Bride’s Siblings Purposely Steal The Spotlight At Her Wedding With Undercover Scheme

To the stereotypical elated bride, the long-awaited wedding day is her day. Whether she’s an extroverted social butterfly, or a behind-the-scenes introvert, she’s bound to accept all forms of attention and flattery when she finally ties the knot with her beloved partner.

Providing a situation arises where some brave souls attempt to steal the spotlight from the sparkling, blithesome bride, of course. A gleeful bride can become Bridezilla in a matter of minutes, and in one particular case, the brave souls snatched the attention with something dramatic mind.

A wedding reception in Hungary had everything any newlywed couple could dream up. The party was filled with hundreds of friends and family members, which made the celebration that much more joyous for the couple.


The night was filled with love, laughter, and optimism, as every dish, speech, and toast had gone according to plan. There was one impromptu moment, on the other hand, that took the bride by surprise…


Months of rigorous planning couldn’t have prepared the bright-eyed lovebirds for this. The dance floor, once a mishmash of happy, tipsy, and unfettered wedding goers, quickly dissolved, opening up the floor for a special dance number.

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See, the glowing Hungarian bride has eight siblings (yikes), and all of them devised a plan to surprise their delighted sister on her harmonious day. Together, they practiced their dedicated choreography to prep a number for her big day.

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As the curious guests, and the perplexed bride and groom, were instructed to shuffle to the edges of the dance floor, the bride’s four brothers gathered at the center of the barren, makeshift stage. They were in for a treat.


While the rehearsed dance was in sync, the boys (two of which were grown men) took to the stage to jive to the Backstreet Boys 1999 smash hit “I Want It That Way.” The brothers should have frosted their tips in homage to the famed boy band!

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The two blonde cuties took the front row, while the charismatic older bros acted as their backup dancers. It was hard not to crack a smile at the youngsters’ tiny, powder blue suits. The boys’ moves made for a late ’90s dream come true.


After a charming routine matched to the beat of the Backstreet Boys’ sweet-sounding voices, the brothers simultaneously whipped sunglasses out from inside their pockets, put the shades on, and posed in the center of the dance floor. The fun didn’t end there, however.


Next, the bride’s four long-haired sisters took center stage. Considering the smiling beauties replaced their pointy stiletto heels with flat, white tennis shoes, the crowd knew some stellar moves were to be expected.


The ladies danced to The Exciters’ upbeat, 1983 soul tune “Tell Him.” And boy was the crowd excited. The bride’s sisters hopped and swung their hips with wide grins.


The bride couldn’t control her jubilant reaction, as she laughed and clapped along with her favorite people. She had her pals, her kin, and the love of her life to enjoy the surprise show with. There was more to come.


When the sisters scrammed, the brothers returned to the stage with a vengeance, having ditched their swanky blazers and vests. They started the dance segment with brotherly secret handshakes. The four bros mysteriously started the choreo with their backs to the audience.


The quartet spun around and performed a modern step dance of sorts as techno music roared in the background. The moves were impressive, especially considering the youngest brother had to have been just seven years old. He was a pro, not a wink of stage fright in sight.


Out of breath, the brothers walked off the dance floor, making room for the returning sisters. Their second round of moves were elevated as well, the girls having rocked it to Meghan Trainor’s 2015 song “Better When I’m Dancin.'”


Soon enough, Shreya Ghoshal’s groovy 2012 Indian tune “Radha” filled the room. In unison, the bride’s sisters performed a number synonymous with The Bangles’ choreography in the 1986 “Walk Like an Egyptian” music video.


The onlooking friends and family members went wild when the four brothers joined their siblings at the center of the room. Every once in a while, random outbursts of encouragement could be heard over the continuous clapping. Happiness coated every inch of the room.


The bride’s joy and elation soon morphed to a melancholy version of appreciation and gratitude. She covered her face as she teared up a bit, obviously overwhelmed with a plethora of beautiful emotions.


After the family performance wrapped up, the eight siblings, plus their newlywed sister and new brother-in-law, banded together for a warm, heartfelt group hug. The moment was so soft it could bring tears to a biker gang member’s eyes.


The bride’s siblings touched her heart, as well as many others… The uplifting scene was taped for the wedding video, but it also made its way to YouTube, having garnered nearly 13 million views. Sometimes it’s nice to lend the spotlight to those who matter; it may just make your day.

