The Coolest Pop Culture-Inspired Halloween Costumes For 2023

Fall season is upon us, folks. You know what that means? Halloween is getting closer, and it’s time to start looking for the perfect costume. But what should you go as this year? Well, that’s where we come in. If you’re struggling to think of the right outfit to choose, we’ve got 40 pop culture-inspired suggestions right here. From this year’s biggest stars to the most memorable movie moments, these creative get-ups will make you the talk of the town.

1. Barbie

There’s no denying it’s been Barbie’s year, so paying homage to her this Halloween only feels appropriate. Hey, $1.4 billion at the box office! Sure, you can expect to see a lot of Barbie costumes this year, but don’t worry: you can still stand out from the pink crowd. Thanks to the sheer variety of Barbies and their styles, there are a ton of ways to go with this costume.

Obviously, you could do your best Margot Robbie impression and dress up as Stereotypical Barbie; all you’ll need is a pink dress, a big smile, and an existential crisis. Or why not take it up a notch as President Barbie or Mermaid Barbie? Or if you have time to pop a soccer ball under your dress, you could go as Pregnant Midge!

2. Ken

Guys don’t need to feel left out this Barboween! We get the sense there’ll be plenty of Kens roaming around at parties. Plus, Barbie and Ken together would make the perfect couple’s costume! But which Ken style to choose? Much like Barbie, you’re not short on options.

Since it’s spooky season, why not go for the villainous Mojo Dojo Casa House Ken? Just grab a headband, a fanny pack, and the most pretentious fluffy coat you can find, and you’ll be ready to channel your Halloween Kenergy. This would be a cool costume no matter your gender.

3. Queen Charlotte

After Queen Charlotte made her debut in Bridgerton, the character got her own widely popular show in 2023. If you feel like going a little bit fancy to Halloween this year, this could be the costume for you. She is the epitome of 18th-century extravagance, so don’t hold back.

To embody Queen Charlotte, find yourself a regal-looking dress and a lot of jewelry — like, a lot. The key part, though? The hair. Step up your wig game, and you’ll have all your subjects —er, friends —bowing to you this Halloween.

4. Jeffrey Dahmer

Just over a year on from the release of Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, the notorious serial killer is still making waves in pop culture today. Right or wrong, folks continue to talk about this show: the 13 nominations at the 2023 Primetime Emmys might have had something to do with it.

So, if you’re looking for a simple but instantly recognizable look to pull off, this is it. Just grab some creepy glasses, an orange jumpsuit, and a mug shot placard, and you’re good to go. A word of caution, though: there’s been plenty of backlash about glorifying serial killers in this way.