20 Babies Who Look So Much Like Their Dolls, It’s Hard To Tell Them Apart

Many of us wished as kids that we had an identical twin, if only so that we could pull off the many pranks and shenanigans that are possible with having a stand-in. Another perk? We’d always have someone to play sports and video games with. Provided we didn’t bicker too much, our twins would be lifelong companions.

A lot of parents often think about how great it can be to have twins, too. It’s a nice way to grow their families simultaneously, and it’s a relief to know that our kids will always have a friend in each other.

Yet there’s a reason why twins are often called “double trouble”—they’re a lot of work! Luckily, these 20 moms and dads opted for an easier solution. The results were as adorable as they were hilarious!

1. It’s all in the cheeks… as well as that stern look on his little face. It’s almost as if he’s trying to say, “Yeah, that’s my brother. If you want to pick on him, you’re gonna have to get through me first!”


2. These two sure know how to nail the “lounge” look! With stunning baby blues, matching pink-and-white beanies, and that signature lean, they could definitely pass for twins at first glance.


3. These cuties must go to the same stylist. When it comes to pictures like this, it’s easy to wonder if this is a mere coincidence or if this little girl actually said, “Mommy, I want hair like that!”


4. Is this little tot a Cabbage Patch Kid come to life or what? Those pigtails! Those rosy cheeks! That button nose! There’s no way this is just a coincidence. They must be long-lost twins!


5. Who wore it better? We have to wonder if they realize that they showed up to the party wearing the same accessory. That’s a big no-no in fashion! Luckily, it doesn’t appear to have created much drama.babies-look-like-dolls4Facebook

6. Take away the green skin and ogre ears, and this baby Shrek—with his big brown eyes, long eyelashes, bright smile, and two tiny bottom teeth poking out—is a dead ringer for his little human friend.


7. These two definitely go to the same optometrist. Those chic pink spectacles are the hottest trend in baby eyewear right now. Now all this tot needs is a matching Teddy bear, and she’ll be set!


8. They’re so cute together! This doll might actually be the least realistic-looking on this list, but that doesn’t make the resemblance any less remarkable… or precious! Just look at those doe eyes! Now, if only her doll would copy her big smile…


9. How uncanny is it that these two look the same when they sleep? Hey, just because you’re dreaming doesn’t mean you can’t be twinning at the same time. There’s always room for multitasking!


10. One of these furry friends is not like the others… but you wouldn’t be able to tell! This group looks so snuggly in their outfits. It looks like the perfect situation for a nice nap!


11. Bright blue eyes? Check. Rosy pink cheeks? Check. Perfect bow lips? Check. Even the peach fuzz hair and purple outfits are the same! These “twins” really know how to fool their friends!


12. “I guess great eyelashes run in the family.” They certainly do! We bet they’re the best at giving loved ones butterfly kisses. They even share the same pucker! What sweet sleepyheads.


13. “Are we matching or clashing?” Matching—definitely matching! This sweet baby and her doll are really rocking the neon pink jumpsuit trend. They even sport matching headbands!


14. It’s tuck-in time for these two! Not only does this little girl have the same gorgeous almond-shaped eyes and sleepy expression as her doll pal, but they share the same haircut, too!


15. Her parents must get so confused sometimes! Chances are, there has been at least one occasion, if not many more, in which there’s been a case of mistaken identities between this sweet girl and her doll!


16. Here’s a perfect example of a little girl and her “Mini-Me!” Maybe she can get her lookalike to do her bidding for her. Perhaps she can make her grab some extra cookies, or act as a decoy during bedtime as she watches more cartoons!


17. These two are ridiculously cute! Not only are these teeny twins wearing the same outfit and headband, but the way the baby is holding her doll makes it seem as if she’s trying to protect her as she sleeps!


18. Can you believe those amazingly goofy smiles? They’re just so happy to be together that they can’t help but show their enthusiasm to the world. They even have the same sparkle in their eyes!


19. Those precious little ringlets and pretty puckers practically make this tot and her twin spitting images of each other! It’s so adorable how they’re wearing matching pink tops, too.


20. It’s pretty funny how this baby and his twin match in every possible way, from their expressions to their posture to their eyes and even their diapers. Their cheeks are just too darn cute!


It’s so difficult to tell any of these babies apart from their dolls. It’s enough to make anyone wonder if their parents ever take the wrong one and leave the other in the toy basket!

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