Details From The Price Is Right That Make Us Love The Show Even More

It’s hard to imagine a time when quiz shows didn’t populate the airwaves. One program that helped to establish the golden formula is The Price is Right. It raised the bar with its big-money prizes, multitude of games, and lavish production values. When its legendary host Bob Parker passed away in August 2023, it marked the end of an era. So come on and join us as we count down the very best factoids about the longest-running game show in U.S. television history.

Bob Barker didn’t want to do the show initially

Hard as it is to believe now, Bob Barker was actually cautious about doing The Price is Right at first, fearing that the series may be a flop. In fact, he already had his eye on two other quiz shows: Gambit and The Joker’s Wild. However, some persuasion from the network’s executives finally made Barker see the light, and boy are we glad about it.

Janice Pennington was once in the wrong place at the wrong time

The last thing you should be worrying about at work is being knocked out cold. Unfortunately, this was the fate that befell model Janice Pennington. She has some bad memories of her time on The Price is Right – most notably the instance that saw her knocked out by one of the cameras. In fact, the force was so strong that it sent the hapless beauty flying into the contestants’ row!

Fighting for the rights of animals

Once Bob Barker did come on board, he made sure to make reference to an issue that was close to his heart: animal rights. It was this that inspired his famous sign-off, “Have your pets spayed or neutered.” What’s more, the passionate animal lover even denounced the fur coats that were initially up for grabs as prizes on the show. What a guy!

The chips used in the Plinko game are incredibly rare

Thought those Plinko chips were easy to get hold of? Think again. Surprisingly, there are only ten such chips in existence, which have to be locked in a special box after the game has concluded. On a related note, the Plinko game got its name from the “plink, plink” noise that the chips made when scooting around the machine.