Teen Makes A Bold Move After Learning His Prom Date’s Tricky Situation

Love it or hate it, prom is a milestone for every high school student. Parker Smith was looking forward to the big night, though he knew the night would require a fair amount of preparation. He’d have to rent a tuxedo, buy a corsage and boutonniere, and of course find a date.

But then a monumental pre-prom task fell into his lap. If Parker had any hope of attending his senior prom, he would have to go completely out of his comfort zone and try something he’d never attempted before. The teenager barely had time to sleep!

Like many days after school, Parker Smith and Adrianna Rust hung out one afternoon in 2019. They were best friends, so Parker could tell that something was bugging Adrianna. He just couldn’t figure out what it was.

Twitter / AddiRust

Both attended Pendleton High School in Indiana, and the halls were unusually electric that spring. Not the SATs nor the impending summer vacation were the source of this excitement, however. That’s when it hit Parker.

The Herald Bulletin

Their senior prom was just a few weeks away and driving their entire class into a frenzy. Based on what they’d seen in countless movies and TV shows, this dance was bound to be the biggest night of their young lives.


Parker saw some of his friends ask out their dates with grand, creative gestures. Just being friends with Adrianna, he figured he could simply ask her to go to prom. But there was one problem standing in his way.

Adrianna said that she would love the chance to go to prom with Parker, except that she wasn’t sure if she could make it work. She visited their local mall in search of a formal dress, but each one cost an arm and a leg.

Every garment was simply out of her budget. Disheartened and downtrodden, Adrianna explained her predicament to Parker. She couldn’t buy a prom dress, so she said he might as well go with someone else.

Parker, on the other hand, wasn’t willing to give up so easily. His friend couldn’t afford a new dress, but what if he made one for her? Adrianna, sad as she was, laughed at the idea.

Parker putting together any kind of clothing was a hilarious image. Sure, he’d seen a fair amount of costume design based on his extensive theater experience, but that was the extent of his expertise.

Twitter / parkerkeithsmit

He was more likely to poke his eye out with a sewing needle than to actually stitch anything together. Adrianna imagined that wearing sweatpants to prom would be preferable to modeling one of Parker’s Frankenstein creations.

Still, Parker was adamant. Taking Adrianna to prom in a dress of his making was now his number-one goal. Throwing all caution at the wind, he was going to make it happen. Of course, Parker couldn’t pull it off on his own.

His grandmother, fortunately, knew her way around a sewing machine. She showed Parker the ropes, though naturally learning this completely new skill would involve a ton of trial and error. He hoped he could pick up the basics in time.

Morning Journal / Anna Norris

Every night, Parker honed his craft, burning the midnight oil with the hum of the sewing machine as his only companion. While he made his fair share of mistakes, his homemade dress took shape surprisingly quickly.

Pioneer Library System

The high school senior found he actually had a talent for fashion, and that dress became his obsession. He couldn’t wait to present the final product to Adrianna, though his perfectionism was holding back other aspects of his life.

Fretting over every detail, Parker sometimes had trouble sleeping because he was thinking about the dress! On the night before, he awoke more inspired than ever before — and decided to make a drastic-last minute addition.

Flickr / Judit Klein

His ideal product would have been studded in diamonds, but in the early hours of the morning, Parker did the next best thing. The budding designer added decorative stones to really make the garment sparkle. It was finally ready.

Adrianna, meanwhile, was totally in the dark about Parker’s creative masterpiece. It wasn’t until the day before prom that she got to see — and try on — the final product. Like Cinderella, she hoped her fairytale would come true.

Once she saw the dress, Adrianna was nothing short of flabbergasted. Parker did this? “Not only did I get the honor of being the Prince Charming,” Parker exclaimed, “but her fairy godmother as well!”

Parker’s first sewing creation became the star attraction of the Pendleton prom. Every student wanted a photo with Adrianna’s glamorous dress, which was worth its weight in gold — despite being virtually free.

But its real value was bringing Parker and Adrianna closer than ever. No matter where they headed after high school, this memorable night would always keep them connected. They were glad to have each other — many other students had to work harder to find the perfect prom date.

Katie Kelzenberg certainly was not afraid to put herself out there. While most teenagers are too self-conscious to really make a statement or come out of their shells, Katie fearlessly made huge social leaps.

Facebook / Katie Kelzenberg

For example, she was unafraid to bust out a fantastic Halloween costume as her favorite celebrity, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. With that close attention to detail — you have to respect the fanny pack — she is definitely a Rock super-fan.

