risked his life to save one thankful woman’s cat. When fire strikes it can completely demolish a person’s life. The fact that this woman can rebuild with her cat at her side will make a huge difference in her life.

19. These cleaners are helping the unemployed get jobs. When you are out of work, every single penny counts. That’s why kind gestures like this one are so important. It’s not just helpful, it’s uplifting to people in need, too!

20. When this Spanish runner slowed down during a race, everyone who was cheering him on was really confused. Why would he blow shot for a seriously major victory when he was so close to taking home the top prize?

It turns out he did it for a very good reason! He noticed that another runner was struggling and about to give up and he decided to sacrifice his win just to help this struggling runner make it across the finish line!

21. Even snapping turtles need help sometimes to make it across the road safely. This certainly isn’t something you see every single day, but it’s amazing that this man was able to help this turtle across the road to safety.

22. A brave police officer handcuffed himself to a woman who was trying to commit suicide and threw away the key. He saved her life. What a tremendous risk he took and all to save the life of a total stranger in need.

23. This 82-year-old barber brings his chair and clippers to the park to give people a haircut. You might not think of something as simple as a haircut as being a luxury, but the truth is that for many people it is. This man knew that all too well.

This barber understands that when you are living on the street or are unemployed it can be easy to let little things like getting a haircut slip through the cracks. He only charges one hug for a haircut, and that’s a price we can all afford.

24. Cameron Lyle was a college track star. He took his athletic career really seriously from a very young age. He dedicated his life to achieving greatness in the track and field arena. He was on the path to success, but that’s not where this story goes.

He trained eight years to compete in the final round of his division’s track and field competition. He sacrificed a lot to be able to achieve his dreams, putting in countless hours of training just to make sure he was ready for the challenge.

But he gave up his chance when he found out he could donate bone marrow to a man with leukemia. He did not even have to think twice about it. He knew that his marrow could save someone’s life and that mattered so much more than winning a prize.

25. This crowd helped a young man in a wheelchair crowd surf. When you are confined to a wheelchair life is full of obstacles. This crowd refused to let this man feel like he was stuck on the outside, they made him a part of their fun!

26. Rugby player Brian O’Driscoll visited his biggest fan in the hospital. She had no idea that her hero was going to pay her a visit, and when he did it completely made her day as you can tell from this photo! So cute.

27. This man just planned on spending a nice and relaxing day on the beach. He did not think that he would do anything more remarkable than maybe get a suntan. Then, he spotted something that didn’t seem right….

This brave man had spotted a baby dolphin who had gotten beached on a sandbar. He walked out to sandbar and carried the dolphin to deeper water so that she could return safely to her mother and to her ocean home.

28. During Hurricane Sandy, this store owner helped people without power charge their phones and computers. It is amazing how being able to stay connected with people can make even the darkest days seem full of hope.

29. A good Samaritan helped a pregnant women when her home was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. When you are about to give birth, the last thing you should have to deal with is figuring out where you are going to live. What a kind gesture.

30. This police officer went beyond the call of duty. When this little boy needed help with something simple like tying his shoe, this cop didn’t even hesitate. He knew that while it was a little thing, it was something this boy would remember.

31. A world-class marathon runner slows down to help a disabled man drink water, sacrificing the prize for finishing first. Races are usually run by people who have winning on their mind, this woman proves herself the kind exception to the rule.

32. A boy won a massive contest scavenger hunt. He got really pensive when they told him that he had won a grand prize of $1,000! His mother couldn’t understand why he looked so unhappy. So she asked him what was wrong…

 “How much chemo would $1,000 buy?” he asked his mom. You see, his best friend and neighbor was in the hospital fighting cancer. He decided to donate the winnings to her and her family to help her through her treatment.

33. A train station full of Japanese commuters pushed a train to help rescue a woman who fell in the gap. This photo is proof that we are so much stronger when we all work together. No one person can do everything all on their own.

34. This motorcyclist pulled over to help an elderly woman cross the street. The conditions were wet and the road was very dangerous. Who knows what would have happened to her if he had not stopped by to help her?

35. A diamond ring was accidentally dropped into this panhandler’s cup, but he made sure to get it back to its owner. He could have just let the woman keep walking and cash the ring in and made a pretty penny, but he was a good man.

The woman whose ring it was helped raise money to get the honest man back on his feet. She would never forget the kind gesture of this man. He was in dire straits himself but he knew doing the right thing mattered more.

36. After getting injured from her turn at bat, this softball player was carried over home plate by her opponents so she could score. Winning isn’t always the point, a lot of the time what matters most is being a good sport.

37. During a protest in Turkey, this stray dog got tear gassed. Everyone stopped to help him. Just think about how different the world would be if we treated each other as lovingly and compassionately as these strangers treated this dog.

38. A soldier rescued a baby bunny and raised it until it could be released back into the wild. This meant being constantly attentive to the bunny’s every need, even going so far as to feed it using a very small eyedropper.

39. This police officer bought brand new boots for a homeless man. When he saw him sitting outside without shoes or socks, he could have probably arrested him or sent him somewhere else. Instead, the officer gave him a little bit of much needed help.

40. When a someone accidentally blocked another person’s driveway, he went out of his way to make up for the inconvenience and reimbursed the resident who had to take a cab because of his mistake.

41. When this coworker accidentally ate the wrong lunch, he wrote a kind note and happily paid for his co-worker’s lunch the following day. That’s the kind of person you want to have in your office.

42. A generous man on the bus gave a homeless man the shoes off of his own feet. He didn’t have to think twice about it. He saw another human being who was in need and he did not hesitate to make a difference.

43. Rahm Emmanuel, Mayor of Chicago, interrupted a woman’s phone interview to put in a good word. When you are on an important phone call the last thing you want is to be interrupted… unless it’s by the mayor of your city vouching for you!

44. When her opponent was injured in a race, this athlete helped her cross the finish line. At the end of the day, the greatest champions of all are the people who are willing to put the needs of others above their own needs.

45. During a protest in Brazil, an officer asked the protestors not to fight on his birthday. Shortly after, they gave him a huge surprise… a birthday cake! We all have our differences, but that shouldn’t stop us from loving each other.

46. After work each day, this man takes uneaten bagels and hands them out to the needy on the street. So many bakeries get rid of their bread at the end of the day, more people should follow this man’s example and give food to the needy.

The world isn’t such a bad place after all. There are a lot of good people out there who would be there to help you if you stumbled.

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