The Official Ranking Of 'Hot Ones' Guests

Forget the old-school likes of Fallon, Kimmel, and Colbert. These days, the most entertaining chat show around is the web series that invites celebs to spill the beans while subjecting their tastebuds to the spiciest chicken wings known to man. Hosted by Sean Evans, Hot Ones has become something of a pop-culture sensation since debuting on YouTube back in 2015. But which brave stars did audiences want to see handle the heat? Here’s a look at the 40 most-viewed episodes. 

40. Caleb McLaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo (13 million, 2019) 

Caleb McLaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo aren’t the only Stranger Things cast members to take on a Hot Ones challenge. In fact, a fellow co-star appears quite high on this list. But they are the only ones to have played the spin-off game titled “Truth or Dab.”

Here, the actors best known as Hawkins teenagers Lucas Sinclair and Dustin Henderson, respectively, must decide whether to consume a red-hot chicken wing or risk answering difficult questions about the latest season of the Netflix phenomenon.

39. DaBaby (13m, 2019) 

During his 2019 appearance on Hot Ones, DaBaby almost eats as much ice cream as he does chicken wings in an attempt to cool his mouth down. The rapper agreed to be grilled by Evans in the same year that he scored no fewer than 20 different tracks on the Billboard Hot 100.

DaBaby discusses several of them during the episode, including “Suge,” as well as his favorite donut brand, Krispy Kreme. But he has to rely on spoonfuls of the sweet stuff to make it to the end of the ten-round challenge.

38. James Franco and Bryan Cranston (13m, 2016) 

Hot Ones fans got two celebs for the price of one in 2016 when Bryan Cranston and James Franco rocked up to promote their new film, Why Him? But it is Cranston who steals the show with a startling revelation about his first restaurant job.

The actor explains that while working at a Polynesian eatery, he’d joked that he’d do away with the unpopular chef. “I said I think I’d slice him up in a wok and stir fry him and make moo goo gai Peter,” he recalls. That meant the — entirely innocent — Cranston became a suspect when said chef went missing!

37. Michael Cera (13m, 2018) 

Michael Cera made headlines for his appearance on Hot Ones, but not for any particular reaction to chicken wings. Instead, it was for the revelation that he makes about his Superbad co-stars.

Cera explains that Jonah Hill hadn’t been a fan of Christopher Mintz-Plasse during the audition stages, recalling, “He was, like, irritated by him. I think he felt that Chris was like, kind of, getting the better of him comedically, stopping Jonah, like, like kind of like, blocking Jonah’s, like, funny jabs, which made it so funny.”