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Meet All The Partners Of Queer Eye's Fab Five

The Queer Eye team — Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, and Antoni Porowski — have been busy making Americans feel fabulous again since the Netflix revival kicked off in 2018. But who gives these fashion and lifestyle gurus an encouraging pep talk, treats them to a pampering session, or whips them up a meal when the cameras aren’t rolling? Turns out the partners of the Fab Five are just as accomplished, supportive, and fabulous as they are! Here’s a look at their inspiring love stories.  

1. Tan France 

Tan is, of course, the Queer Eye expert who ensures that each participant is always dressed for the occasion. But in an interview with The Guardian newspaper, the fashion guru claimed he’d initially felt wholly underqualified for the position. He said, “I’d never been on TV before. It made no sense to give this complete novice this high-profile show.” Luckily, Tan has been supported throughout his unexpected rise to stardom by his long-term partner Rob.

Rob France

Rob is also very much a creative soul. On his official website, the freelancer states that his specialty is “illustrations and the occasional abstract portrait.” Speaking to newspaper Salt Lake City Weekly, Rob revealed how he was influenced to pursue a career in art by a particular fantasy series in his local library. He said, “I checked them out at least once a month so that I could pour over The Lady of Shalott, A Mermaid, and Echo and Narcissus.” 

Most stylish couple

But there are many strings to Rob’s bow. While trying to make a name for himself as an illustrator, he held down a full-time job as a pediatric nurse, something he was deeply passionate about. Like his other half, Rob is also a keen follower of fashion, particularly women’s. As a result he and Tan have undoubtedly become the Queer Eye gang’s most stylish couple.

No proposal

Rob and Tan first crossed paths in the infancy of online dating at the turn of the century. After several years together the pair decided to take the next step and get married. But you might be surprised to learn that there wasn’t exactly a fancy proposal. In fact, as Tan explained in a first-season episode of Queer Eye, there wasn’t one at all.