20 Strange Airport Scenes That Reveal The Other Side Of Travelling

Anything goes at the airport. Families hustle to catch their planes, friends wait to celebrate a buddy returning from overseas, and frustrated flyers kick back Bloody Marys at the bar while waiting for a delayed flight to begin boarding. Welcome to chaos.

People from all walks of life pass through airports every day in droves, and this makes for a hectic and stressful environment. But wherever there are people, there are always bizarre scenes to witness. These folks caught on camera at airport left us with more questions than answers!

1. People do all sorts of things to kill time while they’re waiting for their flight to board. Nothing like busting out a bit of yoga to limber up before you squeeze in between seatmates.

2. There’s nothing quite like having your friends find the most embarrassing photo of your face, blow it up to 1,000 times its original size, and glue it to a stick. This is the thing only best friends do.

3. The woman in the back stopped dead in her tracks to give this proposal a huge “Awwww!” She knew she was seeing pure happiness and love unfold before her eyes!

4. She has had enough of this airport! After taking a 24-hour red-eye flight, Sarah was so exhausted she just said, “Someone better carry me outta here like a suitcase. These legs are retired.”

5. The very last thing you want to see as a passenger is the remains of a plane crash while you take off. “Passengers, if you look out your left window you can see the remains of my good buddy Eric.”

6. Pre-Covid, this traveler might have stood out as a little bit paranoid. Nowadays? This guy’s the only person prepared to take on any germs trying to cash in frequent flyer miles.

7. Here we have a limbo expert grabbing a quick nap before her flight to Hawaii, where she’s about to win first-place in the National Limbo Championship. It takes skill to go that low.

8. Mom just couldn’t take another day with Robby and Rupert. These little trouble-makers have been a handful, and she wants no part of it anymore. Your turn to take the reins, dad!

9. She better hustle and tie those shoes before her baby gets sent through the x-ray machine and blasted with radiation. But, then again, maybe he’ll pop out the other side with awesome superpowers. (Okay, maybe it’s a doll).

10. Either this guy is waiting for his actual partner, or he’s just standing with this sign hoping a random attractive lady takes the bait. Those shades make him appear extra creepy, though. Actually, the whole photo does.

11. There’s no beating around the bush for this military wife: She knows when hubby comes home, he’ll report to her. At ease, soldier!

12. Fortunately, airport officials that included a bathroom for dogs remembered pets can use the toilet. This hydrant definitely made a few scared pooches feel comfortable!

13. Welp, there aren’t too many worse things to show up to than your girlfriend outing your infidelity for all to see and then promptly leaving you. Simon isn’t great at hiding selfie sticks.

14. Life is like a box of chocolates for this guy riding the tram to his terminal. Hopefully when he gets to his destination, he’ll have a beaming Jenny waiting for him.

15. There’s a whole list of stuff you can’t bring on a flight. Maybe it’s time to ditch that snow globe you have secretly stuffed into a durian fruit. You just got busted big time.

16. “And the award for the most dangerous selfie ever taken goes to… this guy!” Better be careful bud. You drop that phone there’s no way you’re getting it back.

17. Imagine being the guy arriving to his destination just to have this bomb dropped on you using Carly Rae Jepsen lyrics. Hopefully the father was prepared for this greeting; otherwise the car ride home might have been awkward.

18. “Excuse me ma’am, we have this new policy where I have to accost you in rubber gloves before your flight. If you could just sign this waiver not to sue, I’ll be done momentarily.”

19. Hey, this position may not work for everyone, but if this guy can comfortably catch some Z’s, have at it. Of course, he might wake up with a neck cramp the size of a basketball.

20. It’s good to know when you travel through the Sacramento airport, you never have to worry about safety being a concern to anyone! The workers who stack these hazardous luggage carts should start playing Tetris. (Okay, this is just cool art).

21. This guy is not messing around! When he was shopping for luggage before his flight, he took one look at the suitcases and asked, “Got anything that’ll have me looking like Evel Knievel?” They sure did.

22. This is certainly one way to maintain your privacy if you decide to take a nap while waiting for a flight. Hopefully, these people will still be able to hear the airport announcements.

23. Whoa! Did this person plan on wearing socks that matched the airport’s carpet? Or, did the airport like the person’s socks so much they decided to match their carpet to them? The world may never know…

24. Is this luggage, or a close-up shot of a restaurant sushi conveyor belt? Either way, this photo is sure to make foodies everywhere lick their lips. It makes you wonder if the people who own these plan on carrying them home with massive chopsticks!

25. This is the exact opposite of what you want to see pilots doing in an airport. The smile on his face indicates that it’s probably a joke, but still. Hopefully, he’s got a fully sighted co-pilot.

26. These men patiently waiting for friends to arrive on an incoming flight probably had no idea that when they chose to wait in this particular spot, they would be putting on quite a show!

27. This group of people eagerly awaiting their flight either missed it completely, or they’re boarding the world’s first ever invisible commercial airline. Or, maybe they stole that mobile staircase and are using that to get to their destination?

28. Everyone who gets off the plane and arrives on the lovely island of Japan knows exactly what they need to do, although “slam” can be taken in many different ways. Slam some sake maybe?

29. When people are this tired, they all seem to turn into McGuyver, inventing very creative ways to catch some Z’s. This couple decided to turn each other into couches for a quick snooze.

30. Yikes! Imagine getting off of a super late flight, exhausted and somewhat delirious from all that time in the air, and this is the first guy you see welcoming you to your destination? You’d probably get right back on that plane.

31. Sure, laptops are quick and efficient, but they also have batteries that run out. With this typewriter all you need to worry about is having a fresh tape… and weight restrictions.

32. Here’s a group of loyal Stormtroopers eagerly awaiting their boss. Darth Vader would be proud. Just how far of a flight is it from Earth to the Death Star anyway?

33. Have you ever gone to sleep only to wake up covered in colorful artwork? This father sure is about to! His artistic daughters are taking full advantage of the canvas they have at their disposal.

34. Dude, they have other ways to perform full-body scans. Like, actual human-sized machines you can just stand in. This guy likes to do everything the hard way, though. Clearly claustrophobia is not in his genes.

35. Some people check their luggage, and other people check their… sticks? It makes sense that it was checked since it could clearly be a weapon, but who would do such a thing? Is Gandalf taking commercial flights now?

36. You never know who you’ll see at a busy airport, and every once in a while, you spot someone famous. One person was lucky enough to snap a picture of actress Minka Kelly getting some of her stuff ready for scanning!

37. The only thing the owner of these cookies is guilty of is having an enormous sweet tooth. It would be no surprise if the TSA agent confiscated the goods so the whole staff could indulge in snacks when the day ends.

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