How To Expertly Cover Up Tattoos Using Regular Old Drugstore Makeup

These days, having a tattoo is relatively common. Turning your body into a work of art can make an incredibly powerful statement, and the permanent nature of it is what draws people to get a little (or a lot of) ink.

But some tattoos might not be appropriate for every situation. So, what do you do when you need to quickly conceal something that’s permanently inked onto your body?

Turns out, there’s a cheap and foolproof way to make your bad tattoo disappear. Watch this!

Once considered taboo, tattoos are a common fixture on people’s bodies nowadays. Skin makes for a unique canvas, and tattoo artists can create dazzling works of art virtually anywhere. That said, everybody makes mistakes, and sometimes you might need a quick and easy way to cover up a tattoo that isn’t so appropriate for a specific event. Luckily, it’s much easier than you think!

A YouTuber who goes by the handle of Nibbles posted an extremely helpful video online where she presented viewers with a few simple steps to help temporarily conceal permanent ink using affordable drugstore makeup. She used a tattoo on her foot for the demonstration.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is how much hair grows in the area of your body you want concealed. Even short hairs can clump up the makeup you’re applying, so it’s a good idea to shave the intended area first. Then, you’ll want to grab a tube of moisturizer or primer for the next step.

You’re going to need the tattoo to feel smooth to the touch before you start the concealment process. Squeeze a small bit of moisturizer out of the tube (about a dime’s worth), and work it into your skin until it completely dissolves.

Next, you’ll need a bottle of foundation and a foundation brush to apply it. This is going to give your skin a nice surface to work on. Without it, it’s nearly impossible to make it look like your ink is completely gone!

Now, place a small amount of foundation on your hand and smear it over your tattoo. Then, smooth out the entire thing using the brush. This is in no way meant to cover up your ink; it’s simply to get an even color tone across your skin.

You can use either eyeshadow or lipstick for the next step; just keep in mind that the color of either of those items depends on your skin tone. If you have cooler, pink undertones, you’ll use a light color, and if you have more of a warm or orange tone, you’ll need something darker.

Now, apply it to your tattoo. It’s very important that you pat on the eyeshadow (or lipstick), not smear it on like with a brush; this gives the area a much more even coating. Nibbles actually prefers eyeshadow over lipstick for this step.

You’re almost there! Just a few steps left to go. Here’s where the actual concealer finally comes into play. You don’t need an expensive brand to do the trick, either. Apply a little concealer to the tip of a sponge brush, and start dabbing…

How easy is this? Now you never have to worry about Grandma seeing that new heavy metal tattoo of yours. Watch the entire video below so Nibbles can show you the final few steps of this super-easy technique!

The difference is incredible; if you ever need to conceal a tattoo for any reason, this is a fool-proof way to do it!

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