20 Couples That Broke Up In The Most Hilarious Ways Possible

Break-ups are almost always awkward, but some just sting a little more than others. Luckily for us, the internet is rife with the most heart-wrenching, cringe-worthy examples of awkward break-ups, especially when the person doing the dumping decides to do so in the most creative (and public) way possible. 

The days of “It’s not you, it’s me” are officially behind us — say hello to the days of ghosting, crafty break-up texts, and cruel social media posts. And if these don’t make you laugh, then how about a good old fashion break-up cake? As Neil Sedaka says, breaking up is hard to do, but these hilarious instances definitely make it a little easier…for the rest of us, anyway. 

1. As far as break-ups go, this one seems pretty great to us. Not only do you get to start fresh in the dating world, but you also get pizza, which is always a win. It would’ve been really unfortunate if you were lactose intolerant, though!

2. When your SO writes “I am divorcing you” on a huge public sign, you can safely assume that it won’t be a pleasant parting of ways. The sucker-punch of “I am keeping the dog” truly makes this a most devastating dumping. 

3. Maybe you’re just not good at the “writing” thing — no problem! You can still instigate a break-up by drawing a picture for your soon-to-be ex. This guy’s doodle of himself riding a giraffe definitely made us smile…but we’re guessing his ex had a different reaction!

4. The rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t express anything important over text, but obviously, that doesn’t always happen. Especially here, when one fed-up SO decided to break things off as painlessly (and hilariously) as possible by cracking a joke. 

5. There’s nothing like a garage sale to clean out the clutter from your home, but things can get weird really quickly if you come across a sign like this. This guy wants his wife out of the house about as much as he wants his household junk to sell!

6. Everyone wants to date someone who makes them laugh, so when the jokes don’t land, it can be super awkward…unless you’re this person, who figured that honesty was the best policy in this situation. We hope they don’t swear off jokes forever! 

7. Pettiness will certainly take you to unexpected places…maybe even miles down a rural road. Using five different signs, this guy asked his girlfriend to marry him and broke up with her all in one car ride. We just hope they weren’t driving together! 

8. We love a little creativity, even when it comes to break ups. This guy went so far as to trick his girlfriend into thinking a card contained something special before revealing that it really held the names of all the guys she was seeing behind his back.

9. There’s a slow burn to this break-up, one that definitely pays off in the end! While texting, one person tried to compare their relationship to famous couples, all of whom are…broken up? It took the recipient long enough to get it, but when they did, it was absolutely savage.

10. Who ever said puppy love didn’t sting? We imagine both kids are a little hurt in this situation, one for being broken up with, and the other for being ignored for three months. Hopefully, they’ll find love again someday! 

11. This break-up is so brilliant, and we can’t help but be awed by the quick-thinking of this guy’s ex-girlfriend. Will he ever find all of his stuff? Judging by the careless way he was cheating on his girlfriend, we’re going to guess not.

12. Even for social-media savvy kids, this is pretty brutal. All it took was a hashtag, a cropped photo, and a quick upload for the whole world to know this guy was dumping his girlfriend. The worst part? Everyone from her classmates to her family saw the post!

13. The best break-ups always involve food, and this one is extra sweet…well, the cake is, anyway. What’s written on the cake isn’t too sweet, and honestly, we’d be happy saying sayonara to the SO and hello to dessert!

14. Usually, a carefully-written poem is a sweet gesture that can take a relationship to the next level. But in the case of this couple, an oddly-worded poem (100,000,000 sparkly trampolines?) had the opposite effect. At least the poet admitted “deep regret” about it all!

15. Is this the old-fashioned version of breaking up on social media? This newspaper-enthusiast really got the message across when they told Kevin to never “knock on my door or ring my phone ever again.” 

16. Break-ups don’t always have to be between two people, as this kindly-worded note to Five Guys fast food shows. Madelyne really let her employer down gently when she wrote, “You’re going to find the right girl, but it just isn’t me right now.” 

17. This little kid definitely has his heart in the right place, if the tiny “P.S. Happy Anniversary” written underneath the huge “I’m breaking up with you” is any indication. At least he and his ex had a full month of happy memories! 

18. This NEVER goes well. When this boyfriend tried to dodge a difficult conversation with his girlfriend, poor spelling and typos made it clear what he was trying to do. Note to all texters out there: Check your spelling!

