Heidi Klum’s Best Halloween Costumes Through the Years

There’s no doubt about it: Heidi Klum is the queen of Halloween. Since 2000, the model has thrown a legendary annual Halloween party and rocked the red carpet in show-stopping costumes. Her creations get bigger and more elaborate every year, and there are some folks out there who’ve never known a world without a Heidi Klum Halloween costume. Let’s take a look at every single one in order and give them the admiration they deserve.

Gothic glam (2000)

Here’s a younger Klum, all dolled up for her very first Halloween party at the turn of the millennium. And the model is rocking some ’00s goth fashion as well. She’s got the latex dress, the spiky arm accessories, and the face full of carefully applied makeup.

But was she a particular character that year? Yes, she was! The supermodel told People magazine in 2023 that she was dressed as another "Heidi," in this case the character from Johanna Spyri’s novels about a young Swiss girl. She just leather-ed up the look.

Horsing around (2001)

It seems 2001 was the year when Klum started going for the fabulously over-the-top Halloween costumes. She appears to be going for Lady Godiva with this one. Heidi wore a white bejeweled bodysuit, a long-haired wig, a fancy headpiece…oh, and she was riding a horse.

Yup, by all accounts it was a real horse. Her steed looks a bit surprised in this photograph, and it should, because it just became a part of celebrity party history. But the best Halloween parties were still to come!

Betty Boop (2002)

Heidi was a dramatic, gothy version of Betty Boop for Halloween in 2002. Betty is an ever-popular Halloween costume — for example, in 2022 Olivia Rodrigo dressed as her, and in 2023 Ice Spice did the same.

It’s a fairly easy costume to create because all you really need is a red dress and short black hair. Heidi went one step further, though, and added the elaborate red eye makeup. The result put her one step closer to being the Queen of Halloween.

Alien invasion (2003)

Here’s where we start with the full-body makeup outfits that Heidi loves so much now. Halloween 2003 saw her painted all in gold and rocking massive boots and a metal corset, but what exactly was she dressed as?

Based on the tube in her hair and the pointed teeth — they’re amazing! — it seems very likely that this outfit was inspired by the classic sci-fi/horror movie Alien. H.R. Giger, the man who created the iconic design of the creature itself, would surely be impressed.