New Information Surfaces About The Natalee Holloway Case

Today's culture is thoroughly obsessed with stories of true crime. From missing persons cases to white collar misdeeds, the average citizen likely consumes one form of the genre or another. And with so many podcasts, TV shows, and movies being released these days, there are countless stories to choose from. Some cases, however, are so profoundly disturbing that they continue to confound the public even decades after their occurrence. The notorious disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway in 2005 is perhaps the most disturbing example. And now, more than fifteen years later, more depraved details are still coming out. It's almost hard to believe.

Leading up to the trip

In the spring of 2005, Natalee Holloway was carefree, like any other teenage girl about to graduate. A friendly and outgoing honors student, she enjoyed performing on her school's dance team and attended church regularly. She couldn't know that she would soon make international headlines.

Trip to Aruba

To celebrate her impending graduation, Natalee and over a hundred of her classmates planned a special trip to Aruba. It was all anyone could think about as the school year wound down. However, the trip would end up being memorable for truly dark reasons.

Students were letting loose

According to a classmate on the trip, the daily routine was to sleep in, roll out of bed, get dressed, grab dinner, and go straight to the bar. There was no curfew for the teens, and debauchery often lasted late into the night.

Out of her comfort zone

Being a highly responsible and laid-back person, Natalee was relatively foreign to such activities. Her uncle even described her as naive, stating that she "hasn't dated a lot" and "doesn't party a lot." The sheltered highschooler had no idea what was in store.