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Unfortunately, breakout dance routines have now become a tired wedding trend, as they’re not quite as surprising as they once were. But modern, fantastical weddings have proven to offer many o’ surprises; and one California couple received quite the shock at their dreamy ceremony.

Samantha Carisch and Taylor Sinclair met for the first time in 2010 at a minor-league baseball game. A member of the Visalia Rawhide, Taylor fell for Sam as soon as he spotted her in the stands.

The Knot

Despite the unique circumstances of their meeting, a relationship soon blossomed between the two. The couple dated long-distance for a time until Taylor decided to relocate to California permanently to be with Sam.

After four years, Taylor decided to pop the question during a romantic vacation in Cancun, Mexico. Sam accepted his proposal in a heartbeat, and the two immediately got to work planning their dream wedding.

The couple was quick to decide on a return to Cancun for their destination wedding, determined to marry in front of their friends and family at the place where it all began. Unfortunately, this was not meant to be.

Just one day after the couple returned from a wedding-planning trip in late 2014, Sam received heartbreaking news. Apparently, her mother’s multiple sclerosis had worsened to the point that she’d be unable to travel to Cancun for the wedding.

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Sam knew she couldn’t enjoy her big day without her mother present, so the couple quickly scrapped their plans in favor of a venue closer to home. But after several months spent planning a wedding in California, the couple was hit with another tragic setback.

After severe pain in her side sent her to the doctor’s, Sam’s mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. With the doctor’s prognosis not looking good, Sam and Taylor resolved to postpone their wedding indefinitely.

Following the diagnosis, Sam relocated from her home in Redondo Beach to Simi Valley in order to care for her mother, opting to see Taylor only on weekends. It was also during this time that Sam began researching cheap wedding ideas, but none of them really blew her away. Then she discovered The Knot.

According to their website, The Knot ran a Dream Wedding competition that fully funded the wedding expenses for one lucky couple. But there was a catch: every detail of the wedding, from the ceremony to the honeymoon, would be voted on by the American public.

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While most brides would scoff at the idea of having someone else plan their entire wedding, Sam felt this would be perfect for her and Taylor. “The planning would be handled by America, allowing all of my attention to remain on my mom’s situation,” Sam told The Knot.

Sam entered the competition, and, wouldn’t you know it, she won! With America taking care of their wedding, Sam and Taylor were finally free to focus on their family: all that was left for them to do on their big day was say “I do”.

The Press Democrat

On June 4th, 2015, Sam and Taylor arrived at the Chateau St. John and were amazed at the wedding that had been planned for them. Although the couple had been preparing for this day for what seemed like forever, they never expected what came next.

For their first dance as a married couple, Sam and Taylor chose the song “Love You Like That” by Canaan Smith. “Just listening to the song makes us both smile and reminds us of each other, our relationship and our love for one another,” said Taylor.

But just as they began dancing, the band abruptly cut out. “You know, we have a better idea,” one of the musicians announced to the couple. “Sam and Taylor, we have a special guest who’s here to sing you your first dance song.”

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Before they could react, Sam and Taylor turned and spotted Canaan Smith himself walking toward them! Courtesy of The Knot, the country singer had flown out to California to deliver the couple a surprise of a lifetime.

The Knot / YouTube

The newlyweds were in disbelief as Smith took the stage and began performing “Love You Like That” right in front of them. However, Sam and Taylor went right back to dancing, happily singing along with Smith and the band as they played.

“That was beyond our wildest dreams,” a stunned Sam relayed as she exited the dance floor. “That threw us for a loop when they stopped the music, and we said, ‘What’s going on? Did they forget the song?’ We were like ‘What happened?'”

Sam added, “We’ve loved that song from the second that we heard it…I showed it to Taylor and I said, ‘Taylor I think this should be our first dance song.’ And he was like, ‘Oh, absolutely.'”

The Knot

Despite all the hardships and struggles, Sam and Taylor were still able to have the wedding of their dreams. Regardless of what the future holds for the couple and their family, Sam and Taylor’s wedding day will be one that neither they nor their guests will ever forget.

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Check out the video below to get an inside look at Sam and Taylor’s big day and the unbelievable surprise that made their wedding unforgettable!

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