Doctor Has A Special Gift He Gives Every New Mother That Moves Them To Tears

Dr. Erik Bostrom knew hospitals were not often met with feelings of joy or excitement. Even though Riverwood Healthcare Center was his office, he understood why others hated the place: the sterile walls, the rushing nurses, the recycled air, the lingering sense of pain. He wanted to change that.

For the most part, his actions went undetected by the greater public. His little gifts were a private moment shared between him and his patients. But after new mama Lacie Hietalati gave birth to a girl, word of Dr. Bostrom’s presents reached the public. She just had to share what he did for her and her baby.

Minnesota resident Lacie Hietalati, who was working as a certified paraoptometric at an EyeCare Center, was beyond excited when she found out she had a bun in the oven in 2018. She had a few important decisions to make.

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When it was time to officially prepare for the birth of her child, Lacie and her husband chose to deliver at the Riverwood Healthcare Center. Family medicine doctor Dr. Erik Bostrom would be the one to deliver her firstborn. She was confident — he was not.

Riverwood Healthcare Center

See, the then 33-year-old Dr. Bostrom graduated from medical school at the University of Minnesota and had only been working at Riverwood for about two years, making him the “new guy,” which the doc was a bit self-conscious about.

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But Lacie was more than pleased with her physician. “When it came to my questions of labor and delivery and being a first-time parent, Dr. Erik Bostrom was always so patient and understanding,” Lacie said. There was something special about this doc.

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“We felt so comfortable and confident with [Bostrom], and the OB nurses were phenomenal,” Lacie continued. And when it was all said and done, Lacie gave birth to a baby girl, whom her and her husband named Reese.

Lacie Hietalati / Facebook

Reese’s two-week checkup was approaching, where Dr. Bostrom would request feedback from the Hietalatis regarding her sleeping and eating patterns and habits, as well as weigh and measure her once again. They had to make sure little Reese was developing flawlessly.

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While Lacie was excited and a bit anxious about the routine checkup, Dr. Bostrom aimed to make it a pleasant, meaningful visit. “I just thought I had to do something to try and get patients to come [and] see me as the new guy,” he said.

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See, Dr. Bostrom refused to be that monotone doc who scribbles on notepads and nods to patients’ common concerns; he wanted to build a unique, personal bond with his patients and their families, going far beyond what his job description requires.

Riverwood Healthcare Center

And he aimed to achieve this special connection via… crafting! Dr. Bostrom, an experienced woodworker, wanted to make personalized gifts for each of his newborn patients, but struggled to think of something appropriate.

Woodworking Masterclass / YouTube

When a colleague suggested he make each newborn a customized baby blanket, the doc wasn’t too confident he could pull it off. “I’ve sewn a lot of people, a lot of skin. But I never sewed fabric,” he explained to the The Star Tribune with a giggle. How different could sewing cotton versus human flesh be?

Riverwood Healthcare Center

Well, the doc would soon find out, as he immediately went to the wonderful world of YouTube in search of sewing tutorials and got additional pointers from his mother and sister-in-law, who happened to own a small business making decorative pillows.

Imbrandonfarris / YouTube

“They taught me how to use a sewing machine. It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be,” Dr. Bostrom said. His blankets initially featured “cuddly fabric” on one side and a warm flannel fabric on the other, but eventually boasted more intricate detailing.

Fox 9

He started sending the blankets out to be professionally embroidered, getting each baby’s name, birthday, weight, and length sewn into the fabric. But when his trusty embroiderer moved away, Dr. Bostrom taught himself to work some magic.

Fox 9

Of his new embroidering machine, the doctor said, “The best part of it in my mind is that it was made by Husqvarna, and that’s the same brand as my chain saw. And I thought it was cool that I could cut down trees and sew baby blankets with the same brand of equipment.”

Professional Tools and Workshop / YouTube

Dr. Bostrom, who’d delivered approximately 240 babies as of 2018, spends approximately three to five hours on each blanket, the embroidery boasting about 20,000 stitches. Because efficiency is key, he sews a few blankets simultaneously and focuses on the personalized embroidery later on.

Riverwood Healthcare Center / Facebook

And after spending all that time on baby Reese’s blanket, the doc couldn’t wait to see Lacie’s face when he revealed his surprise baby gift. “At [Reese’s] two-week checkup appointment, [Bostrom] came in and then he said, ‘I have something.’ And he brings out this beautiful pink blanket,” Lacie explained to Fox 9.

Riverwood Healthcare Center / Facebook

She was stunned, touched by his warm gesture. “It’s a beautiful blanket. It’s something [my daughter will] cherish her entire life. He takes the extra time out of his busy schedule to do this for his patients. That’s a lot. He will be our doctor from now on,” she continued.

