Vintage Superstars With Uncanny Celebrity Lookalikes Are Making Us Double-Take

Have you ever been watching an old movie when you suddenly think, “Wait, doesn’t that actor look just like…?” Well, you’re not alone! It turns out history loves to repeat itself in Hollywood. We’ve rounded up 40 stars from the Golden Age of cinema and put them next to their modern-day doppelgängers. The similarities are actually pretty eerie.

1. Zora Nearle Hurston and Queen Latifah

Similarity score: 10/10 

No, the picture on the left isn’t a shot of Queen Latifah who’s hopped in a time machine and gone back to the 1940s. In fact it’s an image of a woman named Zora Neale Hurston, an accomplished writer and movie-maker, who was the absolute spit of the modern-day actress we all know and love.

2. Christopher Plummer and Michael Fassbender

Similarity score: 9/10

Google “Christopher Plummer Michael Fassbender” one of these days and you’ll find loads of people awed to discover just how much the two actors look alike. It’s a shame they never got to play father and son together in a film, because that would have been amazing. All that acting talent and smoldering looks in the same room!

3. Helen Mirren and Jennifer Lawrence

Similarity score: 8/10 

If you don’t know what young Helen Mirren looked like, now you know! She looked exactly like The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, right down to the beautiful blonde hair. And of course there’s every chance that Lawrence might enter her mature years with every bit the illustrious acting career Mirren has.

4. Clark Gable and George Clooney

Similarity score: 6/10 

Clark Gable was the archetypal handsome leading man, the “King of Hollywood” who was legendary for his passionate romances and his acting talents. Sound like anyone we know? Yep, George Clooney now wears the crown Gable once owned. And not only do they look alike, they also share initials, albeit reversed — CG and GC!