21 Adorable Dogs That Fell Asleep In The Weirdest Places

We often think that when we’re tired, we can fall asleep just about anywhere. Most of the time, this is true: who among us hasn’t accidentally taken a cat nap inside a movie theater or at our desks during a particularly long and boring afternoon at work?

Still, we may be a bit pickier than we want to think. Most people would almost certainly find it difficult to snooze for long in a public space or with our office phones ringing off the hook and disturbing our slumber!

If these photos are any indication, though, it would appear that, unlike their human counterparts, dogs are not picky. Like… at all. Believe it or not, they can sleep in some hilariously strange places! Just take a look…

1. This rescue puppy couldn’t help but fall asleep on top of all of these unsuspecting sheep. Honestly, can you blame him? Sheep are so soft and fluffy anyway, so who could say they wouldn’t snooze on one if they could?

2. What’s more difficult to relate to is why a dog would decide to fall asleep inside of a vacuum, of all places. Sure, this nugget could fit just about anywhere when it’s nap time, but aren’t dogs supposed to hate vacuums?

3. You may have heard about drivers falling asleep at the wheel of their cars on the road. That could be dangerous, even deadly—but what about when dogs fall asleep under the wheel?

4. This is definitely the look of a dog who is feeling utterly defeated in his life for whatever reason. He couldn’t even muster up the strength to jump onto the bed and lie down completely!

5. Everyone knows that dogs love dinnertime. It’s basically a fact at this point. But if you ever want to figure out if your pooch is really tired, just wait until he falls asleep with his head in his food bowl. Too tired to eat? That’s serious!

6. “I think my dog is broken.” Indeed, that is what would appear to be the case here, give the strange knot of limbs and paws all cozied up on this (admittedly comfortable-looking) armchair.

SoulRebel84 / Reddit

7. “Browsing Imgur for so long on the toilet my dog came in and fell asleep.” Perhaps this big guy was really worried about his owner’s health if he really was in the bathroom for that long!

Carlonicus / Imgur

8. Anybody who has ever been tired in class during a long, boring day at school can surely relate to this precious photo. That little guy just cannot bear to hear any more about the Pythagorean theorum!

9. Wait a second… is that bulldog trying to fall asleep on that furniture—or is he eating it? This really looks like it could go either way, but it certainly seems as if he must be in a desperate situation!

10. “My dog fell asleep between the couch and the Ottoman.” In all honesty, this doesn’t look terribly uncomfortable. In fact, it appears to be quite cozy as he’s squished between two soft objects!


11. Perhaps the most impressive element of this picture is not the fact that this dog managed to fall asleep with his face on his human’s legs, but that his own hind legs are still standing!

12. There’s nothing stopping this beauty from sleeping in that (admittedly rather small) dog bed, but she just seems determined to do things her own way, and who’s going to tell her otherwise?

13. The biggest question that this picture raises is, “why?” Because he’s a sleepy puppy, that’s why! When you’re this teeny, even the handle on a car door is good enough for a brief snooze.

14. This pup must have been really adamant about making sure she got eight whole hours of beauty sleep before she passed out on the wooden stool. Maybe she’ll feel more upbeat after a good night’s rest.

15. Perhaps the funniest thing about this picture is the fact that, if you look closely, it would appear that the dog may have already been secured to the seat belt initially. Safety first, right?

16. You just know this dog had to be absolutely exhausted if he slept this soundly for so long in the same position while it rained outside. When he finally got up from his slumber, his silhouette left what looked like some sort of crime scene!

17. Just as many children like to sleep with their favorite blankets or stuffed animals, apparently, there are some dogs who prefer to sleep with their favorite things too, even if it’s a tennis ball!

18. You know the meme “If I fits, I sits?” It typically applies to cats who can’t resist squeezing themselves into tiny cardboard boxes. Well, dogs have a similar saying: “If I leans, I dreams!” (We’re working on it.)

19. This adorable little pug doesn’t seem to mind the fact that he’s sitting upright as he sleeps. That table leg doesn’t seem very comfortable in the least, but hey, so long as he makes it work, who are we to judge?

20. Many dogs are known for chewing up and playing around with our shoes. After all, there’s so much chomping material there! Sleeping with their faces inside our shoes, however, is another story.

21. This may not be what guitar cases are designed to be used for, but hey, if you’re not actually keeping any musical instruments in there, why can’t your best friend use it for himself?

Hopefully, all of these tired dogs got the rest they needed. Sleep tight, pooches! Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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