20 People That Live By Their Own Rules And Won’t Take Their Fashion Advice From Anyone

Keeping up with fashion trends is pretty much a full-time job. Blogs, websites, and magazines have tasked entire teams with documenting the shifting tides of the multi-billion-dollar fashion industry so that the everyday fashionista can (try to) keep up. Still, not everyone gets the memo—or cares—about what’s “in style” at all!

These 20 people, for instance, won’t take fashion advice from anyone. And that’s alright, because that didn’t stop them from coming up with some absolutely out-of-this-world clothing and accessory decisions that certainly turned some heads—and make them stand out from the crowd…

1. When this random subway rider chose to wear an enormous analog clock as her purse, the fashion world couldn’t figure out if it was better, worse, or on-par with rapper Flava-Flav’s iconic necklace. Hey, at least she’ll never be late to any event!

2. Bushy eyebrows? Forget ’em. Penciled on? Those were so last year. Arched? Thin? None of them could hold a candle to these fishtail eyebrows. Who in the world wouldn’t want eyebrows that look like devil horns?

3. When this woman went backpack shopping, there came a moment where she decided a rat-cat chimaera with a red bow tie was what she truly wanted—nay, needed—to sling over her back.

4. This beard didn’t happen by accident. Odds are, this guy made the conscious choice to give himself this shave. But where did he get the inspiration for his one-of-a-kind look? It’s like his beard is loading with dial-up!

5. This is less a fashion misstep than a matter of fashion disfunction. “My bottle, my rules” is right! This fashionista told water to take a hike and instead filled her bottle with salty noodles. Perfect for those trying times when you just have to consume your noodles on the go.

6. While this guy didn’t exactly indulge in noodles-on-the-go with his water bottle—though the carbs would’ve undoubtedly helped him nail the performance—he definitely understood water bottle accessorizing. He has a different bottle koozie for every outfit!

7. Hopefully she never took this handbag to a pond, river, or anywhere some unlucky fish might spot her while she wore its brother or sister as an accessory. Needless to say, no one is getting hooked on this trend.

8. You’ve heard that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” but here is a case of one man’s trash being a woman’s fashion statement. Expect to see heads of lettuce in every clothes store by the mid-2020s.

9. Hat fashion has come a long way over the years, but this woman took it to the next level by introducing Mother Nature into her hairpiece. As if a fuzzy black hat didn’t scream look at my head! loud enough. What an egghead.

10. This guy wanted to bring back the ol’ gummy worms trend, popularized in, well… never. This is the only choice of head gear that would’ve been accepted at both the a fifth-grade birthday party and a clown’s funeral.

11. Fashion-forward fathers across the planet inwardly withered when they saw this dad ignore common fashion advice and go for the multi-colored beaded hair look. Suffice it to say he did not pull it off.

12. How many times have you wanted to wear your hair down but you couldn’t deal with it falling in front of your face so much? Why not take a cue from this woman, who resorted to groundbreaking fashion measures: a hair slot.

13. The ghost of Levi Strauss shed a single tear of pride when he saw the denim pieces this woman assembled. Sure, maybe common fashion advice would’ve told her to just wear a pair of jeans instead of mixing a denim skirt with denim boots, but where’s the fun in that?

14. From left to right, these girls’ outfits become more and more whole. But it’s the left-most pair of jeans that begs the most interesting question: how much denim can be missing from jeans before they’re no longer considered pants?

15. While mulling over the pants-or-not-pants question, consider this fashion choice. Were these shorts? Were they pants? None of the above? Most intriguing of all, however, was that these girls coordinated their trend-punching outfits.

16. To many, this model made the fashion statement of the decade when she wore Daisy Dukes with what appeared to be quesadillas sticking out of the bottom. Those same people were disappointed to find those weren’t quesadillas, but bizarrely long, glittery pockets.

17. When he was younger, his mom likely told him he could be anything he wanted, so long as he put his mind to it. Clearly, this dude wanted to become a goat with these slick kicks. Live your best life, friend.

18. There’s practically an endless amount of uses for good ol’ duct tape, and this lady knew it. What else could’ve inspired her to concoct a pair of fluorescent green duct tape leggings?

19. For this particular fashion disaster to happen, this guy had to ignore a lot of trendy advice. Not only did he roll up his jeans to mid-calf, but he doubled up on socks, too. He was a pair of flip-flops shy from the government actually forming a fashion police.

20. This boy’s mom wasn’t kidding when she told him that, sometimes, it seemed like his head was screwed on backwards. Perhaps he decided to take that a little too literally! Hang in there, Champ. You’ll get the hang of how clothes work… eventually.

These people definitely forewent fashion advice and blazed their own accessory and apparel trails. Hey, maybe we’ll be seeing a few of these looks take off in the next few years…

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