A Rare Glimpse Into Andrea Bocelli’s Private Life Is Throwing Us For A Loop

When world-famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli steps up to the microphone, everyone in the room shuts up and listens. Practiced and perfect, he can produce beautifully calming notes that bellow through concert halls and soothingly nestle deep in our ears.

But while his voice dances with perfection, his life has been everything except a continuous high note. Though the singer found professional success after success, few saw the struggles he faced to reach the top — or the person who secretly helped him get there.

It’s crazy to think Andrea Bocelli, one of the world’s finest award-winning Italian tenors, has never seen what his audiences look like. Visually impaired from birth, he never saw any of the incredible journey that brought him to the top — but boy, did he feel it.

Pietro D’aprano / Getty Images

Of course, he wasn’t born a famous singer. On September 22, 1958, the commune of Lajatico in Tuscany, Italy, was where Bocelli emerged to the world, and from an early age he loved music.

Bocelli’s parents were incredibly supportive of their son’s passion for music, and that allowed him to explore several different avenues. He could play the piano by age six, and then learned the flute and saxophone. At 12, however, tragedy struck.

Although he wasn’t blind at birth — he was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma, a visual impairment — a 1970 hit to the head while playing soccer left him completely unable to see. For almost anyone, this would’ve been the end of his music career.

But one of his singing demo tapes happened to land in the presence of Luciano Pavarotti, one of the world’s greatest Italian operatic tenors ever. Pretty soon, Bocelli began studying under the master.


In 1972, after years of learning the ropes from the incredible Pavarotti, he entered into his first singing competition and won! This naturally fueled the 14-year-old’s fire, but his parents seemed to have other career plans in mind for him.

Although they supported his music career while he grew up, once it came time for college, they wanted him to become a lawyer. So, Bocelli studied law at the University of Pisa, but he made sure to keep his musical passion alive.

Even though he was making money as a court-appointed lawyer, he still studied music with an Italian tenor named Franco Corelli, playing music in bars to afford his lessons. In 1992, Bocelli finally made a mark the world noticed.

Bocelli performed a song called “Miserere” for an Italian musician named Zucchero Fornaciari — a song actually co-written by Bono of U2. His mentor Luciano Pavarotti heard it, loved it, and performed it with Bocelli. They were incredible.

Han Myung-Gu / WireImage

Now that Bocelli had a musical duet with someone as famous as Pavarotti under his belt, people quickly took notice of his talent. He even won top honors as a newcomer at the Sanremo Festival in 1994. He had officially arrived.

Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images

After the festival, as you can imagine, Bocelli was in demand. He started playing to larger crowds who watched in awe at the talent. For the next 5 years he rocked staged, but then in 1999 he did something magical.

Roberto Ricciuti / Redferns

He produced an album called Sogno, which included a touching duet with international sensation Celine Dion. This took him from an up-and-coming A-lister to someone who’d go down in history as one of the greats.

Denise Truscello / Getty Images

He even performed for the Pope afterwards! Bocelli said of singing “The Lord’s Prayer,” “This is my goal, my purpose and my joy: to pray together.” But, with all this fame unfolding, who was managing the amazing tenor?

Carl Court / Getty Images

It might come as a surprise, but it was his wife! Bocelli met Veronica Berti at a party in 1992, and he was enamored by her voice and the feel of her skin.

Jacopo Raule / GC Images

So, like anyone with an incredible singing voice, he belted out a romantic tune called “Occhi Di Fata” — which means “Fairy’s Eyes” — and she just melted. Amazingly, she was also 25 years his minor!

Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images

The chemistry between them was so overpowering they moved in together that same night! The two had a passion for the opera, and singing and discussing music became the foundation of the sudden match made in heaven.

Bocelli claimed the two have never had a fight, and he’s learned from his mistakes from a previous marriage years earlier. Few things made Berti more proud, however, than on Easter Sunday in 2020.

Hollywood To You / GC Images

Because the coronavirus had the world quarantined, Bocelli performed an entire concert in the empty Duomo cathedral of Milan, Italy, in hopes to briefly bring people together. Around the world, people watched with tears in their eyes.

Mattia Ozbot / Getty Images

Losing sight from such a young age seemed to only push Bocelli to pursue his dreams as hard as possible. Sometimes on the way up the ladder of success it takes a helpful boost, and that was what Celine Dion offered.

