Halloween Costumes So Good They Need Two People To Pull Off

You never know what to expect when the doorbell rings on Halloween. Sure, it could be exactly what you’re expecting, kids eager to get some candy for displaying their costumes. But what if you opened the door and it was Freddy Kreuger or Michael Meyers come to life?!

While Halloween is filled with thrills and chills and it’s normal to feel a little bit nervous, there’s one way to make sure you’re safe: celebrate the holiday with a buddy. Be it a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or even your best friend, these costumes are perfect for couples who are looking for a pal to help them survive the spookiest night of the year!

1. UP is a beautiful movie about friendship and compassion, and it’s the perfect inspiration for a couples costume! You can be Russell, Carl, Bob…or even the house with thousands of balloons attached. Better make sure you don’t float up, up, and away.

2. When this boyfriend agreed to do a couples costume from Indiana Jones, he probably had something completely different in mind. Regardless, there’s no denying that this lady-Indiana and her boyfriend the boulder make a perfect duo! 

3. Stranger Things hit Netflix the summer of 2016 and by Halloween, everyone was dressed as a “stranger kid”. This Halloween people have hung up their Eleven costumes and opted for a couples costume featuring none other than Joyce Byers and Jim Hopper. 


4. Two of the most beloved thieves of all time are Marv and Harry, or maybe better known as the Wet Bandits from the movie Home Alone. This duo caught every detail right down to the iron burn and the doorknob branding.

5. The perfect couples costume should be about love and devotion, and there isn’t a force on earth stronger than Eleven’s love for Eggo waffles in Stranger Things…except maybe her powers and all, but still. This is one “sweet” costume.


6. Your best friend is usually your significant other, fiancé, husband, or wife, so why not choose costumes that encompass that bond? This couple went as Toy Story‘s Buzz and Woody! “You’ve got a friend in me” — and a Halloween costume partner for life.

7. Everyone knows what movie this classic volleyball is from. It has to be Cast Away! The heartbreaking bond between man and volleyball makes for the perfect Halloween costume. Plus, when your partner disappears, you can yell, “WILSON!”


8. Remy and Alfredo Linguini are the ultimate culinary pair from Ratatouille. Each are majorly dependent on one another and thus make for the perfect couples costume. You’ll have to carry your girlfriend on your shoulders the whole night, but still a very easy and very cute costume.


9. This couple doesn’t just share a love for one another, they also enjoy a shared interest in the movies of Wes Anderson. When it comes to couples costumes, this Royal Tennenbaums inspired duo is as good as it gets! 

10. Moths and Lamps are the perfect pairs costume due to their irresistible attraction to one another. Not to mention you can have a ton a creative liberty with this idea, considering there are approximately 160,000 different species of moths.

11. He Who Shall Not Be Named may have been vanquished by the chosen one in Harry Potter, but the Malfoys ran away to avoid persecution for their crimes and involvement with the dark arts. This costumed couple made it clear Draco and Lucius have finally returned to Hogwarts.


12. Usually, when people dress up as character pairs from the Wizard of Oz they automatically go for Dorothy and Toto, or The Good Witch and The Wicked Witch of the West. This couple went a different route and dressed as Dorothy and the twister.

13. A costume like the double-stuffed Oreo is perfect for couples in new relationships who just can’t get enough of each other — you get to go trick-or-treating while hugging each other the whole time! Double stuffed, double the cuteness.  

14. Star Wars is the perfect movie franchise to pull duo Halloween costumes from. Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, R2-D2 and C-3PO, Han Solo and Chewbacca are just some of the obvious pairs. But what about Jabba the Hutt and the enslaved Princess Leia?

. If you’re looking for an easy and simple DIY costume idea for you and your bestie, then look no further. If you lose your best friend at a party, you won’t even need to ask for directions back to them. Just go from point A to point B.

16. The Price is Right contestants try to guess the price of everyday household items and not-so-everyday household items without going over the correct amount. Clearly, the lady in purple knows something that Mr. Ohio State doesn’t.


17. If you want to relive your childhood, then this Nickelodeon duo is the perfect Halloween costume for you and yours. Watch your favorite episodes of Hey Arnold!, then grab your football head and uni-brow to perfect your Helga and Arnold costumes. Shout “Move it, football head!” at everyone to really add the finishing touch.


18. Everyone already says you and your significant-other bicker like an old married couple, so why not hoist your pants up high and borrow a nightgown for this easy DIY old couple costume?

19. Couples who want a really cute Instagram can dress up as the Man In The Yellow Hat and Curious George. Just grab some monkey ears, a yellow hat, and your girlfriend for that picture perfect ‘gram.

20. The Shining isn’t just a horror movie — it’s a cinematic classic. Two notable characters are the Grady twins, and naturally, they make for a perfect costume for couples! A Reddit user posted this photo stating it was the first time he and his girlfriend wore a coordinating costume. Nailed it.

On Halloween, all style rules go out the window. This makes for some pretty scary and wild results, but especially from those who have the money to pull off movie-worthy costumes — like top Hollywood celebrities.

