The Insides Of Common Objects Are Way Different Than People Suspect

There are so many objects we handle every single day without giving them a second thought. We feel the textures and edges of our desk decorations and the light weight of our cellphones. But we never consider what’s inside the stuff that makes our lives interesting.

Well, we’re here to tell you it’s 100% worth looking at some everyday objects cut in half. The hidden insides of these random objects are incredibly satisfying and will make you want to cut everything in your life in half in search of an eye-popping cross section.

1. Sink faucet: That simple handle you use everyday is actually surprisingly intricate on the inside. Most of these mechanisms help control the temperature of your faucet water and the rate at which it dispenses.

TheBx / Reddit

2. Toilet: You flush without thinking, but a look on the inside proves that the toilet is a very sophisticated invention. We have come a long way since outhouses. Thank porcelain for that!

backcountrybrian / Reddit

3. Bowling ball: This oddly shaped weighted structure is designed to optimize momentum when being throw down the lane of your choice (an action you take in between sips of beer and bites of onion rings, of course).

abledanger/ Reddit

4. Guitar: The inside of this acoustic guitar looks like the hottest night club, one where your favorite lounge singer could perform. Why do we all of a sudden want to shrink down to the size of a hamster and make this our hangout spot?

Flashway1 / Reddit

5. Battery: Okay, so it turns out those bigger batteries are actually just holding several smaller batteries inside of them! The outside is just a case! We have been lied to.


6. Sidewalk: The older the sidewalk, the more layers it will have. The distinctive layers of this random chunk of ground you walk on every day are actually super satisfying.

pacgaming / Reddit

7. Lighter: The process by which fire is made from a handheld lighter may have mystified us in the past, but now we have pulled back the curtain. To be honest, it’s actually pretty straightforward.

socsa / Reddit

8. Golf ball: Golf balls or the best jawbreaker of your life? Golf balls look boring on the outside, but on the inside they are actually lovely. Their colors vary based on material, age, and condition.

@Somephotographerguy / Reddit

9. Hornet’s nest: If you suffer from trypophobia — the fear of hole patterns — now is a great time to look away. The inside of this hornet’s nest is a nightmare of tiny holes just staring back up at you.

Scarce Worldwide / Youtube

10. Slap bracelet: This iconic ’90s fashion statement has always been an incredible feat of engineering. How did they develop such a precise snap without harm to the wearer? Apparently with piece of a tape measure!

ryanispiper / Reddit

11. Hand grenade: Hopefully this item isn’t a part of your daily routine, but it still warrants a look inside. The intricate system within the grenade allows for it to detonate after a brief pause. In this way, you hit your target instead of yourself.

karmicviolence / Reddit

12. Poppy seed: Pictured is the actual seed pod of a poppy flower. The white liquid makes the base for most opiates; the seeds inside are used for less intense purposes, like bagels and baked goods.

robin.waddell2 / Instagram

13. Bocce ball: It stands to reason that not every bocce ball has a bunch of billiard balls inside, but this one that accidentally broke open certainly did. Maybe there are ping pong balls inside those pool balls, too.


14. Rattlesnake rattle: If you were ever curious about how these deadly snakes make their signature warning sound, now you know. The rattle’s like a maraca, but permanently attached to their bodies. They are basically poisonous musicians!

sverdrupian / Reddit

15. Underwater cables: This is not a middle school diorama of the cell; it’s a cross section of underwater telecommunication cables that were the original source of connectivity between countries an ocean away. WiFi is convenient, but not as pretty.

Manofmayhem / Reddit

16. Macaroni and cheese: When you’re consuming homemade mac and cheese, it’s easy to focus on the gooey cheese and savory symphony of flavors on your palate. But, if you took a second to enjoy the cross section, you’d probably enjoy it even more.

bhansley / Reddit

17. Banana tree stalks: The stalks aren’t edible, but because of their unique swirl pattern, they are often used in flower arrangements. Compared to their stalks, bananas are significantly less aesthetically pleasing.

ryansmith / Reddit

18. Coffee pod: These delightful pods of caffeine have changed the coffee game forever, but we never knew what was actually going on inside. It’s basically a mini filter with coffee in it!

ThePunk28 / Reddit

19. Truffle mushroom: The very expensive and equally delicious mushroom looks unexceptional on the inside. However, when you cut one open, the crazy pattern on the inside is revealed. That’s probably the reason it tastes so good.