Amy T. Zielinski / Getty Images

She’s the French-Canadian queen of soulful ballads, the voice behind the emotional 1997 Titanic theme song, and, not to mention, quite the funny lady: She’s none other than Céline Dion. Though she’s found oodles of success throughout her life, it hasn’t come without great loss.

As a child, music just ran through Dion’s veins; no really, Dion was born to musician parents, having traveled on the road with their singing group, Dion’s Family, as a baby. If there was anything she knew, it was music.

When her family opened its own piano bar, Dion couldn’t help but steal the spotlight and belt out tunes. When Dion’s mother saw her star potential, she helped record a demo tape, which nabbed Dion a recording contract at just 12 years old.

Daily Express

While this all seems like a dream come true, life wasn’t all roses for the Dion family. Céline Dion grew up in the Canadian province of Quebec to a working-class family (despite their musical ambitions) as one of a whopping 14 children.


Though Dion’s family struggled financially, the optimistic, grateful singer explained the beautiful side of her upbringing to Vanity Fair: “We were given love and affection and support. What else did we need?” The talent was never one to begrudge anyone anything.

Celine Dion

Her life provided her with many blessings, one being her manager, René Angélil, with whom she shared a very special bond. Though she met him when she was just 12 and he was 38, she fell in love with him, which sparked controversy.


Dion’s mom understandably disapproved of the love affair, but eventually came to terms with the fact that René Angélil was a part of her destiny. “She had no choice. Love won,” Dion said.


Though it was contractually agreed upon that Angélil would direct the path of her career, he was determined to make her a star, even having mortgaged his own house to bankroll her debut 1981 album, La Voix du bon Dieu (The Voice of God).

Daily Mail

Angélil proved to be a great manager, and Dion proved to be a bonafide star. At just 18 years old, she put out 9 French albums, nabbing herself multiple Canadian Félix and Juno Awards, which are equally as prestigious as the American Grammy Award.

Celine Dion Charts

Come 1988, Dion killed it in the 1988 renowned Eurovision Song Contest, winning it in Dublin, Ireland. Her spectacular performance of “Ne partez pas sans moi” was broadcast live across the world. International superstardom was close.


Though she had an undeniable gift, superficial aspects of her star power rose to the surface, which made Angélil decide it was time to give the young starlet a physical transformation. Her quirky, lopsided toothy smile led Quebec magazines to gift her the cruel nickname “Canine Dion.”


Her 18-month transformation included dental surgeries, a haircut, a style makeover, oh yeah, and she had to learn the entire English language. If she wanted to make it in America, she had to look and speak the part; it was part of her job.

Today Show

She released her first English album in 1990, entitled Unison. Her hit single, “Where Does My Heart Beat Now,” propelled the album’s success. More international acclaim was just around the corner, however, and it involved a certain Disney flick…


Dion’s duet with Peabo Bryson, “Beauty and the Beast,” recorded for the 1991 animated film of the same name, skyrocketed to No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100, and even won a Grammy and an Academy Award. This beauty was on top of the world.


Dion’s American success was prominent in the mid ’90s, which was also around the time she married her longtime manager, Angélil. The two got hitched at Montreal’s Notre Dame Basilica in 1994. Things were going swimmingly, and a 1997 career milestone made her an even more titanic star.


Her song, “My Heart Will Go On,” which was featured on her album Let’s Talk About Love and on the 1997 Titanic film soundtrack, blew up, landing the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. This marked her third No. 1 hit.


Dion enjoyed heaps more achievements, including her acceptance of the National Order of Quebec in 1998, and her having been hailed a VH-1 “diva” for the channel’s prestigious 1998 Divas Live televised concert. She was a pop sensation, with strong notes of class.

E! News

Though she was class, she was also kitsch. Dion’s now iconic backwards blazer ensemble at the 1999 Oscars ceremony garnered all eyes on her. She wonderfully became known for donning daring outfits that strayed from the norm.


In 2000, she took time off from the stresses of the spotlight to focus on family. After having struggled with conceiving naturally, Dion decided to undergo in vitro fertilization in hopes of having her own children with Angélil.

ABC News

The IVF was a success, as she gave birth to her son, Rene-Charles, in 2001, and later had twin boys Eddy and Nelson in 2010. But before the twins’ birth, she went back to her musical roots, releasing more new music and starting a residency in Las Vegas.

