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A Look At Margot Robbie's Unusual Hollywood Career

Margot Robbie has proven herself to be a powerhouse producer and actor. She carefully chooses engaging, nuanced roles that don't solely highlight her beauty. Even when the cameras aren't rolling, she goes to great lengths to make sure every scene she performs pops — and that can stir up some mishaps and drama. In fact, her dedication to performing a colorful array of characters has created some stunning industry moments that most movie buffs can't believe.

People laughed at her home

Margot Robbie is living the heights of luxury nowadays, but she came from humble beginnings on the Gold Coast of Australia. It's a place she says many Aussies laugh at. She recalls being awestruck by the homes of wealthy friends as a child, but really, it was the surrounding nature that captured Robbie's heart. "All my fondest memories are outdoors," she told Vogue.

She considers herself lucky

In fact, Robbie's upbringing was so rural that she actually hunted wild boars as a child, a necessary activity to maintain the family farm. To this day, hunting pigs is one of the star's favorite pastimes. She remembers playing "in the backyard, making cubbies, going out to the farm, going to the rockpools." She said, "You tell stories like that and you realize how lucky you are to have grown up on the Gold Coast."

"Maggot" Robbie

While it may not seem fitting for a little girl, Margot's childhood nickname was Maggot. She says that it started in first grade and eventually the moniker just stuck. Perhaps it was her love of the outdoors and energetic personality that inspired the earthy nickname? By the time she graduated from high school, though, she'd earned another nickname: "the overachiever."

Her impressive work ethic

Well, not really, but Robbie's work ethic as a struggling young actor can't be denied! Before she was raking in millions and working with the industry's top directors, Robbie made a living working as a sandwich artist at the popular fast food chain Subway. She also worked as a bartender, a maid, and an actor in commercials.