Guy Fools The Paparazzi Into Believing That He’s Famous Using One Brilliant Move

Designers, models, stylists, make-up artists, hairdressers, and any fans of fashion look forward to one epic annual event: Fashion Week. For 7 days, we get to catch a glimpse of the new trends and see what pieces of art the brilliant minds of each major fashion house have created this time around. It’s a time and place for the unexpected, which makes it the perfect situation for a prank.

To put themselves into a designer’s shoes (preferably Prada pumps), three boys came up with a social experiment that would baffle the press even more than Fashion Week’s exotic designs do. But in the end, they got way more than they bargained for.

If you’re into British comedic YouTube stars, you might’ve already heard of Jamie Rawsthorne and Zac Alsop. On The Zac And Jay Show, they promise to deliver “unproblematic, positive, crazy content,” but what they did in February 2019 actually caused quite a commotion.

Spring Fashion Week was coming up in London, and the world’s biggest designers would show off their latest works of art. And while true fashion critics applaud absurdity on the runway, others rebuke the head-turning designs.

Zac and Jay fell into the latter category. “Who would actually wear this out on the street?” they asked in one of their videos. This gave them an idea: if they created a ridiculous outfit and paraded it around Fashion Week as high-fashion, would people believe them?

First, they needed to recruit another person for the job, and who would be better for a little game of “what are you wearing?” than fellow YouTuber Max Fosh, who runs a channel called Streetsmart? But would he even want to collab on something like this?

“We needed someone who exudes confidence but is understated,” Zac explained. “Someone who is comfortable on camera but not in the fashion world, a blank canvas of a man.” Well, this blank canvas was ready for an adventure, and it started at Primark.

Primark is an Irish retailer that has become popular all throughout Europe due to its unimaginably low prices and large amount of basics. If the boys didn’t want to invest any money into their experiment, Primark would be their Nirvana.

Once at the store, it was time to get creative. They started with some brown corduroy pants, a fluffy pink scarf, and a pair of see-through skiing glasses. But while the outfit was certainly mismatched, it had more of a “crazy neighbor” feeling than “high fashion.”

So the boys returned to the store to find an even better look. There was just one day left before they would test it out; it needed to be perfect. This time, however, they went in with a vision and refused to walk out before finding what they came for. 

In the end, they decided on high-waisted, blush-colored pants with a tucked-in T-shirt, which they decorated with “fragile” tape. Satisfied with the outfit, they moved onto Max’s hair, make-up, and accessories. And now that they were walking in a stylist’s shoes, the guys began to have fun.

By the end of the day, the look was completed with some false eyelashes, hair gel, and the same glasses from before, although now they found some letter keychains to hang from the sides. Max definitely looked unusual, but only time would tell whether people would buy into it.

The next day, Zac, Jamie, and Max took to the streets of London, where Max began posing as the other two frantically took pictures of him. Before they knew it, Max was working it like an actual model, and his new friends couldn’t believe how well it was going.

“He was in the zone, in character,” Zac said in their YouTube video. “He was no longer Max Fosh from StreetSmart, he was 16-year-old modeling prodigy, Maximus Bucharest from Bucharest.” In fact, Max got so caught up in the moment that he suddenly ran off…

Worried, Zac and Jamie watched as Max ran straight into a crowd of models, but within seconds, every photographer on the premise began photographing him as if he were a famous supermodel. The plan had worked!

“What are you wearing today, Max?” the reporters shouted at “Max Bucharest,” to which he replied, “Walton Henry Smith.” It seemed as if nobody even realized that he actually gave them the name of an airport retailer that mainly sells books, electronics, and snacks.

Now that Zac and Jamie’s brilliant plan had succeeded, they were ready to step up their game once more: could they get Max Bucharest into a real London Fashion Week show? A new goal in mind, they went back to Primark.

To make the second part of their experiment a little easier, they also reached out to their acquaintance, Stylist Scott Cruft. He loved that the guys added plastic packaging cushions to the look, so he suggested some rubber kitchen gloves to really sell it.

Since Scott was a certified guest at the LFW, he scored the guys some extra passes to the event à la Zoolander. With the invitations in hand and Max’s updated look on his back, they were ready to see if even the most experienced fashion photographers would bite.

