Hotel Maid Is Brought To Tears After Pulling The Sheets Off New Guests’ Bed

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever found in a hotel room? Maybe an old t-shirt, or a pair of shoes left under the bed — maybe even a few too many hairs curled up in the shower drain. A space shared by a multiple people in such a short span is bound to bring some overlap, though ask any hotel maid about the kinds of things they’ve found in a room, and they’re guaranteed to have seen it all.

Most hotel housekeepers can rattle off a laundry list of crazy things left behind by guests, though none will ever top what one Utah maid found hiding beneath the covers. As the crumpled bedsheets slipped from her hand, the sight that lie before her was so startling that words escaped her entirely — all she could do was cry.

After all, this maid — we’ll call her “Alice” — had been through some pretty tough times already. With just a few dollars to her name, Alice had been working one low-paying job after another just to make ends meet.

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So when Alice spotted a “Help Wanted” sign in the window of a well-known Park City hotel, she jumped at the chance to make herself a little better off. Unfortunately, landing the job was no sure thing.

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Given Alice’s lack of a work resume and little experience in hospitality, the hotel manager was skeptical about bringing her onboard. Yet, like Alice, the manager wasn’t exactly in a position to be selective.

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The hotel in question was known for attracting rowdy and unruly guests, and its rooms would often look like a tornado swept through them after each checkout. Things had actually gotten so bad that the previous housekeeper had quit!

But even with the hotel’s not-so-work-friendly reputation, Alice was confident she could handle anything these guests could throw at her. And so, the manager hired her, convinced she’d only last a few days — boy, was she wrong.

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In a matter of a few weeks, Alice not only tackled the messy rooms with ease, but she’d also developed an entirely new organization system for the hotel. She even managed to wash an entire mountain of dirty laundry that’d been piling up for months.

Alice was clearly more capable at housekeeping than the hotel manager had first thought, and as business improved, she wished there was some way she could repay the hard-working maid. Unfortunately, the manager didn’t have the resources to do so — that’s when Kyle Oreffice and Josh Gibson stepped in.

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Through their popular YouTube channel GiveBackFilms, Kyle and Josh had made a name for themselves doing kindnesses for complete strangers. From low-wage workers to struggling families to even the homeless, the duo’s generosity had already touched countless lives — and they were about to touch one more.

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When Kyle and Josh heard about Alice’s story, they knew at once that she was more than deserving of a little good will. And so, in 2013, the pair reached out to the hotel manager, who excitedly agreed to help them out — their plan was officially a go!

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Arriving at the hotel, Kyle and Josh entered the first room they found and immediately set to work. They started by setting up several hidden cameras at different angles throughout the space, unwilling to miss even one second of Alice’s reaction.

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Next, they decided to mess up the room a bit, moving the furniture and pulling the sheets and pillows from the beds. In a place where untidiness was so common, anything less than a messy room would’ve seemed off to Alice.

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Finally, Josh scribbled something down on a piece of paper and tucked it alongside a little surprise Kyle had slipped under a sheet. With everything finally in (and out) of place, Kyle and Josh pulled the “Do Not Disturb” sign from the door and rushed outside.

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Crouched behind the seats of their van, the duo watched through the rear window in anticipation of the fateful moment Alice entered the room. They waited, breathless, until the handle turned and door swung open.

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For a good few minutes, Alice simply went about tidying the room, pushing the furniture back into place and laying fresh linens and towels. Then, she headed for the beds.

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Alice made quick work of the first bed, but as she lifted the sheets off the second, she froze. Speechless, Alice raised her hand to her mouth as the tears began to flow — she simply couldn’t believe what she’d found.

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There, hiding beneath the sheets, was a line of $20 bills and the note, which read, “This is a tip! Enjoy!” Instead of the usual dollar or two guests would occasionally leave behind, Alice had a received a whopping $500 tip!