Facebook / Katie Kelzenberg

A senior at Stillwater Area High School in Minnesota, Katie was content to wait out the rest of her boring high school tenure until she moved on to bigger and better things in college. Little did she know that the most shocking day of her life was just around the corner.

Wikimedia Commons

Senior prom was coming up, and all the students in Katie’s class were pairing off in anticipation of the big event. She could’ve gone with anybody in the school, but then a novel idea popped into her head.

Flickr / Alexandra Grace

What if she tried to land her dream date? Katie posted a short video online, where she got down on her knees with a giant sign to ask Dwayne Johnson to accompany her to the big dance.

Twitter / Katie K

Katie’s video made just enough noise that The Rock himself took notice, and wow, was he impressed with this young lady’s moxie. As one of the coolest fans he’d ever come across, Johnson wondered if he could make the prom work.

Unfortunately, there was a big snag: The Rock was due to be in Hawaii on prom night to shoot the film Jungle Cruise. The scheduling conflict meant he couldn’t be anywhere near Stillwater!

A few days later, Katie was sitting in her AP statistics class. Nonsense about graphs and averages pushed fantasies of hanging out with Dwayne Johnson right out of her mind. Then, the school intercom flicked on.

A familiar voice announced, “I’m going to start this Friday morning announcement off with a little bit of fun and a little bit of excitement.” It wasn’t the principal, or the football coach, or the janitor. Through some miracle, it was The Rock.

All eyes in the classroom turned to Katie as Dwayne Johnson personally thanked her for extending such a cool invitation. Katie’s mind blew apart as she realized that her idol wasn’t just speaking to her school. He was speaking directly to her!

While he admitted he wouldn’t be able to make it to prom, The Rock did have a surprise up his sleeve. Besides writing Katie’s name on his gym wall, he mentioned his action blockbuster Rampage — based on the classic arcade game — was coming out that summer.


Obviously, a huge Dwayne Johnson devotee like Katie was dying to see it. So The Rock sprung the news that not only would Katie get to watch the movie for free, she was going to watch it in style.

Once Johnson’s surprise announcement wrapped up, the entire classroom burst out in applause for Katie. After the shock wore off, she started crying tears of joy. But what exactly did The Rock have in store for her?

Johnson, a solid guy as always, rented out a Minnesota movie theater for Katie and over 200 of her guests. The packed house saw a private screening of Rampage, and The Rock treated them all to free popcorn and soda as well.


From start to finish, Katie could barely wrap her mind around the whole experience. “I just can’t, like, really believe that it’s happening, because not in my wildest dreams could I imagine this happening, but here I am.’


And when prom finally came around, Katie actually did get to take The Rock! That is, she at least got to cart around a cardboard cutout of the actor for some great pictures. He looks a little undressed here to actually attend the formal event!

Twitter / Katie K

However, if the real Dwayne Johnson had been able to make it to the Stillwater High School prom, there’s no doubt that he would’ve busted out some crazy dance moves. He probably would’ve brought along some backup dancers too!

Even without the actual Dwayne Johnson by her side, Katie still had herself an awesome prom. She was surrounded by friends, plus she had a personal gift from The Rock continuing to lift their spirits all night long.

Twitter / Katie K

If Stillwater’s student body wasn’t full of Dwayne Johnson fans before, they certainly were now. Katie’s exchange with the movie star became the most memorable event of their high school careers.

Twitter / Katie K

It was a special moment for The Rock too! He was so touched by Katie’s message that he declared himself an honorary part of the Stillwater High School community. “I am officially a Pony. The Rock is a Pony!” he said, referencing the school’s mascot.

Now, the Rock may be cool, but there are some celebrities who just plain outrank them. In 2012, John and Frances Canning of Great Manchester, England, were knee deep in wedding plans. Between picking vendors and preparing for a honeymoon in Italy, all while balancing their careers, the couple had no room for distractions.


Wedding preparations in full swing, they worked away, scratching task after task off their to-do list. The sweethearts toiled over which quintessentially British location would be the perfect place for celebrating their nuptials.


At last, all the details came together when they managed to book the historic Manchester Town Hall. Securing such a grand venue, John and Frances could rest assured their wedding day would be unforgettable.


That is until the venue called with a slight hiccup. Despite the fact that they had booked the venue well in advance, it had been double booked! Confused, John and Frances wondered who could be so important to pull rank…

Twitter/ Seinfeld 2000

Imagine their surprise when they learned it was none other than the Queen! Her Majesty was in town for her Diamond Jubilee celebrations. She had a packed schedule hosting various luncheons and making appearances throughout the Commonwealth.


