Everyday Items With Brilliant Secret Uses That Most People Fail To Notice

Even small inventions change the way we engage with the world on a daily basis. Sure, these little devices may not boast the shiny powers of a new piece of gadgetry, but their contributions make our lives much easier. And some of these simple creations are even more useful than we may have realized. In fact, some objects that seem mundane actually carry a second, less obvious use. Whether they were included intentionally in the product's design or discovered later by an inquisitive mind, these secret uses for everyday items will change the way you shop, cook, and interact with the world!

Bread tag color codes

You know those little plastic things that keep your bread bags tied up and your loaves fresh? Well, they have a second function: the color of the tag indicates what day the bread was baked.

Blue is for Monday, green is for Tuesday, red is for Thursday, white is for Friday, and yellow is for Saturday. As for Wednesday and Sunday, bread shipments are less common on those days. Who knew?

The hole in a pen cap

The little hole at the tip of the cap wasn't added just so it could be used as a makeshift whistle. According to The Independent in 2016, as many as 100 Americans died every year after swallowing and subsequently choking on pen caps.

So the hole helps anyone who has accidentally swallowed a pen cap breathe easier until help arrives. It may seem trivial, but who knows how many lives this little design has saved? The hole also helps to prevent the ink from drying out.

Chinese takeout containers

Have you ever wondered whether there was a better way to eat out of a Chinese takeout container? By just doing a little bit of crafty folding and unfolding, these containers can act as plates, too.

Yep, ordering takeout saves you from cooking and doing the dishes! It also comes in handy for any Chinese food fans in a picnicking mood. And with the chopsticks provided by many restaurants, you'll be all set.

Soda can tabs

Doing that weird tongue thing to try and corral a straw that's bobbing up and down in a can of soda might make you the butt of a few jokes and stares.

To avoid that bit of embarrassment, you can simply keep the straw in place by putting it through the tab. Some people insist that this is what the tab was meant to do in the first place — but others make the case that it has more to do with stress points and other technical levering stuff.