Here Are The Most Absurd Clothes That People Can Actually Buy

Fashion designers are absolute artists. With a flick of their wrists they can create something beautiful using just pen and paper and then make it come to life with fabric.

However, not all fashion designers are created equal. While there are definitely some brilliant and inspired designers out there, there are also designers who just don’t quite pass muster.

These 15 designers might have thought they were on to something brilliant. However, the end result of their designs just wound up being totally hilarious.

1. Everyone is entitled to make their own choices, no matter how outlandish they may seem, when it comes to fashion. That said, it is troubling that we live in a world where those choices include detachable denim cutoffs.

2. One of the main reasons that people wear pants is to conceal their private areas from public view. Clearly the inventor of these plastic pants didn’t get that memo. You know it’s bad when even the model looks silly in the clothes.

3. Let’s face it, we could all use a little bit of support when it comes to our clothing. That said, people typically prefer that support in the form of reinforced stitching and better quality fabrics… not men printed on your pants holding up your behind.

4. It’s important to make sure that no one feels excluded by fashion. That said, these lace tops with matching shorts are just terrible enough that it’s likely no one would mind being forbidden from wearing them.

5. You never really realize just how helpful pockets are to maintaining the structural integrity of your pants until you try on a pair of “hip” pants with the pockets inexplicably removed from them. Not only are these unflattering, but they’re not at all functional!

6. The best thing about this bathing suit is that it’s so distracting that you don’t need to worry about getting into shape for swimsuit season! Just enjoy that extra doughnut and expect a lot of funny looks when it’s time to step out in public.

7. This shirt is the perfect choice for those days when you look at every other item of clothing in your possession and think “this ensemble needs more naked Barbie dolls.” We’ve all been there. Now, finally, there’s a solution.

8. It’s a commonly known fact that there are but two cures for a bad headache. Those cures include painkillers… and a pink frosted doughnut with sprinkles. If you don’t have either of those, wearing this shirt will probably help. If nothing else, at least it’s a very festive look!

9. Who says that your passion for cartoons needs to be put on the back burner once you enter adulthood? This “mocking Spongebob Squarepant”s meme-inspired shirt is equal parts disturbing and hilarious.

10. Pizza is one of life’s greatest joys. Chances are, you love a piping-hot pie a little more than the next person. Why not show your love everywhere you go? In this hoodie, no one around could dare doubt your devotion.

11. This ensemble is perfect for the person who just wishes they could take their furry friend everywhere with them. Prepare to make a statement with this all-cat getup… and for that statement to be alarming to most other people.

12. If you’re hip to current events but don’t like to brag about your brain power, these Kim Jong Un socks are a great way of discreetly alerting everyone that you’re in the know. Your calves will even help form the shape of his trademark hairstyle.

13. If political socks seem like too big of a risk to take—or if you’re into a more patriotic brand of pop culture—you can’t go wrong with America’s favorite non-sandwich: the hot dog! Just try not to let your actual dog see them. You need those feet for walking.

14. Sure, you could buy a nice, simple, and flattering bathing suit to get you through the summer months. But why be simple when you could buy something that makes a statement, like these wacky swimsuits? Pizza, anyone?

15. Anybody who has ever carried a purse knows how annoying it can be to put down your bag and not remember where you’ve left it. Thankfully, with this contraption, your only problem will be escaping your purse’s very secure grip.

Fashion is a field where imagination is absolutely everything. However, these designers pushed their imaginations just a little bit too far—with hilarious results!

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