20. Meteroite: Again, not the most everyday object. But the inside of the Fukang meteorite is over 4 billion years old and so stunning. It’s one thing to know what the insides of objects look like, but another to know what’s can be hiding inside the items we use everyday. Sometimes, the answer is upsetting.

sovereigntripod / Reddit

21. Take a look at this dog toy that was destroyed. The doll on the left was the original toy, and it was full of smiles and good vibes. Underneath it, however, was a sad plush toy who probably didn’t want to come out and play.

jpellizzi / Reddit

22. This bra certainly has an interesting and—let’s be honest—slightly creepy design on the inside of its cups. It makes you wonder if it feels like your bust is being held by a strangers’ hands while you wear it! Let’s hope not.

Chegevarik / Reddit

23. Talk about getting your money’s worth when you go shopping! This person bit into a grape, and they found a second, smaller grape inside. That’s what people call a twofer, and hopefully they’re all like this one.

GymPowers / Reddit

24. Whoever bought this product simply wanted a spray to get the odor out of their shoes. They didn’t intend on buying women’s deodorant spray instead! The good thing is that it probably works just the same.

cl3ft / Reddit

25. This discovery was pretty cool. This ceramic frog was accidentally dropped onto the ground, where it shattered. Inside, however, were two miniature statues of snowmen! This person lost their summer decoration but gained two winter ones!

Brutl / Reddit

26. Can you imagine buying a can of soda only to pop the top and realize there was another can inside? Maybe after they break into the second can, they’ll find a third can beneath that one, just like a soda-can Russian nesting doll!

jamestwatt / Reddit

27. This might be a Kit-Kat, but someone needs to give a break to whichever employee allowed this slip-up to sneak through the cracks. The wafers are supposed to run horizontally, not vertically!

flightos / Reddit

28. This person purchased a laptop not knowing there was a hidden bonus inside: a ruler! Unless they’re measuring anything over two inches, however, they might want to think about using a different tool for the job.

Nickster_345 / Reddit

29. Check out the inside of this tree that someone chopped down. It actually had another thinner tree running down the middle of the trunk! It’s almost like the smaller tree was wearing a jacket made of bark.

Toastiimuffin / Reddit

30. This black screwdriver actually had another miniature screwdriver resting right inside the handle. This person must have been doing some serious screwing to break this tool in half, but once he did, he was treated to a surprise.

shafthurtsalot / Reddit

31. This person bought their pooch a stuffed Cookie Monster plush doll to play with. The dog ripped the toy apart, naturally, but in the process, the owner found a small heart that was actually inside the doll.

pizzapost / Reddit

32. You might think the desks and tables you’re putting your things on are made out of sturdy wood so they won’t collapse. This person, however, came to the startling realization that their table was made actually made out of simple cardboard!

_littlekidlover_ / Reddit

33. Some pool shark broke the rack a little too hard and cracked the cue ball. Upon further inspection, however, it looks as though a striped red pool ball had been masquerading around as the cue ball the entire time!


34. A lot of people use clotheslines to hang their wet clothing out to dry, and one would assume that the rope used for the line is made of, well…rope! This person tore open their rope, however, and found none other than Mickey Mouse.

DamnItDarin / Reddit

35. You’ve probably walked though department stores around the holidays and seen those decorative chocolate truffle trees standing festively on countertops. If you’ve ever been tempted to snap a couple pieces off them, don’t. The truffles are actually just Styrofoam balls in fancy wrapping.


36. This leather-bound case appears to fit a camera, but underneath the leather exterior is the most interesting part. Whoever made this actually reinforced the material with old toothpaste boxes. It might sound strange, but apparently it works!

Theultravisitor / Reddit

37. When city workers set out to power-wash a fountain near Red Square in Moscow, they had no idea the intricate tile work that was hiding just underneath the years of dirt and grime.

38. People were confused about the large square patch of dirt in this park for the longest time. But when someone decided to give it a good power-washing, it suddenly became clear. Checkmate!

39. When his pregnant wife wanted to buy a new rug for the nursery, this man hatched a genius scheme to save a few bucks. He took a power-washer to their old carpet instead and his wife was gobsmacked by the result.

40. This couple thought that power-washing their terrace might just clear off some dirt and give it a nice shine. Little did they know that underneath all that grime, the tile was an entirely different color.

