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40 Of The Most Outrageous Outfits Lady Gaga Has Ever Worn

Ever since she first came to public attention, Lady Gaga has been dazzling people with her elaborate outfits on stage and off. Although really, even using the word “outfits” is selling them short; what Gaga usually wears can only be described as “works of art.” Here are 40 of the greatest ensembles the Mother Monster has ever worn — some beautiful, some controversial, some both — from the beginning of her career to the present day.

A pyrotechnic surprise 

Lady Gaga started her career with a bang — literally. While performing at the MuchMusic Video Awards in 2009, she suddenly ignited her bra and pyrotechnics erupted from her chest, shocking everyone. The bra itself was created by Matthew Williams, Gaga’s creative director, and the engineers at Tom Talmon Studio. The idea itself, however, was all Gaga. Having fire explode from your underwear is somewhat dangerous, sure, but Gaga was seemingly willing to sacrifice anything for her art.

Eminem, are you okay?

As Lady Gaga continued her career and racked up more and more award nominations, she began wearing wacky outfits constantly and practically daring people to ignore her. Nowhere was this more clear than the 2009 VMAs, where she established herself as a superstar in front of some of the most famous people in the music industry. By the time she collected her Best New Artist award wearing this insane red ensemble — a lace Alexander McQueen dress and a mask the shape of a crown — everyone knew her name.

A vision

Immediately after her big wins at the VMAs, Gaga attended a launch party at the Maritime Hotel in New York. She stuck with her red theme and wore red lace again, but also donned a headpiece that brought to mind an angel or the Virgin Mary. Her designer Nicola Formichetti told the Evening Standard newspaper on May 17, 2011, “I never look at it as Gaga and I trying to top the last outfit. We just both get bored easily. We’re always reading crazy, random things and emailing them to each other for inspiration.”

Baby bib? — check! Antlers? — check! Fishnets? — check!

Lady Gaga decided to dress as a sexy reindeer for her departure of Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball in 2009. She must have been absolutely freezing in the cold London winter, but it didn’t show on her face. Entertainment Weekly magazine mused that she looked like “a mixture of someone from The Jetsons, a creature from Pan’s Labyrinth and the essence of holiday spirit.” If you’re wondering, the dress came from Rachael Barrett and the antler headpiece was from Mouton Collet.