19. We LOVE a good twist, especially when the twist is that the cheated-on women get together to take down the bad guy. What better way to shove it in his face than a highly-embarrassing sign and an unexpected friendship?

20. Taking a look at this list, it’s easy to see why this guy got dumped. He eats his cereal with water? Wore sweatpants to a funeral? Claims he was visited by aliens?! Yeah, his ex probably had the right idea!   

Signs, texts, and notes can break up with people, but they can also embarrass your friends at the airport. Oompa Loompa’s don’t actually exist — that we know of — but this guy pulled a hilarious prank on his friend who actually owns a candy factory.

2. As the old saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It’s supposed to mean that kids become a lot like their parents, but the phrase also makes a great visual tool to spot your family amid a busy airport crowd!

3. You probably don’t have to Google “Princess Consuela Banana-Squeegie McBeckenheim III” to figure out it’s not a real royal title. However, you have to give this fella major props for fitting all those names on such a tiny sign.

4. To make the most epic dad joke of all time, why not dress up as the most epic dad of all time? This girl had to endure a photo shoot with her costumed father as soon as she arrived. On the bright side, she made it through this Vader encounter without losing a hand.

5. Two surprises are better than one. Not content to merely show off her “weight loss,” this woman is also debuting the reason behind it: their new baby! If the new dad doesn’t spot the sign right away, he can look for his tiny lookalike.

6. Honesty is important for every relationship. But is this woman being a little bit too honest? More realistically, she’s being thoughtful enough to give her man a laugh as soon as he gets home.

7. Say, these three look a little old to be orphans. Two of them are also smiling, which is somewhat suspicious. Hopefully, some kind adults will pass by and give these poor children the love and care they deserve.

8. It’s not always enough to surprise a family member with a newborn child. You’ve got to do it with style! Based on her spot-on “Call Me Maybe” parody, it seems Harper is also on the fast track to becoming the next Weird Al Yankovic.

9. At first glance, there’s nothing off about this photo. But what it doesn’t tell you is that it was taken in the Seattle Tacoma International Airport! This dad must’ve given a real scare to plenty of strangers walking past them.

10. When your flight gets delayed, you usually have nothing better to do than wait at the airport bar. One lucky passenger’s father gave her a better option by setting up a margarita bar — right outside her gate! Now that’s first class service.

11. When it comes to most welcome messages, it’s really the thought that counts. This little girl’s sign to greet her visiting grandparents may not be exactly legible, but you can tell she put a lot of love into it.

12. Every father wants to be the cool dad. This man is doing his best to earn that title — whether his kids like it or not — by pulling out some gnarly millennial slang at the airport. He also went the extra mile by glamming his sign up with some fancy sequins.

13. If you’re going to prank a family member by suggesting she’s a criminal, you might as well make the prank gigantic. These three made sure everyone in arrivals got a load of their big display. Their mom was probably so embarrassed that she wished she was behind bars.

14. Lots of people have the same first names. That’s why this woman chose to avoid confusion and describedwho she was looking for at the airport. Maybe she could’ve been more polite about it, but you can bet she found the lady she was looking for!

15. Best friends have weird ways of communicating. For example, they can publicly refer to each other by unusual nicknames and not care what other people think. We’re just glad that this Woody found his Buzz Lightyear. Ride on, cowboy!

16. Even though he’s at the airport to pick up Taylor and Steven, this guy’s not afraid to make himself the center of attention. Or the center of his sign. His pals should feel lucky to be welcomed home with a big smile.

17. In a crowded airport, it can be tricky to find your ride. However, Mokie should have no problem finding his family on this visit. All he has to do is look for his own giant head! Chances are that he’ll make that same face when he sees the sign.

18. No two families are quite alike, and yet all kids seem to get a kick out of tormenting their mothers. These boys came up with a brilliantly simple way to tease her: just take up as much space as possible, and let her reaction do the rest.

19. When this woman went out to visit her cousin, little did she know she’d be greeted with a backward IDIOT sign. Hey, it’s nice to have family members comfortable enough to joke around with one another. And at least the glitter is a nice touch.

20. Some kids just never grow up. This young man went out of his way to remind his parents of that fact. Dressed in footie pajamas and demanding cereal, he’ll make his mom and dad wonder how he ever got to the airport on his own.

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