Star-Studded Facts About The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is without doubt one of the most iconic tourist attractions in America. It’s the closest some of us will ever come to meeting a superstar! But even if you’ve visited the star-studded street, there are many fascinating details you may not have learned about it. Let’s take a look at its history and uncover all of its secrets.

1. Marilyn Monroe has the most-visited star of any deceased celebrity

Marilyn Monroe didn’t have a great life when it really came down to it. Of course, she was a very beautiful and highly talented actress, there’s no doubt about that.

But she led a very troubled life, and she died at the age of just 36. So it’s good to know her legacy lives on, at least. Her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of those that attracts the most traffic.

The most popular female

According to Ana Martinez, the woman who runs all Walk of Fame-related activities, Monroe’s Hollywood star power is rivaled only by Johnny Depp’s. So we can safely say that Monroe is also the most popular woman on the Walk of Fame!

If you want to find Monroe’s star, it’s located at 6774 Hollywood Boulevard. You can bring some flowers or other small items to place on her memorial if you’d like.

2. The stars are made of Italian marble

The stars on the Walk of Fame are beautiful, but did you ever wonder how they’re made? Ana Martinez explained all to People magazine in January 2024. They’re made of Italian marble, and they take four days to cure properly.

“Once it's made, my star-maker has to send me the name plate so I can proof it,” Martinez said. “And then after I approve it, he covers it up, and then we wait three to four days for it to dry. And then the morning of the ceremony, it’s polished.”

The names are made from brass

As for the letters of the person’s name, they’re created from brass and added to the star. Under the name goes a symbol, such as a film camera, to represent the honored person’s field.

So next time you happen to find yourself strolling along the Walk of Fame, spare a moment or two to think about all the craftsmen who have helped to make all those marble stars look so good!