30 Cats Who Are Totally Convinced That They’re Actually Humans

Many pet owners wonder if our dogs or cats think that we’re all just giant, hairless versions of themselves. (After all, the ultimate dog whisperer himself, Cesar Millan, preaches that you must become the “pack leader” in order to be able to effectively control your pet.)

But what if our fur babies know full well that we are humans—and they’re convinced they’re humans as well? Perhaps we don’t always know what our beloved pets are thinking, but it sure does seem like they’re constantly trying to be just like us.

Cats in particular tend to get caught in situations where they look like they’re imitating us. Here, you’ll find 30 such funny felines who are ready to be humans, thank you very much!

1. “That guy just cut me off! Why I oughta…!” We all get frustrated at the wheel once in awhile, and for good reason: there are people swerving in front of us, honking their horns for no reason, or forgetting to use their blinkers. This sourpuss must have seen angry drivers before, because he’s got the sure signs of road rage written all over his face.


2. “‘Clean the house,’ she says. ‘Your hair is everywhere,’ she says.” Listen, if everyone knows that if you make the mess, you clean it up. And there’s simply no excuse for leaving your fur balls all over the place!


3. “Shhh, let Grampa sleep, kids.” There’s a certain face we make when we’re so tired that we can barely keep our eyes open, and this kitty has got it down. Though, it also happens to be what we look like when we forget our glasses and we can’t quite see what’s on TV, so…


4. “I’m gonna just take this over here…” That’s quite the tall stack of flapjacks she’s got there, so we’re not surprised if she wants to save some of her breakfast for later. Though we just have to wonder: would she still ask the server for a doggie bag?


5. “It says two eggs, Mom. Wait… no! Three eggs! Wait…” Plenty of children love to help out their parents with the baking, but this cat takes lending a paw to the next level. Let’s hope he doesn’t misread the recipe!


6. “Aliens! Ahhhh!” It looks like this kitty has spent too much time in front of the TV. Listen, little one: we know Signs was a great movie, but if extraterrestrial beings really wanted to read or control your mind, they wouldn’t need a hat—just kitty kibble.08-cats-pretending-to-be-human

7. This bad boy is a biker with claws and a cause—and that cause is the need to be cool at all times. His sunglasses probably belong to his human, but they fit his feline face perfectly! After all, there’s no better place for a cat in charge than the driver’s seat (or in this case, the handlebars).


8. Keyboard Cat may be the most famous feline to play the piano, but this kitty has a real passion for a particular sound. She won’t stop playing the same key over and over. Maybe she can hear something particularly beautiful that our weak human ears don’t pick up? Move over, Beethoven; there’s a new master in town.


9. “I swear I just bought a big bag of chips. It’s got to be in here somewhere…” Cats love hiding in unexpected places—like the kitchen cabinets—but this tabby looks like he’s just trying to pick out a good snack. Let’s hope he finds it soon enough.


10. “Oh, see, your problem is that you have a gigacode in your floppybyte. Try rebooting it.” Ah, that must be it! If these cats can really fix a computer, they would be the cutest IT department ever. Well, let’s be honest. Even if they can’t fix a computer, they are still totally hired. Especially if they accept cat nip as payment.


11. “Care for a spot of tea? Some sugar, perhaps? One lump or two?” Who wouldn’t love to be invited to this kitty’s fancy tea party? She almost looks like a character out of a Disney movie with the way she’s filling that cup!


12. “The numbers just don’t add up… according to these calculations, that red dot should’ve been right in my paws!” It looks like this cat may have forgotten to carry the “one.” Let’s hope her new equations are accurate and she finally catches that pesky red dot, once and for all!


13. “How many cats does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” Many people think cats are lazy because they sleep all day, but if this photo is any evidence, they are surprisingly handy. Sure, he could just be imitating his human, but at least he’s learning how to fix the light.


14. “I like games, too, you know.” The iPad may have been designed for humans, but this cat proves that technology is for everyone. This kitty doesn’t have to chase mice to have fun when she can just use a touchscreen! Hopefully this feline will get some exercise later. For now, she’s totally couch-locked.


