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Celebrities Who Show Why Libras Are Destined For Fame

Libras, born September 23 to October 22, are a special breed. They’re represented by a set of scales, the only sign in the zodiac that isn’t a living being, and this is said to point to their need for balance in life. But if that balance is disrupted… watch out! Libras can also be indecisive and difficult. People born under this particular Air sign are ruled by Venus, so that means they can be charming, clever, stylish, and personable. Let’s face it, these are all traits you need if you want to be famous! So it’s no wonder many successful celebrities are Libras. Let’s take a look at the famous people who best exemplify the Libra way of life.

Kim Kardashian

The world knows everything about Kim Kardashian, including her star sign. She is of course a Libra, having been born on October 21, 1980. That might account for her sociability, her style, and her drive to be not just famous, but incredibly famous.

Kim K has spoken surprisingly little about whether or not she identifies with her star sign, but one of her popular make-up palettes contains a shade of cobalt blue called “Libra.” She looks fantastic in it, of course.

Hugh Jackman

The actor considered one of the nicest men in Hollywood is a Libra! But in true Libra fashion, he’s not actually sure about being assigned that label. Yep, he believes in balancing his good and bad qualities.

In 2015 Jackman told news.com.au, “I’m not always nice… Sometimes you’ve got to be cruel to be kind, and I’ve done things in the past where I haven’t wanted to let someone down and that’s a battle for me.” Many other Libras can surely relate!

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen neatly exemplifies the way a Libra can rise up in the world. He was born into a working-class family in a quiet town and soon started rebelling against the restrictions on him. His high school teachers might not have thought he’d get far in life, but we know now that he had a tremendous talent.

Now Springsteen is known as “the Boss” by his fans — a very Libra nickname, we have to say — and he has an incredibly successful music career that doesn’t look set to end any time soon. This Libra was destined for fame.

Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega was born on September 27, so she’s a Libra — as is her most famous character, Wednesday Addams from the Netflix show Wednesday! Astrology fans have noted that actors often seem to excel at playing characters with the same star sign as themselves.

Ortega herself told Wired in a 2022 video interview, “I don’t know much about horoscopes, but living in L.A. I do know that I’m a Libra, and I have been told, ‘You’re such a Libra.’ And we’re apparently really indecisive. And I am.”