Clever Kitchen Infographics For Instant Culinary Success

Do you love cooking? Do you love challenging yourself to reach new culinary heights? Finally, are you a visual learner? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re going to want to stay tuned! We’ve created a list of awesome cooking infographics that are easy on the eye and informative. Read on to find out — in colorful diagram form — how to level up your kitchen game.

1. Safe temperature food guide

Growing up, we were taught to cook chicken until the juices ran clear. Nowadays, though, people can invest in a meat thermometer to help them cook a bird with much more efficiency! This handy infographic reveals that 185 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal core temperature: the thermometer should hold at this level for 15 seconds.

If you’re cooking beef, 167 degrees is what you’re looking for, and 149 degrees is suitable for keeping food hot. When you get between 140 and 23 degrees, though? That’s when bacteria can start to multiply.

2. Healthy foods for the whole body

Now, we didn’t need this graphic to tell us eating carrots will help us see in the dark: an entire childhood being reminded every Sunday by our mom more than accomplished that! Similarly, we all know salmon is brain food and athletes pound raw eggs when they want to build their muscles.

But we have to admit, we weren’t quite so aware of some of the other health benefits pointed out here. Asparagus being good for your hair? Broccoli being a boon to the lungs? Mom must’ve skipped those lessons!

3. Cooking the perfect beef tenderloin

A delicious beef tenderloin is a thing of culinary beauty, but everyone will cook theirs differently. This graphic is handy for gauging, at a glance, what each style will look like once you cut it into slices. Some of us are partial to rare and medium rare, loving to see those juices swimming on the plate, but that’s not everyone’s bag.

Heck, there are definitely even some out there who want their beef cooked well done — and who would we be to judge them? Spoiler alert: meat snobs are totally judging them!

4. How long for the perfect Thanksgiving turkey?

Being responsible for cooking the turkey on Thanksgiving or at Christmas is a stressful business, rife with potential pitfalls and familial recriminations. But have no fear — Martha Stewart is here! In 2022 she posted this lifesaving infographic to Instagram.

The domestic goddess revealed the cooking time of each turkey is totally dependent on its weight, whether it’s a whole or half bird, and whether or not it’s been stuffed. According to Stewart, if you stick by the graphic’s advice, you’ll be cooking with confidence in no time.