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Incredible Geography Facts That Changed Our Perspective Of The World

The world is a wondrous place, full of amazing natural phenomena, breathtaking scenery, and fascinating cultures. But while we can confidently say that planet Earth is remarkably beautiful and interesting, it’s also downright weird — and this list proves it! Here we take a look at some weird and wonderful facts about our home that are just so hard to wrap our heads around.

1. The entire world population could fit inside Texas

The human population of Earth is big, and it keeps getting bigger! As things stand in 2023 there are more than 8 billion of us wandering around. That number is just mind-blowing, and it makes this next fact really hard to take in.

If everyone alive today moved to Texas at the same time, we’d technically all fit in. And not only that, but the population density would be comparable to what New York City’s is today!

2. There’s a town in the U.S. with only one resident

The town of Monowi in Nebraska has a notable inhabitant, and her name is Elsie Eiler. But why is she so notable? Well, she works a lot of jobs there: she’s a librarian, clerk, secretary, treasurer, and the mayor.

How did Eiler come to hold all these positions in Monowi? Well, it might have something to do with the fact nobody else is around to do them. That’s because Monowi is a town of one: she’s the only resident!

3. Alaska is the United States’ most westerly state — and the most easterly

If you look at a map of the U.S., you can see pretty easily that Alaska represents the country’s most westerly point on Earth. But what’s weird is that it’s also the most easterly. How’s that?

Well, it’s down to the Aleutian Islands, most of which fall within the boundaries of Alaska. This archipelago straddles the line of 180th Meridian, the extension of the Prime Meridian passing through Greenwich, England, and the imaginary line by which we define east and west on Earth.

4. You can walk from the United States to Russia

Given the historical tensions between the two countries, we might be inclined to think of the United States and Russia as almost being on different planets. But they are, of course, both places on Earth, and they’re closer together than you might think. As in, it’s literally possible to walk from the U.S. to Russia — but only in winter.

This is down to two islands: Russia-controlled Big Diomede and Alaska-controlled Little Diomede. These two isles are so close that, when winter hits, the water between them can freeze, and a person could technically walk the 2.4-mile distance between them! It’s pretty dangerous, though.