Fox News

Unfortunately, in 2014 Angélil who had previously battled with throat cancer learned it was back . That same year, Dion experienced “inflammation in her throat muscles,” which prevented her from performing, though she dedicated most of her precious time to her sick husband anyway.

USA Today

“I want to devote every ounce of my strength and energy to my husband’s healing, and to do so, it’s important for me to dedicate this time to him and to our children,” Dion said. René Angélil lost his battle with cancer in 2016.


After months of grieving, Dion returned to the stage in 2016 for her annual summer tour and resumed her successful Vegas residency (which finally ended in June of 2019). Though she was no longer Hollywood’s “it girl,” she was a solidified music legend.


You’d imagine that since five-time Grammy Award winner proved her downright necessary existence in the realm of music and pop culture, her physical appearance would no longer be up for criticism, but you’d be wrong.


Dion has always cared about appearance and fashion in a sense. She even launched her own gender-neutral children’s clothing line, Célinununu, in 2018. The collection wonderfully intends to “[liberate] children from the traditional roles of boy/girl.”


Dion’s relationship with outward appearance and fashion relates to her positive desire for universal self-expression, but shortly after the launch of her clothing line, the public decided to shamelessly pinpoint where Dion’s body needed work in hurtful internet comments.


In what was probably a déjà vu moment for Dion, reminiscent of her early days as “Canine Dion,” Instagram users slammed her in January of 2019. One user brusquely commented on Dion’s photo, having said “Need to put on a few pounds. Looks too skinny.”


A more heartfelt Insta user said “Please gain a little weight, you are starting to look unhealthy. I don’t want to sound mean – I’m a big fan – but I just want you to live a very long time. Love you bunches,” on a photo of Dion looking frail in a pewter suit.


When Dion became the new face of L’Oréal Paris, one person claimed that her weight loss “made her age 20 years from all the hanging skin,” and that L’Oréal shouldn’t “promote [women who] look like they have [an] eating disorder.”


Soon, however, Dion had heard (or read) enough. “I’m doing this for me. I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine and sexy,” she explained on the Dan Wootton Interview podcast. “If you like it, I’ll be there. If you don’t, leave me alone.”

Daily Mail

In one particularly vile March 2019 Insta comment (yes, the hate continued), a user spit “Gain some weight and get some mental help because you’ve turned into a freak since your husband passed on.” It was in April of 2019 that Dion finally spoke out earnestly.


In an interview with ABC’s Deborah Roberts, Dion delved into her past experiences with body image and body-shaming. “Even when I was so young, [I struggled with] not feeling confident, not feeling pretty [and] having problems with my teeth,” she said of her adolescent years.


“I was very, very skinny, and I was being bullied at school,” she told ABC. Due to the relentless bullying Dion endured she was incredibly grateful that her late husband took a chance on her, despite what people thought of her physical appearance.


“He was a gambler, and I’m so glad he was because no one was going to take a chance on a little girl who was thin and ugly,” Dion explained. Though we wouldn’t call this a case of ugly duckling syndrome, Dion has certainly grown into her beauty, and her confidence.

Celine Dion

Despite the cruel tone that several Instagram comments exuded, it turned out that Dion had lost a bit of weight, but it wasn’t for some dark, worrisome reason. The sweet songstress simply fell in love with the art of ballet!


“Dancing has been in my DNA all of my life,” Dion proudly told People. “I do this [ballet practice] four times a week,” she continued. Though the negative, speculating, and even accusatory comments still come her way, Dion has learned to ignore the bullying.


Dion insists that she’s happy and healthy, and is simply savoring an active life in her fifties. Dion’s self-love journey has been a long one, but she’s finally comfortable in her own skin, no matter what bitter internet trolls have to say about it. That’s something other divas would applaud for sure, one in particular…


Talented Tennessee sweetheart Dolly Parton has pretty much accomplished all that the entertainment industry has to offer in her eccentric 73 rockin’ years. Her road to fame was like any other, and, along the way, she may have harbored a secret or two.

Taste of Country

She grew up in a musical family along the Great Smoky Mountains, writing twangy tunes since childhood. Adolescent Dolly’s talent took her to places far and wide… or at least to local television and radio stations; she became a regular on Knoxville TV and radio show the “Cas Walker Show.”


She gives great credit to her former songwriting partner and beloved family member Uncle Bill Owens for generously guiding her into the music industry. Good ol’ Uncle Bill gave Dolly her first real guitar at the ripe age of 8, and even assisted in getting her a songwriting contract in Nashville.

