Woman Pours Glue On Brand-New Sneakers For A Reason That’s Actually Genius

Almost everyone loves to go shoe-shopping, but that habit can end up being expensive. With a style for every occasion—and a rainbow’s worth of color variations on each—can any of us really afford to get exactly what we want in the footwear department?

Not really! Well, not unless we turn to some creative alternatives…

The YouTube channel WhatsUpMoms found more than one way to get fabulous shoes that won’t break the bank. When you see how the host’s kicks go from blah to beautiful, you’ll want to make your own in a heartbeat!

Who doesn’t love to buy new shoes? Still, shoe shopping can get a bit expensive if you’re not careful. Thankfully, Brooke Mahan, the DIY expert behind the YouTube channel WhatsUpMoms, offers some genius hacks to make your own fashionable—and affordable—sneakers at home.

The first thing you’ll need is, of course, is a pair of shoes. You can use an old pair or buy inexpensive shoes—just make sure they’re completely white! Slip-ons are some of the best styles you can use…

WhatsUpMoms / YouTube

The next thing you’ll need is fabric. If you’re not sure where this hack is going yet, just hang on—pretty soon you’ll see that this fabric is going to be the star of the show. You should select a fabric with a design you really like.

WhatsUpMoms / YouTube

Next, use a pair of fabric shears to cut a piece large enough to completely cover the front panel of the shoes where the laces would be. Make sure the scissors you’re using are specific to cutting fabric so you don’t ruin the blades!

WhatsUpMoms / YouTube

After you’ve cut your piece of fabric, position it onto the front panel in the way you want it to be displayed. Depending on the design of the material, you may have to reposition it before it’s in the right spot.

WhatsUpMoms / YouTube

Once you know exactly how the fabric will be laid onto the shoe’s front panel, squeeze a healthy amount of fabric glue directly onto the canvas. Create a zigzag pattern with the glue to ensure it covers most of the space.

WhatsUpMoms / YouTube

Now use a thin-bristled paintbrush to spread the glue evenly across the front panel. If you have excess glue building up in the corners of the shoe’s seams, simply wipe it away with a cloth!

WhatsUpMoms / YouTube

Once the glue is spread thin, take your fabric and carefully lay it onto the shoe in the exact position you want. Be careful! Once the fabric is firmly pressed down, it can be very difficult to peel it off for repositioning!

WhatsUpMoms / YouTube

You can now start cutting smaller strips of fabric to fit around the rest of the shoe. Feel free to use a completely different design, too! You can be as creative and snazzy as your heart desires—you want all your friends to be impressed, after all!

WhatsUpMoms / YouTube

You can see the final steps—and the result—of that cool DIY design soon enough, but first, here’s another one courtesy of Brooke: tie-dyed shoes! For this second project, you’ll need another pair of plain white canvas shoes, colored Sharpie markers, and rubbing alcohol.

The first thing you’ll need to do is place thick painter’s tape over the sides of the soles of the canvas shoes. This will ensure the bottoms stay bright white, which will eventually allow the colorful designs to pop.

Next, take one of your Sharpie markers and begin to block out sections of the shoe. Brooke recommended that you buy as many different colored markers as possible so your shoes look vibrant and fun!

Now that you’ve blocked off the colors, go ahead and begin filling in the sections with the different markers. When you’re coloring the fabric in, make sure you don’t leave any white spots. Give the entire thing a nice thick layer of color!

After you’ve colored in all the segments of your sneakers, go over them one more time with your Sharpie markers. Often, small white spots are missed during the first layer of color. Another layer will make sure they’re perfect.

After you’ve thoroughly colored your sneakers, drop the rubbing alcohol all over the fabric. The easiest way to do this is by using a medicine dropper, but a paint brush soaked in the alcohol works just as well. The alcohol will seep into the fabric and keep the color from running and fading over time.

 Once you’re done applying the alcohol, place the shoes out in the sun for a few hours to completely dry. You don’t want any of the alcohol to soak through onto your bare skin! Depending on how warm it is, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours.

Now, you might think you have to have an entire shoe full of thick colored segments, but this isn’t true at all! If you want to add a design like a flower, for example, you can do so! Get creative, and show off your artistic talent. Just remember to coat them with rubbing alcohol when you’re done. Once they’re dry, you’re ready for the big unveiling…

Are you ready to see the reveal for both of these DIY sneakers? Most people have no idea how easy it is to make some great-looking shoes for an inexpensive price. Instead of shelling out money on fancy designer fashions, impress all of your friends and family with these easy hacks…

Watch the video clip below to learn the final few steps of the first DIY project involving the fabric. When you see Brooke’s final product, you’ll do a double-take!

Below is the video showing Brooke’s final steps for the tie-dye shoe project. Both of these ideas are surefire ways to look unique and show off your personality. Brooke really knows how to help you get creative while also saving money…


Brooke’s creations look just like what you might find in a store, if not better. Try these awesome fashion hacks at home! And be sure to check out What’s Up Moms on YouTube for more of Brooke’s great tutorials.

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