Disneyland Worker Shares The Way Celebrities Really Behave At The Park

Disneyland calls itself “the happiest place on Earth” — and even major celebrities can't resist passing through its gates. Yet while we, the public, only ever get to see the PR pictures from these star visits, the workers in the parks witness how the rich and famous really behave around Mickey Mouse. And an ex-employee of Disneyland has allegedly exposed the star turns she saw in a series of TikTok posts.

Behind the magic

A TikTok user named Nicole Smith posted three videos on the platform. The woman revealed that she had once been an employee at Disneyland in California and claimed that she’d met a slew of celebrities while working there. Smith then gave a rundown of her alleged experiences with the stars — and they of course made for fascinating stories.

Will Ferrell

Smith started her posts where it's best to start every story: the beginning. She said, “Will Ferrell was the very first celebrity I met at my very first shift at Disneyland when I worked at the Haunted Mansion, and he is very cool. A very nice man.” That's good to know! Now we can carry on watching Elf at Christmas every year.

Mark Wahlberg

Ferrell’s co-star in Daddy’s Home, Mark Wahlberg, also allegedly crossed paths with Smith at the park, and she was equally complimentary about him. In fact, she claimed that the Hollywood hunk lived up to his big screen image. She said, “Can confirm that Mark Wahlberg is just as handsome in person as he is in photographs, and he is also a very nice man.”

Kobe Bryant

Smith then paid an emotional tribute to the late basketball legend Kobe Bryant, who tragically died along with his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and several others in a helicopter crash in January 2020. The former Disneyland employee said, “He was so sweet, and his family was so sweet. They were beautiful, and I’m really sad that he’s gone.”