24 Bizarre Fashion Trends That People Took Way, Way Too Far

When it comes to fashion, you either get it or you don’t. From zany hats to dresses made of meat, high fashion sometimes pops and pleases—while other times, it leaves you scratching your head.

And then there are some pieces of clothing that are so mystifying that, when worn on the runway, you don’t know how they garner any applause. We’re talking the weird of the weird: clothes that would almost make sense framed and hung on the wall of a museum than on someone’s body.

That’s what you’ll see here—24 outfits and articles so bizarre you’ll be wondering who on Earth would actually wear them!

1. Denim knee-high boots: If you’ve ever worn a denim jacket and felt like it just wasn’t enough denim, then have no fear. These boots have the lower third of your body covered, but jeans might do the same job just as well.

na_stile_chita / Instagram

2. See-through Moscow heels: At the end of the day, shoes like these can only leave you wondering “why?” What benefit does the extra see-through plastic provide? Maybe these shoes are high fashion, or maybe they’re for people who have a broken foot and can’t get their cast wet in the shower.

dream_shoes_moscow / Instagram

3. Oversized boyfriend shirt: Maybe you’re upset your boyfriend is a few shirt sizes larger than you, and that makes wearing his shirt impossible. Well, you’re in luck! Not only is it possible, it’s fashionable to throw his blanket-sized shirt on and wear it like the torn fragments of a real shirt.

trendcast101 / Instagram

4. Jeans with interesting knee patches: Because you need the center of attention to be right on your knee caps, these pants are statement-makers. Also, someone should tell the model in this photo that he managed to tuck only the front of his shirt into his pants.

shivaniegupta / Instagram

5. Sandals with latex socks: Those aren’t mannequin foot models those sandals are on. Those are features—nay, assets!—to these shoes. You don’t have to worry about losing a sock to the washing machine if your socks are attached to your shoes and never get washed.

francescabotrini / Instagram

6. Multi-colored boots: Remember a time when you accidentally wore two different socks to work, so you spent the entire day making sure your ankles were covered? These boots are like doing that… but on purpose.

Bella Potemkina / Instagram

7. Bare butt jeans: Like a cowboy in chaps, these pants show off all of your curves—and quite literally! There was a time when ripping your pants and showing some cheek was enough to get you sent home from school; now it’s enough to put you up on a runway.

vetements_official / Instagram

8. Ripped stockings: Remember all those pairs of hosiery you ripped and threw away? You really messed up on that move because you were sitting on an absolute gold mine. Well, one woman’s trash is another’s treasure, right?

nosok_ru / Instagram

9. Faux fur sandals: The bright white fur that’s sure to brown the second you step outside in these shoes may not even be the biggest concern. There should be a rule about wearing that much fuzz around your feet.

anastasiya_ufimtseva / Instagram

10. Clear plastic jeans: If Victorian-era men were gathering late-night in pubs and giggling about women’s ankles, what would they have done if they’d seen these bad boys? Why even bother to wear pants at all at this point?

honeymoon.fantasy / Instagram

11. Lace shirt for men: Even the fellas get to show a bit of skin with a lace shirt that leaves little to the imagination. Top it off with a bolo tie that says, “I’m here to party and take names, and my name list doesn’t have any room left on it.”

Mr Drew Davis / Instagram

12. Meat knee jeans: Nothing gets you positive attention quite like making strangers assume your knees were involved in a horrific accident. The least the designer could have done was make these cooked meat knee jeans.

slightly smudged / Instagram

13. Double jeans: When one pair of jeans isn’t enough, double jeans might be for you. Wear them with a pair of overalls to unlock a triple-jeans achievement that will have fashionistas everywhere slow clapping.

ABC 7 News Bay Area / Instagram

14. Thigh-high boots: To all the superheroes and heroines out there, boots like these will give you a flexible, fighting chance, all while keeping you lookin’ fine. To everyone else, ask yourself how tall your boots really need to be.


15. Denim jean boots: Why stop at the knees? That’s right—these jeans take the denim boots trend one step further and ride on up to the waist. Getting dressed can be such a pain. Might as well combine what you can!

ishateria / Instagram

16. “Fried chicken leg” pants: Do you love fried chicken so much that you want to become fried chicken? This fashion trend out of Japan has you covered. All your friends will go crazy when they see you struttin’ your stuff in these bird-inspired pants.

gouporbest / Instagram

17. Checkered jumpsuit: You’ve got to hand it to the designer of this jumpsuit; anyone wearing it would be impossible to ignore. Let’s just hope that person never has to go to the bathroom, though.

wayward collection / Instagram

18. Taxidermied baby alligator handbag: Foil any would-be purse-snatcher before the idea even crosses his mind. Just scare the living daylights out of him with the petrified lizard always hanging at your side.

floriavintage / Instagram

19. Chunky knit sweater: There’s a lot going on with this sweater. Colors. Knits. Braids. A little more than one of your grandma’s late-night knitting projects, this sweater is perfect for adventurers or spies who might need rope at a moment’s notice.

humungous life / Instagram

20. Sneaker pants: Somewhere out there, someone’s job is to lace these pants, pair after pair, so that they can hang unsold in clothing stores. Do people hate ankles so much that they must negate any chance they have of showing?


21. Corset miniskirt: There’s a small possibility she’s wearing this wrong, but chances are, this is actually just a corset with a dual function. Sometimes utility does not override appearance.

pdbaes / Instagram

22. Clear plastic skirt: It’s not fair that women’s lingerie and swimsuits cost so much money, but then no one ever gets to see them—or so you thought! This miniskirt also workings perfectly for keeping rain off the lower half of your body.

epicclothing / Instagram

23. Dripping paint tights: To some people, getting some paint on their knees signifies the end of an outfit; for others, that’s a fashion trend just waiting to kick off. These tights capitalize on the highly coveted slipped on fresh paint look.

URB clothing / Instagram

24. Platform Crocs: Stop us if you’ve heard this before: it’s Friday night, and you’re dying to get to the disco but can’t stand the thought of leaving behind the comfort of your nighttime Crocs for the discomfort of your nifty platform shoes. Well…

nnembas / Instagram

Just when you think you’re starting to understand high fashion, the industry has a way of throwing you a curveball. Though if being fashionable means sporting some of these outfits, maybe it’s all right to be behind!

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