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The City With The Most Billionaires In The U.S. Is Catching People Off Guard

Here’s a question for you: how many billionaires do you think live in your home city? Well, if you’re erring on the low side, then we might have some surprises for you! Yes, we’ve listed 20 cities from across the United States that house the most billionaires in the country. And in addition to that, we’ve also named the richest of them all. Gone are the days where tycoons and millionaires made up a meager part of the population. For all you know, your next-door neighbor may have billions in the bank...

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Total Number of Billionaires: 6

Combined Net Worth: $14.3 billion

Viva Las Vegas indeed! From the glitzy hotels to the flashy casinos, it shouldn’t be that shocking that the Entertainment Capital of the World is home to several billionaires. Having said that, though, we’re a little surprised that the number isn’t higher than six. As for the richest of the bunch, that honor belongs to one of the city's most well-known real estate tycoons.

Steve Wynn: $3.2 billion net worth

Born in January 1942, Wynn packed his bags for Las Vegas in the late ’60s and immediately got to work building his real estate empire. He spruced up the famous Golden Nugget casino before opening two more iconic venues, The Bellagio and The Mirage on the Strip. Then, he went on to create his own company, Wynn Resorts, in 2002. Nowadays, the entrepreneur is worth a huge chunk of change — $3.2 billion, to be exact.

2. Miami Beach, Florida

Total Number of Billionaires: 6

Combined Net Worth: $23.2 billion

Arguably one of the most picturesque spots in Florida, Miami Beach is the perfect place to soak up the sun with a cold beverage by your side. And that allure has prompted six billionaires to settle down in the city. But which of them boasts the highest net worth? Well, David Tepper sits atop that particular mountain — a name that’ll no doubt be familiar to sports fans.

David Tepper: $13 billion net worth

Tepper has made his billions via a number of different avenues. He was once a “junk-bonds trader” for Goldman Sachs, ahead of becoming a hedge fund manager. Apparently, it’s a position that boasts a massive salary. As for his other ventures, the billionaire is the owner of both Charlotte FC in Major League Soccer and the Carolina Panthers in the NFL.