GiveBackFilms / YouTube

Before Alice could even process what was going on, Kyle and Josh appeared and revealed the entire plan to her. Alice was overwhelmingly grateful for the duo’s act of goodwill, though it was then that she opted to make a shocking admission.

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As much as she could’ve used the money, Alice explained that she just couldn’t take it. Kyle and Josh were stunned, but after a little poking and prodding, it was clear that the humble housekeeper was just being modest.

In the end, Alice decided to accept the generous tip, and the video of her tearful reaction has since garnered more than 8 million views on GiveBackFilm’s YouTube channel. “There’s something really cool about someone being genuinely happy, and it’s exciting,” Josh said of the response to the video.

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But what if, instead of a few hundred dollars, you were given a brand new life? It may sound farfetched, but that’s exactly what one act of kindness did for Cara Simmons of Cleveland, Ohio — though that act was anything but small.

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A 36-year-old single mother of three, Cara made ends meet just as Alice did: as a housekeeper. She worked so hard that she never took a single day off, let alone went on vacation. Unfortunately, there is such a thing as working too hard.

This nonstop routine caused Cara to be hospitalized more than once. The stress gave her stomach ulcers, and she still had trouble paying rent. However, Cara pressed on, giving her all to every assignment for her family.

Her children loved and appreciated her dearly, and her employer—a housekeeping services company called Maid Brite — was especially impressed by Cara’s work ethic.

Things were definitely tough, but what Cara didn’t know was that she was about to get the assignment of a lifetime. On a day that seemed like any other, Maid Brite sent Cara to a “very important” client’s home…

As soon as Cara arrived, she was greeted by a woman who introduced herself as Madeline Blue. She explained that, although the house was already cleaned, Cara was still needed for some work.

Madeline said she was hired by the owners of the house to organize a large party that would take place that evening. She hired Cara to assist her in preparing everything. It sounded reasonable, so Cara took on her first task: meeting the world-renowned chef—Manny Slomovits—who would prepare an extravagant six-course meal for the event.

Cara’s work had only begun. Her first assignment was to taste—and evaluate—every dish for the event. This was not something Cara was used to, but as a dutiful employee, she agreed. She was a little wary, of course.

Making conversation as he presented the extravagant meal, Manny asked Cara what her favorite food was. Cara immediately replied “spaghetti”; that was her kids’ favorite food, after all. It was clear that she always put their happiness before her own.

The meal that the chef had prepared was a far cry from spaghetti. Cara was asked to taste a South African Tristan lobster—which was worth somewhere between $400 and $500—as well as lobster tail and quail egg with basil oil.

The rest of the meal consisted of an assortment of gourmet dishes that featured $4,000 white truffles and even edible gold. Sweet chocolate treats topped off the dessert menu. This party was certainly going to be fancy!

The meal was delicious, and incredibly expensive. Madeline then returned and asked if Cara could answer the door. That was when she came face-to-face with two men who arrived for the party’s reflexology station…

Then, Madeline made an odd request: the men needed to warm up their hands before the party started, or else they’d get cramps. Would Cara allow them to give her a massage? While it was unusual, Cara was happy to oblige. It was her job, after all!

It must have been a surreal experience for the hardworking housekeeper, and she expressed disbelief about how easy her workload was. “I think it’s my birthday,” she joked as the therapists worked their magic.

Little did Cara know how much more was in store for her. Next, Madeline took her upstairs to a bedroom, where she explained that she was trying to clean out a closet by getting rid of an assortment of designer clothes…

That was where Cara was supposed to come in: she was told that she could take whatever she wanted for herself, including designer heels, a beautiful gold watch, and even a stunning jade necklace!

After that unusual shopping spree, Cara answered the door to find a delivery man with a large box. Madeline asked her to open it, and what Cara found in there was shocking…

Somehow, Cara’s own belongings were in that box! Obviously, this was extremely unusual. She’d never even been to this house before, so how—and why—would her very own stuff be sent there?

Cara started to get suspicious, and perhaps even a bit worried. The delivery man arrived with an even bigger box, but he wouldn’t answer Cara when she asked him where they came from.