John and Frances couldn’t believe their luck! They tossed around the possibility of catching a glimpse of the Queen. John, a self-admitted royal fanboy, sent a letter of invitation to Buckingham Palace. “I’ve never ever written a letter to anyone, for any reason,” he said.

“I put in my letter that I hoped she would have a lovely day in Manchester, all the very best on the Jubilee and if you’ve got any spare minutes, we’re only next door.” John didn’t put much stock in receiving a response. His letter had been sort of a joke in any case.


But a response did arrive! In standard practice, the note was written by a lady in waiting. The Queen receives boat loads of letters, so her answering them personally would be impossible. The letter thanked them for their kind invitation and wished them the best on their big day.

Blogspot/ pushingtheenvelopes

Sadly, the letter ended with her regrets. The Queen wouldn’t be able to make it to their ceremony. She had three other engagements as part of her tour that day, so her presence at the wedding wouldn’t be possible.

Cape Central High

But John and Frances were giddy to just receive a response! Having sent the letter with little hope of it being seen, they didn’t bat an eye at her majesty’s polite refusal. Together they put it out of their minds and refocused on their wedding plans.


Finally, the big day arrived! Holding the Queen’s event at the same venue made for a frenzied scene. All the wedding guests had to be checked by security. Thousands of royal admirers, gathered for the Queen, oohed and ahhed at Frances’ bridal debut.

The Sun

Following the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds took a brief moment away from their guests to share a private word. But a man from the town hall approached them and pulled John aside; he had some incredible news.


The Queen — and to their bewilderment Prince Phillip, too — had come to greet them. Smiling warmly, they shook hands and extended congratulations. Frances recalled, “I was so surprised I knocked something over. She looked at me and asked if I was okay.”


Her majesty stayed for more than a handshake to boot! She posed with the bride and groom for some one-of-kind wedding pictures, even calling them by their first names. The Cannings were delighted by the thoughtful, precious gift from the royal family.

The Sun

For John, the highlight was swapping some solitary words with Prince Phillip while their wives posed for pictures. John described him as “a charming fella.” He beamed, reflecting on the unique predicament they’d found themselves in.

Daily Squib

John and Frances couldn’t help but grin. Two working class people like themselves felt so far removed from the prestigious world of the royal family. They’d never forget the Queen’s gracious gesture. Frances recounted, “It was surreal; I couldn’t believe it.”


Frances went on, “If we can have half as many happy days together as the Queen and Prince Philip then we will be blessed.” Fair point. In November 2017, the Queen and Prince celebrated 71 years of marriage. Definition of couple goals!


Prince Philip and the Queen Elizabeth’s relationship has weathered many storms. But the same can’t be said for other royal couples. Strangely, in 1992, three of her children, Anne, Charles, and Andrew, all publicly split from their spouses.

Madame Le Figaro

Though the next generation of royals has restored some of the faith in a romantic fairytale. The marriages of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry with Megan Markle have progressed the royal image. The younger monarchs are perceived as fresh and authentic.

With the electric buzz surrounding the recent royal weddings, popularity for the family has increased across the board. The press picked up on the story of Queen wedding crashing immediately. The public is happy to see the monarchs adopting a more progressive, relatable image, and Meghan Markle’s path to the crown is proof of just that.

Hello Magazine

Growing up in Los Angeles, Meghan was surrounded by showbiz from a young age. After school, she’d hang out with her dad, Thomas Markle Sr., on the set of Married… With Children where he was the lighting director and director of photography.

Daily Mail

Most evenings she spent on a bustling film set, but by day, her nose was to the grind at a textbook Catholic school: all girls, uniforms, the whole nine. But there, a somewhat nerdy Meghan found a true passion she’d develop for years…

Vanity Fair

Meghan’s school made the students tackle the dreaded skill of fourth graders everywhere: cursive writing. Though it’s fallen by the wayside in today’s education system, Meghan showed a knack for cursive and calligraphy in general.

Daily Mail

Over the years, Meghan perfected her loopy penmanship. In fact, her writing was so skillful, she used it as an income source. In her spare time between acting jobs, she worked freelance, designing handwritten invitations for celebrities.


From a young age, Meghan was encouraged to speak her mind. After seeing a commercial by Procter & Gamble with the sexist tagline “Women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans,” she took action with her best weapon: a pen.

With letters in hand addressed to Procter & Gamble, Hillary Clinton, lawyer Gloria Allred, and journalist Linda Ellerbee, Meghan marched to the mailbox. She didn’t have to wait long, because 1 month later, the company swapped “women” out for “people.” Her effective stand against sexist language led to her being featured on Nick News.

