Cop Digging Into His Past Soon Uncovers A Haunting Story About The Orphanage He Was Born In

Memory is an essential tool for mapping out one's past, but as we age the little details of our early days begin to grow fuzzy and unclear. Luckily, certain facts--such as our birthday and place of birth--keep us from completely losing ourselves in the passage of time. But what happens to our sense of identity when these defining facts turn out to be lies?

When one Portland, Maine man began delving into the truth behind his mysterious past, he uncovered a secret that shook him to the core. Not only did this unbelievable discovery change his life, but it also changed the history of a nation forever.

When Portland harbormaster and retired cop Kevin Battle was adopted in 1960, his birth parents weren't exactly sure about his origins. But despite the uncertainty about Kevin's past, his family made sure to provide him with a loving and supportive home.
As a teenager, it was Kevin's dream to become a volunteer fireman at his local fire station. However, when Kevin was denied due to his identification papers being incomplete, he discovered a startling truth: he wasn't born a U.S. citizen.
It didn't take long for Kevin to locate his New York birth certificate, but it was the papers that he discovered alongside it that unlocked the mystery of his birth. Kevin had actually been born in County Tipperary, Ireland. This discovery only created a dozen more.
According to the documents, Kevin's birthplace was Sean Ross Abbey, a convent run by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart. But when Kevin tried to contact the sisters to learn more about his birth mother--whose name on the documents was listed as Kathleen Sheedy--they had never heard of her.