41. When city workers in Vienna stopped power-washing this building halfway, they couldn’t believe their eyes. The clean half was practically unrecognizable next to the half covered in decades of dirt and soot.

42. When this artist received a power-washer as a birthday gift, we doubt anyone expected the brilliant way she would use the cleaning tool — she turned her grimy old driveway into a beautiful mural.

43. This couple’s patio had been in use for decades, accumulating wear and tear during countless parties and barbecues. But when they gave it a good power-wash, its true colors were finally revealed.

44. When one person saw the state of their ancestors’ 130-year-old graves, they knew something had to be done. With a quick swish of a power-washer, these restored gravestones quickly became the talk of the cemetery.

45. Game, set, power-wash! This grimy old tennis court was out of use for years before someone thought of the perfect solution: power-washing! Within hours, that dirty concrete was shining green again.

46. This small village’s dingy old town hall blended into the background. But once they had finished power-washing the facade, the building was once again the shining focal point of the town square.

47. Dam, that’s a good-looking dam! This facility in Eastern Germany had been left untouched for decades. When it finally came time to give it a good power-wash, they got a little creative.

48. When this family started power-washing their fence, they were just trying to clean off some dirt. They had no idea that when the day was done, the fence would be another color entirely.

49. There’s always that one chair that no one wants to sit in — you know the one. That was the problem one man faced before he tried power-washing. Now all his furniture is party-ready!

50. When his grandmother asked him to help power-wash her driveway, this teenager made sure to let all his siblings know about it. And seeing how good that driveway looks, it’s safe to say KD moved up a few spots in the will.

51. When one man was asked by his Homeowner’s Association to wash the neighborhood sidewalks, he decided to have a little fun. His clever use of the power-washer turned the walkways into beautiful homages to beloved superheroes.

52. Weathered old patio furniture is no match for a power-washer. With just a few hours of work, this dining set was finally showing its true colors underneath all that gray.

53. Is your house missing some crucial curb appeal? One easy fix is to power-wash the walkway. A few hours of work will clear that gunk right off and make your house the talk of the neighborhood.

54. From siding to brick to wood to metal, the power-washer can clean almost any surface with ease. This family’s backyard went from drab to fab after they took a power-washer to pretty much everything in sight.

55. This barrier was so slimy, it looked more like an old shipwreck than a brick wall. When a professional power-washing company had finished with it, it was back to its former glory.

56. When someone started washing their backyard swing, they had to stop halfway and admire their work. It’s a safe bet that the swing will be getting a bit more use now that it’s not so… gray.

57. This art installation in London was looking a little weary after years of just sitting there, so one artist created a new mural by power-washing away some of the dirt.

58. Grass and moss taking over your walkway? Rather than spend days picking out weeds and scrubbing the stone clean, rent a power-washer and be done in just hours!

59. Say goodbye to dirt and grime; it’s power-washing time! There’s nothing quite like returning home from a long day and spotting a pristine front porch that’s just begging to be walked on.

60. No one wanted to step foot near this disgusting pool area. That is, until the owner discovered the magic of power-washing! Within hours, the pool was the talk of the neighborhood and everyone was waiting for next block party.

61. Roof looking a little rough? Instead of spending thousands replacing it, just give it a quick power-wash! In just a few hours, your roof will be good as new and neighbors will be begging to borrow your power-washer.

62. This family thought their not-so-fuzzy little friend was done for after years in the garden, but with one quick power-wash little Peter Rabbit is back to his mischievous ways. Now he’s so clean there’s not a hare out of place!

63. Worried that power-washing might take too much time out of your schedule? Fear not! It took less than two hours to clean this entire backyard. Doesn’t seem so intimidating now, does it?

64. Power-washers are fun for all ages! When supervised appropriately, that is. One couple let their grandkids take a swing at their back porch and were blown away. Who knew there such intricate tile work under all that?

65. It’s hard to even imagine that these stones started out the exact same color. But years of snow and rain will take a toll on anyone — including stones! Thankfully a power-washer will shear that grime right off.

66. Outdoor furniture can weather so quickly that it’s easy to forget how beautiful it used to be. This family wasn’t going to stand for grimy gray wood and tried power-washing their table. Needless to say, they were happy with the results.

67. Years of grime had piled up on this New York City apartment — located on East Houston Street — so workers rinsed it away with a chemical formula since the facade couldn’t withstand true power washing.

