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Authorities Never Caught The Killer Of A California Oil Heiress

The year was 1944, and the future was looking bright for Georgette Bauerdorf. She was young, pretty, and not exactly short of cash. Her father was an oil man, and he was doing very well indeed. Georgette, then, was the heiress to a vast fortune. But tragedy was just around the corner for this young woman. Before she ever truly got to live her life, it was taken away in the cruelest of ways: she was murdered in cold blood. Nobody knows who committed this terrible deed; her death remains shrouded in mystery to this very day.

A night like any other

On the night of October 11 things had initially played out as they always did. Bauerdorf was working her job as a hostess at The Canteen, a club for soldiers passing through Los Angeles.

Like any other night, she met and danced with some of these troops, soldiers looking to blow off some steam. When Bauerdorf’s shift ended, she hopped into her sister’s car and set off for home. Nobody could have known at the time just what an awful turn things were about to take.

The worst sight imaginable

The next morning, a maid showed up at Bauerdorf’s apartment to give it a clean. As soon as she showed up, she knew something was wrong. The front door hadn’t been locked, and water was running in the bathroom.

As she crept through the property, she encountered the worst sight imaginable. There, face-down in the filled tub, floated the prone, inert body of Bauerdorf, partially dressed in her PJs.

No justice for Bauerdorf

Bauerdorf’s death occurred almost 80 years ago now, but in all the time since then no solid answers about precisely what happened to her have ever come to light. We don’t know who did this to her, or why. It’s an awful crime, and one that many just haven’t been able to fully wrap their heads around.

That’s not to say that people haven’t tried to figure it out. Investigators have worked on the case, but to date they’ve always come up short. The truth is that justice for Bauerdorf looks increasingly unlikely to ever materialize.

A young life is disrupted

A native of New York City, right from the off after arriving into the world in 1924, Bauerdorf’s life had been a privileged one. Along with her big sister, she enjoyed a quality education in Long Island.

Here, the girls were taught how to fit into high society. Sadly, the young women’s start to life would soon be disrupted in tragic circumstances. While they were still just children, they lost their mom in 1935.