20 Bizarre Pictures That Will Have Everyone Scratching Their Heads

A picture is worth a thousand words—at least, that’s what they say! A great picture should evoke all sorts of emotions; it’s an excellent way to capture a special moment in time so you can remember it forever.

However, sometimes a picture can create more confusion than wonderment. Photographers have all sorts of clever ways to leave viewers scratching their heads, and sometimes it’s not even done on purpose!

Here are 20 pictures taken at exactly the right moment. You might just have to do a double take to figure out what’s really going on…

1. It looks like someone is a little worn out, and their face just about says it all. Who knows if the girl underneath the magazine is actually asleep or if she placed it over her face as a joke, but one thing’s for sure: anyone would be startled walking in on this!

2. This picture is an awesome example of how timing and angles can make things appear completely different than they actually are. This couple timed the shot—and perspective—perfectly to make it look like he’s hanging on to her ponytail!

3. Whether they belong to animals or humans, eyes always hold more emotion than any other part of the body, and they have a mesmerizing appeal to them. At first glance, this eye captivates you… until you realize it’s actually just water rushing down a sudsy drain.

4. The first thought you have when you look at this bizarre picture is, “Who is this woman, and where the heck did she buy her floating magic carpet?” Of course, it’s merely the shadow of a flag that makes her appear to defy all laws of gravity.

5. Kids grow up way too fast nowadays, don’t you think? The way this youngster and his father are positioned makes it look like the boy has the face of a middle-aged man! It makes you wonder if his father looks like a toddler…

6. Well, this would certainly be a unique hairstyle if this young boy was actually sporting it. It’s kind of like a mullet, but more extreme. “Business in the front, middle-school girl in the back” is the slogan that’s coming to mind.

7. Run for your lives! There was a spill at the nuclear plant, and now all the pigeons are 25 feet tall! Not really, of course, but the photographer who snapped this picture sure made it seem like seagulls just rose to the top of the food chain.

8. “Whoa dude, I think I’m getting a flashback from my Woodstock days. This is far out!” The unbelievable piece of architecture in this photo isn’t doctored at all. It actually looks like this in real life. You don’t need to get trippy; this building makes you feel like you already are.

9. First of all, how on Earth did this woman get a bicycle to balance on a ledge that can’t be wider than one inch? And how is that first girl sitting comfortably on the same ledge? Answer: ask everyone to pose on the ground and then flip the camera sideways!

10. This is quite the gnarly picture of two dogs whose faces look like they’ve melted together in a bizarre accident. They’re just playing around, of course, but with both of their jaws wide open, it makes for quite a startling snapshot.

11. What is going on in this picture? Is the man standing upright? If so, then how are the pots on the left side of his apartment standing straight out with no support? Well, if you look closely, you realize the man is actually lying down… and this is an aerial view of his apartment.

12. Holy cow! It looks like this picture is the horrific aftermath of a magician’s “sawing in half” trick gone completely wrong! Luckily, the dog is totally fine. He’s just sitting in a position that makes it seem like the bottom half of his body is the other half of the log.

13. Look! It’s a dog-headed man hugging a dog! Wait, no it’s not. The person behind the camera just snapped this photo at the perfect moment to make it look that way. It sure would be cool to see a dog-headed man, though…

14. This kid figured out the way to make his friends think he gets kisses from the girls at school: snap a selfie in front of a girl who’s kissing someone behind him on the cheek! Now he can brag to all his friends. He’d just better hope they don’t seek confirmation from the girls…

15. The angle of this picture makes it look like this pooch has quite the hairstyle on his head. His nose is obviously turned up in disgust at all the other hairstyles that don’t even come close to the wonderful locks he’s sporting.

16. This man has no idea he’s now famous for having a head that looks exactly like this piece of chocolate. The person who took this picture probably should have also asked for an autograph. You don’t run into a look-alike this exact every day.

17. Who knew that the second coming of Jesus would be posted on the Internet for all to see? Okay, so this guy might look exactly like Jesus, but he’ll need to start turning water into wine if he really wants to prove it.

18. All this guy wants to do is order a drink at the bar, and he’d probably get service right away if he flashed the bartender a little leg. Unfortunately, those sexy legs are attached to the bar stool he’s sitting on.

19. Doesn’t this cat know that stretching his mouth completely over a metal pole is definitely a recipe for disaster? He clearly didn’t get the memo. He’s going to need one heck of a dental operation after he’s done gnawing his way through that play toy.

20. It’s always nice to see two teammates embrace after a tough game, but what happens when the ghost of a third teammate tries to get in on the action? It’s best to just continue on with the hug and act like ghosts aren’t real.

Sometimes it takes three or four glances before you figure out what’s actually happening in each picture!

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