One Country

The day after her high school graduation, the not-so dumb blonde packed a shabby cardboard suitcase full of future country anthems and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where she fulfilled her country-born dreams of super stardom.

Country Living

Dolly sang her way to Nashville’s eminent Music Row, nailing a spot on “The Porter Wagoner Show” in 1967. Her and Porter Wagoner were the dynamic duo in the early ’70s and were awarded two Country Music Association awards for Duo of the Year. Soon enough though, Dolly went solo.


After winning a bundle of her own CMA awards, Dolly took her talents to the big screen in 1980’s whimsical satire film, 9 to 5. Dolly’s vibrant star power, adjacent to female forces Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, skyrocketed her into the mainstream world of pop culture.

Entertainment Weekly

Incredibly, Dolly P nabbed an Oscar nomination in 1981 for Best Original Song in 9 to 5, the song sharing the same name as the beloved comedy. Though she charmed her way into the acting world, singing and songwriting proved to be her forever loves.

CL Tampa Bay

Today, Dolly is considered rhinestone-studded royalty in the music industry, as she’s sold over 100 million records worldwide, accumulated 9 Grammys and 11 CMAs, and was honored with a deserving induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1999. Recently, though, fans started to notice something about her.

See, with smash hits such as “I Will Always Love You” and “Jolene,” Dolly has accrued several generations of listeners and fans. They’ve seen her perform on both the big and small screens, and they’ve seen her particular tastes in fashion.


Her fans know she loves campy, eye-popping, country-inspired glitz and glam… and a plethora of rhinestones. She’s donned so many memorable looks, but there’s a peculiar detail that’s been present in every single one of her ensembles for the past few decades…


Long sleeves. Why is Dolly always sporting lengthy, enveloping sleeves? Though you may be able to catch sight of vintage photos of the songstress and author bearing short sleeves, it’s been years since nearly anyone has seen her bare arms; and we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed.

It’s been a strange Hollywood mystery for some time now, and for years, fans have theorized about what the country darling could be hiding beneath her boundless sleeves. The likes of Jennifer Saunders and Roseanne Barr, however, have assisted in uncovering the secret.


In 2011, Roseanne spilled the beans about what lies under Dolly’s trademark sleeves. She publicly told Craig Ferguson about her inside scoop on his talk show, even having admitted that she “shouldn’t even tell this.”

Rebel Circus

“She showed me. She’s got all these awesome tattoos all over her body — no black or blue lines, all like pastel, gorgeous bows all over everything,” Roseanne claimed. Jennifer Saunders, meanwhile, spoke of what she witnessed when she ran into Dolly at an LA restaurant.


The Absolutely Fabulous star said that Dolly simply opened her top, having offered up a portfolio of stunning tattoo work to Saunders, which covered her arms and chest. “They were the most beautiful angels, and beautiful butterflies, and baskets of flowers in pastel-colored tattoos,” Saunders gushed on Channel 7’s Sunday Night. There was still no hard proof, though.

Apparently, Dolly asked for her body art to be kept a secret, but observant fans thought they spotted a butterfly tattoo through Dolly’s somewhat-sheer blouse sleeve back in 2006 while she posed with her cherished 9 to 5 costars.


It was in 2012 when a red carpet photo of Dolly emerged with what seemed to be a bit of a rose-tinged tattoo peeking out from the center of her cleavage. When journalist Anderson Cooper pressed her about said photo, Dolly insisted that the photo was fake.

And when Cooper flat out asked her if she had any tattoos, Dolly said “I might. But I’m not going to show ’em ’til they catch me at it.” In more recent years, anyhow, she’s been more relaxed and open about the whole tat ordeal.

The Wrap

Dolly Parton admitted in an interview with Larry King that she originally got her pastel ink to cover up some keloid scarring. “I have a tendency to scar easily, and I’m so fair-skinned that I stay purple right where I’ve had a scar,” the country star explained.

Dolly Parton

In 2017, Dolly told Vanity Fair, “I don’t really like to make a big to-do of [the tattoos] because people make such a big deal over every little thing.” She even defended herself when she spoke with Larry King, having urged that she “wouldn’t be a biker chick or anything!”

RCN Radio

Though Dolly chooses to hide her ink, several celebs love displaying their body art, including Lady Gaga. She shocked fans with this giant moth tat in 2017. As it turned out, the ink wasn’t permanent; she just got it for a Grammy performance with Metallica.