After being pressed, however, the delivery man explained that the items were for “the woman who lives in this house, Ms. Simmons.” To Cara’s utter shock, Madeline said, “Yeah, Ms. Simmons is my boss.”

Incredibly the house had been gifted to Cara for a job well done! She struggled to believe it, but then she remembered a story she’d heard: Tanna Marino of Cypress, Texas, was a mother to four children and the wife of a firefighter. A small-town girl, her family was the most important thing in her life.

She worked long hours as an appliance technician at a repair and maintenance company called Mr. Appliance. She liked her job, but money was always tight, and she wasn’t able to spend nearly enough time with her children. Then, one day she received an unusual phone call…

On the other end of the phone was a television scout asking Tanna if she’d like to star in a reality television show pilot. Tanna was stunned at the proposal, and even after asking for details of the show, she was still on the fence…

The scout didn’t reveal much about the show other than the fact it was called Don’t Quit Your Day Job. After weighing the pros and cons, Tanna figured this might be a chance to earn some extra income the family very much needed.

Tanna agreed to do the show, and when she showed up for filming on the first day, she met the camera crew who was going to follow her around while she went about her business. She was also to train a new employee named Faith Brown.

To Tanna, Faith came across as someone who normally worked an office job. She was wearing thick makeup, jewelry, and long acrylic nails. Even though she was dressed slightly out of character for a such a hands-on job, Tanna welcomed her aboard.

It was immediately apparent Faith didn’t have much experience in the field, but Tanna was patient and walked her through her routine. The cameras rolled the whole time, and Tanna concluded the reality show was about training odd new hires.

For several days, the two women made house calls together, and Tanna explained to Faith how to handle every issue. Faith and Tanna were getting along great, and Tanna even brought Faith to her house one afternoon to meet her family.

Faith met all four of Tanna’s kids, as well as her husband Michael. Faith was so touched by how welcoming every member of the family was, but after the delightful evening, Tanna admitted to Faith something very personal.

She confided in Faith that even though she and Michael had jobs, money was incredibly tight. She would more than likely need to get a second job for supplemental income. This would mean spending even more time away from her kids. This broke Faith’s heart.

Hearing Tanna’s struggle to stay active in her children’s lives brought up memories of Faith’s own father who was significantly absent in her life, as well. Now, it was finally time for the mother of four to know exactly what the reality show was about.

After Don’t Quit Your Day Job wrapped up the employee training part of the show, the crew told Tanna she’d be visiting Faith’s home for the final segment. However, when Tanna showed up later that afternoon, Faith had short blonde hair — and looked completely different.

She introduced herself as Dina Dwyer-Owens, the CEO of the corporation that owns Mr. Appliance! She had spent the last several days in disguise alongside Tanna, learning from her and finding out what life was like on the front lines of the job.

The television crew informed Tanna there was no show called Don’t Quit Your Day Job. It was actually a show called Undercover Boss, where bosses worked alongside their employees while incognito to learn about what day-to-day life was like.

Dina was impressed by Tanna’s work ethic, so first, the CEO granted Tanna $5,000 to spearhead a “Women in the Trades” program to assist women who were learning a trade.

Next, Dina set up a $10,000 scholarship fund so Tanna and Michael could start saving for their children’s college education. Tanna was in tears at Dina’s generosity, but that wasn’t even the biggest shock…

As Tanna was choking back tears, the CEO presented the mother with one more gift: a check for $25,000! Tanna was so shocked she nearly fainted! Dina said the money was a personal gift from her.

The whole reason Dina was interested in appearing on Undercover Boss was so she could explore the inner workings of the company as a regular employee and not as the boss. Luckily, Tanna exemplified all of the qualities Dina was looking for in an employee, and she rewarded her for all of them!

It must have been such an interesting experience for both women during the course of filming. Dina was able to see how Mr. Appliance operated from a completely different perspective, and Tanna was able to help a “new employee” gain valuable experience!

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