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These genuine reactions made Dr. Bostrom’s little reputation worth keeping up. “They’re usually pretty excited. A couple of them have teared up on me,” he said of the new mothers. And because word got around regarding his personalized blanket gifting, the doc figured “a fair number of moms are kind of expecting it.”

Riverwood Healthcare Center

The family medicine doctor was surprised at his ability, as well as how much he enjoyed the crafty hobby. “Three years ago, if you had told me I would be creating gifts for people by sewing, I would have laughed at you. But making something for someone makes it that much cooler.”

Fox 9

“I’m getting married in May, and my fiancée is expecting me to make these for our children,” Dr. Erik Bostrom continued. And while this doc attempts to make every birth he assists a special one, two Nebraska parents had a bizarrely special connection to the doctor who delivered their newborn.

Erik Bostrom / Facebook

When expectant parents Kristina McIntosh and Kyle Smith of Omaha, Nebraska, learned that Kristina was going to give birth to their daughter on her birthday, they were elated. But as it so happens, pregnancies are unpredictable—and it seemed like the baby had other plans!

After experiencing extremely painful contractions prior to her due date, Kristina rushed to Bergan Mercy Hospital to have her doctor assess the situation. It was then that she learned she was going to have to deliver her child earlier than expected.

Not only was Kristina going to give birth early, but she couldn’t do it naturally. “My contractions were so bad that [the baby] was just constantly quivering, so they had to do an emergency C-section,” Kristina later recalled.

Thankfully, their doctor delivered little Hunter-Rose, a healthy baby girl, safely. Still, it was what happened after her birth that left the new parents—and their doctor—completely speechless…

When the new parents were handed their daughter’s birth certificate, they made a startling discovery about their doctor, Dr. Jorge Sotolongo. As it turned out, this wasn’t the first time they met him…

In fact, not only had Dr. Sotolongo just delivered their newborn daughter, but he’d also delivered both Kristina and Kyle when they were born—at the exact same hospital! Here, you can see Kristina as an infant just after Dr. Sotolongo delivered her.

Neither Kristina nor Kyle remembered Dr. Sotolongo by name, of course—they were too young. But in preparation for their daughter’s birth, they’d reviewed their own birth certificates, and they just so happened to glance at the name of their delivering doctor!

“It was weird because I had never met him in my life,” Kristina said. She also explained her own mother’s reaction to the news. “But my mom’s like, ‘Oh yeah, I know him, he’s great.'” Kyle, pictured here as a baby, felt the same way.

While Dr. Sotolongo was performing the C-section, he had no idea that he was going to be part of such a special family story. But after Hunter-Rose’s delivery, he chatted with Kyle—and that was how he learned of his close ties to the family. He couldn’t believe it.

Dr. Sotolongo was obviously excited to find out he’d delivered Kristina, Kyle, and now Hunter-Rose. “I was surprised,” he recalled later about the coincidence. “I was very surprised. I realized I’ve been doing this for a while.”

“He comes over, ‘Everything went great,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, it was probably the same situation when you delivered me,’ and he had kind of a puzzled look,” Kyle recalled. “And that’s when I told him… He was kind of shocked.”

Having worked in the same hospital for 28 years, it was only a matter of time before Dr. Sotolongo delivered the child of someone he’d previously helped to bring into the world. Not that he’d ever expected it to happen, though!

Having been delivered by the same doctor, it was as if there was already an instant bond between the parents, their newborn daughter, and Dr. Sotolongo. “It’s kind of cool in my mind to have us all be delivered by the same doctor,” Kyle added.

While Kristina’s mother wasn’t initially at the hospital to welcome her granddaughter into the world, she was sure to swing by the next day! Of course, in addition to the excitement of being a grandma, she was also elated to see Dr. Sotolongo once more.

To commemorate the rare occasion, Dr. Sotolongo took a group photo with the family. All the while, everyone was sure to joke around about the chance that he might be the one to deliver Hunter-Rose’s future children!

“Maybe in the future I can deliver the child,” Dr. Sotolongo joked while contemplating the possibility of delivering a third generation of one family’s children. “Who knows! I’ll be very old.”

Even though their delivery didn’t go exactly as planned, Kristina and Kyle were certainly happy with the end result. Not only was their baby healthy, but they even got to meet the very doctor who delivered them, too!

To think that the very same doctor delivered both Kristina and Kyle and their baby is pretty wild. It certainly wasn’t an experience any of them would soon forget. Just watch the parents as they described the moment they had the realization below…

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