That tenacious spirit never left, either. When it came time to declare a major at Northwestern University, Meghan split her time between her two biggest interests: theater and international relations. It’s almost as if she was planning on being a royal from the start!


One of her first credits as an actress was on the popular game show Deal Or No Deal. Meghan was a “suitcase girl” and her job required unveiling which amount of money the contestant had lost out on by opening her case.


Meghan’s record shows her commitment to service, so her charitable nature isn’t just a show. After graduation, she spent time as an intern in the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires. Despite how tempting a career in politics was, her heart belonged to acting.

US Embassy

Meghan scored her biggest role to date as Rachel Zane on the USA Network drama Suits. Not only was she a lead, but she truly connected with the character, a smart, unapologetic, go-getter.

Cheat Sheet

Show writers took inspiration from Meghan’s personality and incorporated it into the show. A self-proclaimed “foodie,” of both the cooking and tasting variety, Meghan’s keen palate and love for all exotic cuisine are shared by her character Rachel Zane.

Yahoo News CA

Overnight, Meghan was launched into superstardom after accepting Prince Harry’s marriage proposal. Granted, she was in the public eye thanks to her starring role on the show Suits, but few knew her by her legal name — Rachel. Her full name is Rachel Meghan Markle.


Simmering tasty concoctions and doctoring up bland recipes was always one of Meghan’s favorite pastimes. Farm-to-table lifestyles and traditional recipes from around the globe stirred an idea to the surface. In 2018, she published her first cookbook, Together: Our Community Cookbook.

Now To Love

But this cookbook wasn’t just your grandma’s special ziti. The Duchess spent time gathering recipes and cooking with the Hubb Community Kitchen, a vastly diverse group of local women who cooked for their community members affected by the Grenfell Tower fires in London.


Since she’s royalty, her cookbook faced high expectations. Meghan delivered a unique, heartfelt collection. Each recipe in the book came from all over the globe: North Africa, the Middle East, the Eastern Mediterranean regions, and all across Europe. Even sweeter, all the proceeds went to charity.

CBS News / YouTube

Public service had been a bone-deep motivator for Meghan for years before entering the royal atmosphere. Back in 2014, as a counselor for the international charity One Young World, she spoke at a summit about gender equality and modern day slavery.

One Young World / Flickr

Her charitable career picked up steam, and Meghan flourished in service. In 2016, she was named as an ambassador for World Vision Canada, traveled to Rwanda for a clean water initiative, and advocated for women’s rights.

World Vision Canada

The Duchess’ enjoys eclectic fare when it comes to music. She admitted her tastes lean more towards indie groups. A few of her favorites last year were Janelle Monáe, the Crystal Fighters, and Maggie Rogers.

Meghan Markle / Instagram

In the peak of Suits popularity, Meghan was offered an opportunity to dabble as a fashion designer. The show filmed in Toronto, and a Canadian retailer, Reitmans, reached out to Meghan to bring a facelift to their brand. She collaborated on two collections in 2015 and 2016.

Curtis Redel / Flickr

Fans before her royalty days followed Meghan’s popular lifestyle blog The Tig. Though she’s since moved on to other endeavors, the site covered everything from beauty, food, and travel, to feminism and general positivity.

Kate Waterhouse

During downtime between takes, Meghan and her fellow Suits cast mates had a surprisingly normal ritual. They all got deeply invested in playing board games, mostly Apples to Apples. A glass of scotch or three later, the gang frequently found themselves giggling and shuffling cards into the wee hours.

The Cut

No matter how packed her schedule, Meghan has always prioritized fitness. Her workout of choice would be a combo of yoga and running. Still, she’s not picky. Any activity enjoyed in the fresh outdoor air suits her just fine.

Best Health Mag

A few years before she married Prince Harry, Meghan had a starstruck moment with everyone’s favorite human. At an LA dog shelter, leaning down to pet a pair of irresistible doggies, Meghan got a jolt when none other than Ellen Degeneres suggested she adopt both pets. So, of course, she had to!

Meghan Markle / Instagram

With royalty comes massive perks like befriending the rich and famous. Meghan and tennis legend Serena Williams became fast friends after recognizing the drive to surpass people’s expectations in each other. Both women share a deep love of traveling and joke about their addiction to hot sauce.


After getting hitched, Prince Harry and the newfound Duchess of Sussex made a somewhat amusing, yet embarrassing realization. It appears that they are cousins. Well, their family trees intersect way back in the 15th century. Still, the royal intermarrying jokes are bound to haunt them forever.