15. “Hey, honey? I think I’m gonna need a few more rolls of TP by the time I’m done!” Oof. We’re not sure if he wants extra toilet paper because of that bean burrito earlier or if he simply wants something to paw at while he’s on the pot, but one thing’s for sure: this might take awhile.


16. “I remember when I had dreams. Now I’m just another suit. Cherish your youth, son.” Sage advice from a wise man—err, cat. We bet he wishes he was young again, chasing butterflies in fields. The nine-to-five sure can be grueling. Let’s hope he has some vacation time left for a long, relaxing catnap.


17.  “I got it! I got—oof!” We’re not quite sure what he was expecting here. Like, what could he have done without opposable thumbs? Could he have swatted the snowball out of thin air? Perhaps… but we wouldn’t bet on it. It might be time to call it a day and enjoy some hot cocoa and cookies at this point.


18. “Hi, you’ve reached Time Warner Cable customer service. We’re busy assisting other customers at the moment. Well, that’s not quite true. We’re actually just hanging out and getting ready to take a nap. For six hours, yes.  Good luck getting that TV and phone package.”


19. “I know I shouldn’t… but I just can’t help myself!” Hey, we don’t blame you, little kitty. It’s a crime to sit down for a movie without a classic cinema snack on your lap—like this big bowl of buttery popcorn. “Hold the salt, please!”


20. This fuzzy guy is quite the trendsetter! We wonder what collection he’s working on now. Perhaps Victoria Beckham called him up to help her create her new line: Puss Spice. You’ll see it all over the catwalks, we promise.


21. “And then you won’t believe what she said!” “Why, what did she say?” “She said that I have a double chin… can you believe that?” “Oh, the nerve!” “Exactly! She thinks I’m tubby!” “Oh honey, you’re not tubby—you’re tabby!” Ah, the power of FaceTime with your best friend.


22. “Can you put the Chancellor of Purrmany on the line for me, please?” Right away, sir! Could you imagine if a cat were to ever become president? We’d have an endless supply of treats and Fancy Feast. Our jobs would consist of napping in sunny spots all day long. We could knock glasses off of tables without repercussion. It would be magnificent.


23. “Ugh, I should’ve never agreed to help Dolores host Bingo night. I don’t even like Dolores. She should’ve at least taken me up on my offer to make the tuna casserole. She’s such an awful cook! This whole party is going to be such a bore.” We hear you, Miss Whiskers.


24. “I… regret… nothing.” Hopefully this cat didn’t actually eat all the candy that was in this Halloween pumpkin, because he’d probably get very sick! From the looks of things, he’s very satisfied with his loot. Trick-or-treating for the win!


25. “Hit the lights, will ya?” Cats don’t usually enjoy being under the covers—they’d prefer to sprawl out across them—but this feline seems like she’s figured out the secret to this whole bed thing. Think she’s got enough pillows?


26. “I read this excerpt called ‘Town of Cats’ in The New Yorker and it was just fabulous, I tell you. Fabulous! Murakami is magnificent. Now, if you don’t mind, I must catch up before my book club meets at 3.”


27. This kitty has crunched the numbers. He’s bookmarked the pages. He’s done his research. Now, he’s come to only one conclusion, and it doesn’t look good: “My calculations say the dog has to go.” Sorry, Fido, but you’re outta here.


28. “I am sooooo ready for summer!” This cool cat isn’t afraid to get her beach on. She’s armed with her shades, her trendy bag, and the ultimate accessory: ice cream. Mee-yooow!


29. There’s nothing like relaxing on the couch on a slow Sunday afternoon, just surfing the boob tube. This cat certainly looks like he’s intrigued with something. Maybe he’s getting lessons from Garfield


30. We’ve got to give this cat kudos for pursuing her advanced degree. She looks like she’s really paying attention to the professor, too. It must be hard for her to take notes without thumbs, though.


Doing human things may not transform these kitties into Homo sapiens, but they’d like to think it will. We have to admit they’d make pretty darn convincing humans!

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