As they expected, the look got the attention they were looking for. “The photographers were out in force, risking life and limb standing on the busy road,” Zac described. “But they didn’t care, the hottest man in fashion was in town. Heads were turned, necks were snapped.”

Even some fashion fans asked for a picture with the up-and-coming Max Bucharest! “As the final few pictures were taken,” Zac said, “they made their way to the exclusive, invite-only show. All Jamie and I could do was stand and watch on like the proud fathers we were.”

While a lot of social experiments filmed for YouTube are simply meant to fool people and mock them, other streamers try to really get to the heart of people. That way, when their targets least expect it, they’ll be forced to show their true colors — like this woman.

Sydnee was a young woman who loved to shop. She would frequently drive to her local mall to visit all her favorite stores and leave her car in the parking lot. But one day, her usual trip took a nerve-wracking turn. 

One afternoon, however, she pulled into the parking lot and became slightly apprehensive. The lot was more full than it usually was, and fitting her car into a spot was going to prove to be challenging.

She finally settled on a spot, but when she pulled in, there wasn’t even enough room for her to open her door. So, Sydnee backed out to look elsewhere, and that’s when she gasped…

As she was backing out, Sydnee felt her car bump the vehicle next to hers. She immediately panicked as she had never been in an accident before. How exactly was she going to handle this?

She first needed to see just how much damage she caused. Luckily, her car was fine, but the other car had a scratch that left a black paint smudge on the bumper…

Feeling guilty, Sydnee wrote a note explaining what happened and left it underneath the other vehicle’s windshield wipers. She made sure to include her phone number so they could contact her for insurance information, but little did she know who she was leaving the note for.

The car belonged to Stuart Edge, and when it comes to the world of YouTube, many people know exactly who he is. He joined the website in 2012, and since then he has accumulated millions of subscribers and hundred of millions of views! 

Of all the people Sydnee could have literally bumped into, it was someone who made hugely popular internet videos. If Stuart wanted to get even with Sydnee he had the means to do so on a global scale…

Unbeknownst to Sydnee, Stuart and his crew were filming nearby where she was shopping that day. Once they wrapped up a couple hours after Sydnee’s ‘accident’, Stuart saw the note and decided to get the camera back out.

Stuart read the note into the camera. He was in awe at how honest Sydnee was considering the mark on his car was barely noticeable. He met a lot of people in his life, but this note was clearly from someone with a kind heart, so he set out on a mission.

One of Stuart’s crew members suggested pranking Sydnee somehow. She thought they should play a lighthearted joke on the honest young woman and record it all for their next internet video — and they knew exactly what to do.

Stuart’s friend pulled out her cell phone and, pretending to be the owner of the car Sydnee hit, called her. Sydnee was so apologetic, and Stuart’s friend suggested they meet up to exchange information. This was where Stuart came in.

After agreeing on a nearby location, Stuart and his crew parked across the street, and saw Sydnee waiting alone at a table. Stuart sat down at the table next to hers, and the two started to chat…

Stuart asked Sydnee why she was there, and she told him how she hit a car in a parking lot and was waiting to meet the vehicle’s owner. After a bit more small talk, Stuart finally pulled out the big reveal.

Stuart told Sydnee the whole thing was a set-up! He pointed out the camera and told her who he was. Sydnee couldn’t believe it. To top it all off, Stuart gave her $200 just for telling the truth. But, Stuart’s not the only YouTube star who’s given away money for being honest…

Meet Joey Salads. His YouTube videos have garnered millions of subscribers as well, and one of his videos in particular deals with honesty. He had a very clever way of testing just how honest people were using a $100 bill, and the results were fascinating…

Joey meticulously placed a camera at the end of a sidewalk, and several times an hour, would run up to people asking if they had dropped the money. You’d like to think everyone said “no”, but few did. One man actually pulled out his wallet to try to prove it was his!

One by one, people would tell Joey the money was theirs while trying to come up with a convincing story. After a few minutes of their lies, Joey would finally point out the camera and tell them he was doing a social experiment about honesty. The lies continued for hours, until…

Joey approached a man walking his dog. He was covered in tattoos and wearing baggy clothing. Joey asked him if he lost the $100 bill, but the man immediately said no! After departing, Joey caught back up with him and gave him the money as a reward. A happy ending for all!

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