Wochit Entertainment / Youtube

Copycatting her royal look is pretty easy. When asked about her makeup routine, Meghan said she keeps things simple. Her go-to products are the classics: Nars blush, and Dior mascara.

Big W News

Somewhere in the middle of her seemingly endless schedule, Meghan squeezed in some incredible trips around the globe. Behind the wheel of a camper van, she took in the sites of New Zealand, pedaled her bike through Vietnam, and sailed the coast of Croatia.

The Tig

Fascination with the royal love stories goes back centuries, but Meghan marked a new era. Not only is she the first American tie to the throne, but the first biracial woman, too.

The Cut

The world was crushin’ hard on Miss Markle — the Google search results don’t lie. Meghan was the most googled woman in both 2016 and 2018.

In her engagement photos, Meghan Markle wore a stunning gown that was almost totally sheer. Unfortunately, the royal family must adhere to a strict and conservative style of dress, so while see-through might work on the runway, it doesn’t make the cut for the Queen.

That’s right, the Duchess of Sussex won’t be allowed to play everyone’s favorite rainy-day board game! Why? Because the Queen forbids it, claiming that the game is just “too vicious.”

The Queen happens to think it’s unladylike to expose bare legs. But take heart: Meghan can still wear dresses and skirts that show her legs; she just has to wear nude stockings with them.

As a prominent TV actress, Meghan was no doubt used to signing autographs for fans, but that stops now. Members of the royal family are not allowed to sign autographs in case someone tries to forge their signatures elsewhere…

However, there is a loophole. If a fan asks for her signature, what Meghan can do is write a brief message or write just her first name. It’s nice to see that even the royals make accommodations where they can.

Recently, a couple spotted Meghan and asked her to pose with them for a selfie. She had to decline, saying, “The Crown does not allow me to do so.” It’s clear that the House of Windsor knows that no matter the angle, selfies just aren’t that flattering.

In fact, if you’re seeking out official photos of Meghan and Harry, you’ll have to look to the Palace. It alone is allowed to release photographs of her now that she is a member of the family.

The royal family takes its image very seriously. That’s why all of its members are denied social media accounts. They work very hard to manage their public perception and they can’t have the Queen inviting people to play Farmville!

Unsurprisingly, etiquette is a huge part of being a royal. Now that she’s hitched, Meghan isn’t allowed to cross one leg over the other. Women in the family must keep their legs pressed together, or, if they’re feeling sassy, they’ve been known to cross their ankles from time to time.

Although technically not illegal, according to Parliament, it is unconstitutional for a member of the royal family to vote in elections. Furthermore, Meghan cannot speak publicly about politics—even in the United States.

Newlyweds are usually all about the PDA, and while it isn’t technically forbidden, the Queen herself has a serious stance against too much physical affection in public. It’s hands-off for Harry and Meghan when they are out and about now!

When attending parties or other events where the Queen is present, it is considered bad form to leave before the Queen, no matter how tired (or bored) you might be. Here’s hoping the Queen is a big fan of a reasonable bedtime.

Being a member of the royal family is a full-time job. As a result, Meghan had to give up her burgeoning career in Hollywood and dedicate herself to her greatest role yet: being a Duchess.

Believe it or not, wearing nail polish that is not nude or light pink is considered extremely tacky by the royal family. There’s no rule against having crazy pedicures, though! That’s got to count for something.

That’s right—the royal family wants its young boys in shorts 100 percent of the time. This isn’t just because it’s more adorable (though it is); rather, it’s because wearing pants is considered too “suburban.”

There is a decidedly “royal” way to drink hot beverages and it involves careful finger placement on the drinking vessel. Also, if Meghan happens to be wearing lipstick, she must put her lips on the same spot on the cup every time!

Being a royal now means Meghan is at the center of a lot of attention. To protect her, she must travel at all times with a security detail, even if she’s just walking the dog or taking a jog.

The rule applies even when she’s doing something like going shopping! On these trips, Meghan will have to be accompanied solely by an all-female security detail. Surely they won’t mind going on a shopping spree with a royal, will they?

This should come as no surprise, but the former Ms. Markle had to shut down her blog, “The Tig,” once Harry put a ring on it. The Royals take their privacy and their image seriously, and a blog by a royal is out of the question.

Given that she isn’t allowed to show her bare legs, it should come as no surprise to learn that modest hemlines are now all that is acceptable. If it cuts above the knee, it’s too racy for royal life, be it skirts or shorts.

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