Christopher Polk

However, Gaga has plenty of real tats, which have deeper meanings than you think. She got a “Le Vie En Rose” design after wrapping A Star is Born, and her forearm has a musical staff complete with the notes G-A-G-A.

2. Emma Stone: After her mom beat breast cancer, Emma had two tiny bird’s feet put on her wrist in honor of The Beatles’ “Blackbird,” her mom’s favorite song. The tattoo design came from none other than Paul McCartney himself!

3. Cast of The Lord of the Rings: To pay tribute to their time in Middle Earth, the actors portraying the Fellowship inked the Elvish word for “nine” on their shoulders. Hopefully they all felt good about the choice, because you can’t just toss a tat into a volcano.

4. Bryan Cranston: Walter White was the role of a lifetime, so Bryan honored him in a very subtle way. In between his fingers, the actor added the Breaking Bad logo — two squares featuring the symbols for the elements bromine and barium.

Daily Mail

5. Kelly Osbourne: Proud to sport a punk look, Kelly’s mohawk isn’t even the most striking part of her appearance. She put the word “solidarity” right over her ear as a nod to her activism for gay rights.

6. Drake: It’s always important to show friends you care. Still, the “Hotline Bling” singer went above and beyond the call of duty by getting his pal Lil Wayne slapped on his bicep. The rapper signed Drake to his label years ago, playing a huge part in his success.

7. Angelina Jolie: This A-listers got quite a bit of ink, but the Khmer text on her back might just be the most special. It translates to a series of blessings for each of her six children.

8. Emma Watson: The Harry Potter star made a splash on the red carpet with a (temporary) tattoo reading “Time’s Up.” While it was a firm statement against sexual harassment, the artist forgot to include the apostrophe! Hermione would be devastated.

9. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner: They say couples start to look more like each other as time passes. Lovebirds Joe and Sophie are already one step ahead by sporting tats that are nearly mirror images of one another.

Raymond Hall

10. Rihanna: Good luck reading this piece of body art. Rihanna, always on the cutting edge of style, designed it so only she could read it in the mirror! It displays her personal motto, “Never a failure, always a lesson.”

11. Sam Smith: Don’t worry, the “Stay With Me” singer didn’t get scratched up by koalas. Those marks on his ring finger are an equal sign, which he got to commemorate marriage equality for the LGBT community.

12. Rita Ora: Even though she’s “made it” as an artist, Rita makes sure she doesn’t forget who she was. In particular, she put this ballerina on her arm as a memento of her childhood dream of becoming a dancer.


13. Post Malone: Love them or hate them, facial tattoos are an essential part of the rapper’s look. He admitted that he mostly got his “Always Tired” ink simply to rebel against his mother.

14. Miley Cyrus: Who wouldn’t want to bring their furry friend with them everywhere? Maybe Miley can’t bring her dog Emu with her on tour, but he’s always by her side thanks to this cute design.

15. Pete Davidson: Love can fade, but tattoos are (usually) forever. Although his much-covered romance with Ariana Grande is passed, the SNL star will always have this rabbit tat to remember her by.

16. Demi Lovato: The pop songstress is not shy about her own mental health issues, nor her mission to set an example for those who share her issues. Demi inked “Stay Strong” on her wrists as a reminder to never give up.

17. Eminem: Growing up, the rapper had a troubled family life, but one bright spot was when his uncle Ronnie introduced him to hip-hop. After his beloved family member took his own life in 1991, Eminem got this elaborate sleeve so he’d never forget him.

18. Lena Dunham: An avid reader, the Girls star used her back to pay tribute to her favorite childhood book. The house is from Eloise on the Plaza, and Lena also as a tiny Eloise right on her hip.

19. Cara Delvingne: Most people wouldn’t ever notice it, but Cara has “Made In England” stamped on the bottom of her foot. She said it relates to her modeling days, when the industry made her feel like a commodity rather than a human being.

20. Jason Mamoa: Aquaman has his kids’ signatures inked on his chest, but his tattoos aren’t even his most stunning skin features. That line through his brow isn’t just for tough-guy roles. He was reportedly in a bar fight and got smacked with a pint glass. He’s not the only celeb with a signature scar either.

21. Padma Lakshmi: She started her career very early as a model until she was scarred in a car accident. At first, she was self-conscious about it, but that all changed with time. “It is so much a part of me. I’m not sure I would remove it even if a doctor could wave a magic wand and delete it from my arm.”