Trevor Little

68. An interior door knob (left) hidden away from the elements maintained a clean look even after a several decades of use, while on the right, this once-matching handle mutated after bearing abuse from salty sea winds.

Andre_Lac / reddit

69. In 1982, U.S. minters began utilizing copper-coated zinc to make pennies — as opposed to the 95 percent copper coins they used prior (see the pennies in the middle three columns). When the copper-zinc pennies corroded, they looked like the blue-hued coins on the far right. When they were new, they looked like the pennies on the left.


70. One of these once-identical remotes spent the duration of its life in the house of a smoker, and it’s not hard to guess which! Interestingly, the “seven” button on the smoker’s remote was particularly filthy. Did they watch one channel that much more than the others?

cperkins3362 / reddit

71. A man started carrying a “Peace” silver dollar in his pocket after he left the military in 1952, and by 2014—over 60 years later—he still had the coin in his pocket. Time and friction had worn it down so smoothly it was beyond recognition!

coreydh11 / reddit

72. Photographer David Perry snapped this photo he called “Well-Worn Steps of Faith” at Wycoller Hall in the United Kingdom. Centuries of heavy foot traffic warped these solid stone steps into something almost fantastical.

Daves District

73. The men using this bathroom assumed everyone else would be using the metal plate to push open the door, making the metal a hive for bacteria. To circumvent the germs, they opted to utilize this now-worn-away spot on the door instead… just like everyone else.


74. For 12 years, every time this woman’s dog wanted to go outside, her pooch pawed at the same part of the door just a few inches from the ground. Eventually, a small spot etched its way into the door!

ILiketoSayHi / reddit

75. When this person’s dog lowered his head to drink from his water bowl, his circular vaccination tag clinked off the side of the bowl. Every day for 13 years, a bit of the tag chipped away with each drink, until it looked like this.

76. The floors at this Bank of America in Atlanta, Georgia, were made of marble, a relatively soft—but beautiful—stone. Over time, the collective weight of people speaking to the bank’s tellers pressed foot imprints onto the floor!

stepowens / Imgur

77. Death by a thousand paper cuts might sound like a fictional idea, but this copier and scanner proved that paper can do some serious damage. For years, hot paper chipped away at the plastic, leaving behind these scrapes.

Farge43 / reddit

78. A hiker’s walking sticks support some serious weight as they bite into rocks and uneven ground along winding mountain trails. After the pair seen on the bottom saw about 2,000 cumulative miles of hiking and their tips crumbled away, the owner had to retire them.

IHaveSoManyYo / reddit

79. The owner of his barber shop neglected to reapply finish to the floors every now and then. Subsequently, his barbers left footprints every time they moved around the chair, which let black rings show the culmination of a few years’ worth of haircuts!

dnslol / reddit

80. At London’s Buckingham Palace, tourists and locals press all the way up against its black iron fences to witness the changing of the guard. In the process, people hold on tight to some of the shorter posts, wearing away the tips.

banshee / reddit

81. Some chefs sharpen their knives weekly — some even daily. For 41 years, the bottom knife saw that level of maintenance. Each sharpening removed about one-ten thousandth of an inch from the blade, which, believe it or not, was once identical to the knife at the top!

theyllfindmeiknowit / reddit

82. After sitting for 10 years in their dispenser, these once-vibrant M&Ms didn’t look so appetizing anymore. Condensation likely melted away the coating on the candies while heat melted the chocolate, creating this sugary pool of candy powder.

Uncias Dream / reddit

83. It only took three years for the hat on the left to accumulate enough wear, tear, and wheel-bearing grease to end up the tattered, blackened mess you see here. Luckily, its owner didn’t repeat that abuse to his second hat. But what lies in store for the still-brand-new third? Only time will tell!

TheSethSquatch / reddit

84. So many ads and promotions had piled up on this lamppost over the years that someone carved out a cavernous tunnel through the papers and still didn’t hit the metal pole holding them all up!

ShadowRanger164 / reddit

85. Kids on the playground spent years pounding on the tether balls chained to this pole. As a result, heavy, two-foot long chains constantly beat and wrapped around it, chipping away at the dark blue paint until it sported this cool design.

Mason_GR / reddit

86. The five-millimeter-thick guiding tracks running through this crosswalk allowed blind folk to navigate the road more easily with their canes. Accelerating cars and asphalt viscosity, however, distorted the once-straight walkway until it looked like cresting ocean waves.

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