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Brilliant Hacks To Use Every Last Drop Of Makeup

We all want to look and feel good, and many of us enjoy playing around with makeup to achieve this. But we’d love not to have to break the bank while doing it! Whether you like experimenting with sparkles and color or you like go for more of a natural look, cosmetic products don’t come cheap. That’s where these helpful tips come in. In an effort to help you save cash, limit wastefulness, and extend the life of your favorite products, we’ve found 20 awesome hacks to make sure you‘re getting the most out of every last drop of makeup you own.

1. Wash and condition makeup brushes regularly

It’s super important to keep your makeup brushes as clean as possible. The first reason is simple: hygiene! You want to avoid brushing your skin with old, potentially dirty products. But also, makeup brushes are expensive, so you don’t want to be replacing them too often. You won’t be getting the best out of your products if the brush bristles you’re using to apply them are caked in old, crusty makeup. To clean them try working olive oil through the bristles, followed by a wash with baby shampoo. 

2. Don’t waste products by rubbing them between your fingers and palms

Did you know that there’s no point in rubbing makeup products between your fingers and palms before applying to your face? It doesn’t improve efficiency or the look in any way; all it does is waste valuable product. Dotting it directly on your face and then rubbing it in is a much better way to go. And a little goes a long way.

3. Use your fingers to apply foundation, not a brush

Beauty writer — and makeup artist — Madeleine Spencer had an illuminating piece of advice when she spoke to British newspaper The Guardian in 2023. Contrary to what most makeup-wearers have always done, she argued that you should only apply foundation with your fingers and not a brush! She added, “Remember that you don’t need to cover your whole face: start in the centre around your nose and work your way out.”

4. Soak mascara in a cup of warm water when you’re running low

This tip will make you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The next time you’re running low on mascara, but you know there’s a lot of it sticking to the inside of the tube that you just can’t access, simply pop the tube in a cup of warm water. This will loosen the mascara which is so aggravatingly clinging to the sides; you should then be able to squeeze it out of the tube with ease.