1. Lady Gaga: The Mother Monster isn’t shy about her outrageous style, so when it comes to Halloween you know she’s got something shocking up her sleeve. Drawing inspiration from Johnny Depp’s beloved character, Gaga’s Edward Scissorhands costume is just as frightening as the original.


2. Dwayne Johnson: Who better to play a wily sailor with tree trunk-like biceps then the most polarizing man in all of sports entertainment? It seems like The Rock can do anything these days, and pulling off a spot-on Popeye look is clearly no exception.

3. Rihanna: The Barbadian singer already turns heads on a regular day, but when RiRi stepped out in this Ninja Turtle getup you know people were seeing green… in a good way! One thing’s for sure: Rihanna is definitely not someone to mess with.


4. Chrissy Teigen: If your first instinct when deciding on a Halloween costume is to dress as Guy Fieri, you might be watching a little too much Food Network. But whether Chrissy’s cooking is up to par or not, this costume will definitely get the Mayor of Flavortown’s seal of approval.


5. Bruce Willis: Yippi-ki… wait, what? Seeing Bruce Willis and his assistant dressed as the Grady Twins from The Shining is enough to make any movie fan do a double take. It was a good effort on their part, but this duo just isn’t creepy enough. Maybe it’s the thick white beards… or the fact that they’re 60-year-old men.


6. Heidi Klum: It’s only fair to start this list off with Heidi Klum, who each year hosts one of the biggest Halloween parties in Hollywood. While the supermodel has sported dozens of amazing looks over the years, her Michael Jackson “Thriller” costume takes the cake. 

Hollywood Life

7. Neil Patrick Harris: Believe it or not, NPH might actually have a chance at replacing Heidi Klum as the undisputed Halloween champion. Every year, Neil and his family put out arguably the best group costumes in Hollywood, with their Peter Pan ensemble easily being the best.

8. Beyoncé & Jay-Z: Hollywood’s premiere power couple are known for their style, but the Carters took it up a notch with these Barbie & Ken costumes. Imagine the surprise on Blue Ivy’s face when she saw her parents dressed up like her favorite toys!

9. LeBron James: As if playing basketball against him wasn’t terrifying enough, LeBron took the scare factor one step further with his freaky Pennywise costume. Just the thought of being chased by a 6’8″ clown is enough to give anyone nightmares.


10. Steph Curry: Basketball and horror films clearly go hand in hand, and just like on the court, Steph Curry appears to once again be giving LeBron a run for his money. Dressed as Jigsaw from the Saw franchise, it’s unlikely that Steph will have many trick-or-treaters this Halloween.


11. Orlando Bloom & Katy Perry: Now this is dedication. In support of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run, the Hollywood couple took to the red carpet in full makeup and prosthetics, appearing virtually unrecognizable as the former President and U.S. Secretary of State. 

National Post

12. Al Roker: For anyone that’s ever wondered what Steve Urkel would look like as a grandfather, you’ve come to the right place. Al Roker pulls off this hilarious look so well that no one would be surprised if he was cast in a Family Matters reboot. They could even call it Family Still Matters.


13. Adele: Everyone loves Adele (and you’re lying to yourself if you don’t), but it’s unlikely that anyone would want to say “Hello” to the singer in this outfit. In fact, Adele nailed this getup from The Mask so well that Jim Carrey actually reached out to praise her crazy costume.


14. Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen: Tom Brady may be the greatest quarterback of all time, but he’s also a pretty weird dude. That’s why for Halloween, Brady traded in his football jersey for a giant avocado. But, hey, at least Gisele can make toast look good!

15. Sean Combs: A man that can buy and sell pretty much everyone else on this list, P-Diddy isn’t fond of being outdone, especially on Halloween. Taking a page from fellow music industry icon Prince, Diddy’s Purple Rain look is sure to put the competition to bed.

16. Emily Ratajkowski: Fashion models are notorious for “sexifying” basic costumes, but Emily Ratajkowski’s setup appears to be an exception to that rule. Marge Simpson isn’t the most flattering character to imitate, but at least Emily’s not dressed as a sexy cat.

17. Jason Derulo: Any Game of Thrones fan knows how terrifying the White Walkers are, so when Jason Derulo came onstage dressed as one his fans were understandably perplexed. It’s hard to imagine things getting hot and steamy with the normally shirtless Derulo performing “Talk Dirty to Me” as a supernatural ice zombie.


18. Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson: It seems that Jessica Simpson’s duet with Willie Nelson has had more of an impact on her than most people thought. Not only has she gone full Willie with this Halloween getup, but she’s even dressed hubby Eric Johnson as country star Waylon Jennings to match.


19. Ellen DeGeneres: Though she’s known for being pretty open with her audience, Ellen dropped a bombshell on everyone when she revealed that she was the secret sixth Kardashian sister. That’s right: Ellen DeGeneres has actually been Karla Kardashian the whole time!

TheEllenShow / YouTube

20. Melissa McCarthy: If you thought this was a commercial for Gorton’s fish sticks, you’re not alone. Melissa McCarthy’s longshoreman costume is so good that you almost don’t notice Sandra Bullock wearing the exact same costume behind her.


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