22. Seal: There are three things we associate with Seal: Kiss From A Rose, Heidi Klum, and the scars on his face. Despite the stories that they are burn marks, they were actually caused by discoid lupus erythematosus. Thankfully he is perfectly healthy now, but will never forget what it’s like to struggle.

23. Kate Middleton: After her wedding to Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge began showing the scar under her hair. At first, the English were very worried about her health, but she assured the people it was caused by a childhood operation.

24. Elizabeth Taylor: For her, a case of pneumonia in the spring of 1961 led to an emergency tracheotomy. “There must be some reason that God wants me to live,” Taylor said. “There must be something left for me to do.” Rest easy Taylor, you did plenty in your lifetime.

25. Tina Fey: At first the Mean Girls writer was secretive about her scar, stating she didn’t want to focus on it too much; eventually she revealed that her face was slashed by a stranger behind her house while she was still in kindergarten.

26: Harrison Ford: While driving to work one day, Ford lost control of his car, veered off the road, and hit a telephone pole. His face collided with the steering wheel, resulting in a lifelong scar.

27. Joaquin Phoenix: Although his lip looks a bit like a repaired cleft lip, it has actually looked like this since Joaquin’s birth. He doesn’t discuss it because he actually feels that it’s just a part of him — nothing special or worthy of discussion.

28. Kylie Jenner: When Kylie was small, she tried to climb over a sharp fence, but pierced her leg in the process, leaving a scar that became smaller as she grew. Lately Kylie has been showing it off in her Instagram posts, stating: “I love my scar.”

29. Jonah Hill: When this Superbad was 15, he was out drinking with friends while they drove around. With his elbow resting out the window, the car collided into another. His arm was almost amputated, so he decided to get his act together.

30. Catherine Zeta-Jones: This actress doesn’t mind showing off her tracheotomy scar while flaunting her acting skills in movies like Ocean’s Eleven and Chicago. “Without it, I probably wouldn’t be here today,” she said.

31. Miles Teller: Also in a car accident, he flew out the window, scraping his face along the road. He’s had several surgeries since then, but not every scar or piece of gravel could be removed. That didn’t keep him from earning a successful acting career.

32. Sharon Stone: This model was apparently riding a horse as a child when she got slashed by a wire she didn’t notice. It used to make her very self-conscious, but now she confidently embraces the mark.

33. Mary J. Blige: Nobody except Mary J. knows how the scar under her eye came into existence, but she certainly isn’t shy about showing it. “If I don’t accept the scar on my face, the lips that God gave me, the big giant feet, whatever it is that I’m deformed with, I got to love it so everybody else can love it,”

34. Sean Bean: Harrison Ford accidentally hit Bean in the face with a boat hook while filming a movie. Luckily, it was one of the only times in his life that Sean Bean didn’t die.

35. Kaley Cuoco: Much like Sharon Stone, Kaley’s ankle was scarred when she was out horse-riding at the age of 8. She fell off and had her ankle crushed when the horse stepped on it. She still loves horses though, and has literally climbed back up on that horse, even becoming a show jumping equestrian!

36. Queen Latifah: She got the scar on her forehead by playing tag with her brother. “I tripped over the telephone cord and hit my head on the corner of a wall,” she said. “I got three stitches. Then I fell on my grandmother’s steps and busted it open again.

37. Princess Eugenie: This royal lady (9th to the throne), made headlines when she showed off her back in her wedding dress. The media seemed just as concerned about what she wore as what it showed: the scar from her childhood scoliosis surgery.

38. Ed Sheeran: It was actually Princess Beatrice who caused the scar on the English singer’s cheek. She was throwing a lively party when another singer asked to be knighted. Beatrice waved the sword around a bit too hard and slashed Ed’s face.

39. Andy Warhol: An attempt on the artist’s life left him with many markings all over his torso. There is the bullet wound from when he was shot, the surgery scars from where the doctors opened his chest to massage his heart, and finally, some scars from a gallbladder surgery before his death.

40. Andy García: For every celeb that proudly shares their scars, there are those that keep theirs a secret. Even though he had 94 acting credits to his name, Andy García never took his shirt off for cameras. The reason? He has a massive scar on his shoulder from where doctors surgically removed his conjoined twin.

Ocean’s 11 / Warner Bros.

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