Stunning Dogs With The Most Unique Coat Patterns On Earth

Domestic dogs have been bred to become one of the most diverse species on the planet featuring a dizzying array of body shapes and sizes, ear shapes, nose lengths, and coat colors. This is quite an achievement considering that most of the 400 or so dog breeds in existence have been around for only a few hundred years!

But even with all this variety, we occasionally encounter dogs that are so unique in their appearance that we have to pause and admire their beauty. This is especially true of the one with coat patterns that go outside of the norm for their breed.

Here are the dogs with the most unique fur markings and patterns you’ll ever see!

1. This dachshund has a rare combination of several different coloring types. Each one of them works together to make her look just like a bowl of Neapolitan ice cream! Isn’t she just the most adorable thing ever?


2. This unique dog is a merle, which indicates that he carries a gene that creates mottled patches of color. He also has heterochromia, which means that he has different-colored eyes. What a special guy!


3. This puppy fights crime with a mask on his face! At least, it looks like he could, since those special black markings resemble a mask. Not only that, but they pair so beautifully with his ice-blue eyes!


4. Black-and-tan French bulldogs are very rare—and very cute. Typically, their coats will either be black, tan, or white, but this guy is a lovely mix of all three of those colors. He must be a big hit at the dog park!


5. Who else would love to say “hello” to this adorable bi-colored pug? We’re willing to bet that she is pretty popular given how special she is! The perfect split down the middle is so cool-looking!


6. Now here’s one beautiful blue-eyed bulldog. Look at this majestic guy mean-mugging for the camera! It almost seems like his eyes were Photoshopped—or that he’s wearing colored contacts.


7. Check out this cutie pie posing for a cheeky photo. She knows that she’s cute and that she looks exactly like someone turned a cookies n’ cream milkshake into an adorable puppy. What a sweetie.


8. This remarkable Rottweiler has depigmentation due to vitiligo. This discoloration might just be one of the most unique patterns you’ll ever see. It’s almost as if this pooch is starring in a Just For Men’s Touch of Gray commercial, huh?


9. This unique yellow Labrador named Bull is suspected to be a chimera, which means that he features the genes of two very distinct zygotes—almost as if he’s his own twin. That would explain his unique coloring!


10. If you were a big fan of the tri-colored dachshund earlier, you’re going to fall in love with this dappled dachshund pup! She’s just the tiniest little thing in the world, and she knows how cute she is!


11. Check out the distinguished mustache on this guy! Now all he needs in order to complete his look is a fancy top hat and monocle. Then he’d fit right in at a classy party—not that he wouldn’t without all that stuff!


12. This Frenchie resembles a tiny panda, doesn’t she? Sure, she has brown fur spots instead of black ones, but she’s close enough. Those enormous ears fit perfectly with her unique coat, too!


13. These mosaic Labrador retrievers have a somatic mutation, which is a mutation that occurs within cell-division. It is frequently caused by environmental factors, such as exposure to ultraviolet radiation or to certain chemicals.


14. Here’s another mutation that causes yellow Labradors to show black spots. This must be a great dog to have for anyone who can’t decide between owning a black or yellow Lab—he’s the best of both worlds!


15. This dog kind of looks like a zebra. But don’t tell him that—he likes being a dog! That being said, he also sort of resembles a doggy-based Rorschach test. What do you see in his splotches?


16. The fur markings on this mother and son resemble a heart. Like mother, like son, right? It’s rare for a marking like that to be passed on so perfectly, but it doesn’t make it any less sweet.


17. Speaking of adorable heart-like markings, check out the bottom of this Corgi! This little cutie, with her coy glance back towards the camera, sure knows how to strike a pose. We love her so much!


18. Let’s keep the heart markings going! Do you think this little pup is related to the newborn guy from a few pictures before? It’s like they’re all one big family of dogs covered in heart spots.


19. Don’t forget about this guy, who wants in on that action. He looks like he’s trying to one-up the corgi from earlier. He might not be doing that, but he sure is coming really close. Keep trying, pal!


20. Now this “dog on a dog” is just hilarious! In case you can’t figure it out, the marking on his coat looks like the face of another dog. If that isn’t the most awesome thing ever, we don’t know what is.


21. This poor dog has a marking that is just a bit… unfortunate. At least he’ll never really understand why people are laughing when they see him. Otherwise, he might be embarrassed!


22. Ha! This handsome fellow is sporting quite the mustache. He almost looks like Groucho Marx, doesn’t he? Something tells us he’s a bit more mischievous. He just has that wild look in his eyes as if he’s up to no good.


23. This puppy’s coat is just gorgeous. It almost seems as if she’s wearing that precious pensive look on her face like she knows she’s the object of everyone’s affection. Or perhaps she’s waiting for her official portrait to be painted!


24. This beautiful little guy is a red merle Australian shepherd. He looks so fuzzy, doesn’t he? These sorts of shepherds commonly have bright blue eyes, but that doesn’t stop this one from standing out from the rest!


25. This pup has a funny little mustache! The way it curls up at the ends makes it appear as if he’s constantly smiling. We suspect that this guy is quite the goofball, which will go perfectly with his tiny ‘stache.


26. This beautiful dog has freckles! Not only that, but he might be one of the most unique dogs that you’ll ever see. His lovely spots almost make him look like the cousin of a Dalmatian or something.


27. These Chinese puppies created an Internet sensation when they were born looking like panda bears. Can you blame anyone for getting them mixed up with newborn pandas with those adorable faces?


28. Now here is a truly unique Bernese Mountain Dog. Originally, these dogs were born to work in the fields of Switzerland, but we’re pretty sure none of them have ever looked exactly like this special guy!


29. This stunning pup is a Pomeranian and Australian shepherd mix. She’s another one that has an awesome cookies n’ cream look to her. That little button nose is pretty darn cute, too, huh?


30. Just take a look at this unusual spotted dog! He almost looks like he’s a wild breed. Maybe he the cousin of some hyenas? Either that, or he wants to cosplay as a Dalmatian for the next big Disney convention…


31. It’s impossible not to love this guy! Not only is he precious in his own right, but throw in that heart on his nose, and, well, it’s almost too much! Where can we sign up to get one just like him?


32. Check out this one-of-a-kind “panda German shepherd” whose coloration is the result of piebaldism, which is yet another type of mutation. Ever seen anything like him before? We sure haven’t!


33. Here are two other stunning German shepherd color variants. They almost look like the special characters you can unlock in video games after you’ve beaten the big boss, don’t they?


34. What a unique dog! He looks like he could have vitiligo just like the Rottweiler from earlier. That white mask around his face must surely make him stand out in a crowd.


35. This adorable puppy decided to dress up as a Care Bear! He has his Halloween costume picked out every single year, which must save him some time putting one together at the last minute!


36. This stunning dog is a brown-spotted Dalmatian, and he looks like he could be related to that other spotted dog from before. We’re beginning to sense a trend with all of these unique pups!


Some of these coat markings are the result of a rare genetic variations or conditions such as vitiligo and piebaldism, but that doesn’t make these dogs any less stunning. In fact, it makes them even more special!

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