The Way Prince George And Princess Charlotte Actually Get Along Once The Cameras Are Off

As the classic saying goes, blood is thicker than water. At the end of the day, you’ll always have a special connection with your family. But how thick — or thin — is royal blood? When all the pressures of leadership are upon Britain’s figureheads, they’re prone to some serious conflicts like the rest of us.

But, when national stability is at stake, personal issues have to take a back seat. Behind the scenes, however, things aren’t always perfect; that’s why, when news recently broke about how Prince George and Princess Charlotte get along in private, royal loyalists were taken completely by surprise.

Every family has special events that bring the whole clan together in celebration. For the British Royal family, however, the festivities are a little bit larger in scale and elegance.

No one could forget the day the eventual parents of George and Charlotte, Prince William and Kate Middleton, tied the knot. The couple started building their relationship long before the ceremony began, though.

The pair first met in 2001 at the University of St. Andrews. They both lived in the same residence hall and Kate reportedly caught William’s eye during a charity fashion show.

Harper’s Bazaar

During their second year of school, the pair, along with two other friends, shared a flat near campus. Despite occasional brushes with the paparazzi, their relationship would continue to blossom in the coming years.

In 2006, William graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. When it was time for his Passing Out Parade, Kate came to watch him march. The relationship was going well — but there were roadblocks along the way.

USA Today

In April 2007, the couple took a trip to the resort town of Zermatt, Switzerland. The vacation wasn’t a happy affair, however; William and Kate broke up before returning home.

Tom Archer

After taking some time apart, though, William and Kate were spotted together. While they tried to maintain some distance publicly, the truth was inescapable; they were meant to be together.

The Standard

In 2010, William and Kate took another trip together. This time, they went to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. But despite the different location, there was another landmark decision on this vacation…

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy/ Twitter

William had asked Kate to marry him! Plans were immediately set in motion for a massive wedding and national celebration; it’s not every day that the prince gets married, after all.


Less than a year later, the couple famously tied the knot at Westminster Abbey. An estimated 300 million people around the globe tuned in to watch the ceremony. But William and Kate’s life together was just beginning.


Since then, they’ve had three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Lewis. But handling a growing family, especially one full of toddlers, is never easy. How does everyone get along behind the scenes?


Understandably, the Royal family tries to keep most of their personal matters behind closed doors. One source, however, recently provided some inside information about the new generation of the British Monarchy.

That source was Mike Tindall, the former English rugby player. He’s married to Zara Phillips, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, giving him some insight into the secret lives of the monarchy.


The couple has two daughters, Mia and Lena. They’re roughly the same age as the other royal children, meaning Mike knows what the kids are really like. Playtime, as any parent can attest, shows a toddler’s real personality.

Town and Country

Given the group’s ages, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are key members of the crew. But as a dad, Tindall made plenty of observations about the way that they interacted with each other.

Understandably, George and Charlotte are attached to each other; they also have a soft spot for all the other kids, too. They’re growing up in a bubble, after all, so that closeness breeds affection.

Harper’s Bazaar

Thanks to his history playing team sports, Tindall knows budding camaraderie when he sees it. “They’re all quite close in age,” he noted. “And hopefully they’ll grow up as good friends.”

Vancouver Sun

But every group — whether it’s a rugby team or a bunch of royal children — needs to have a leader. When these famous toddlers are playing together, who’s the one calling the shots?

Sky Sports

“James [Viscount Severn], is, well not exactly the ring leader, but he’s the oldest,” Tindall explained. This hierarchy doesn’t hold up, though, when the playgroup adds another member who, by virtue of his status, automatically takes charge.

Prince Harry isn’t afraid to get down and dirty with the royal kids! “Harry, he’s busy, but he loves playing with them all,” Mike noted. “He’ll be a good dad.”

Harper’s Bazaar

It turns out that kids, no matter their social status, are pretty easygoing when it comes to playtime. Kate, however, hasn’t always naturally meshed with the rest of the Royal family.

If her smiles aren’t real, Kate Middleton sure disguises it well. For almost two decades, the duchess has gallivanted around the globe with her husband, and the two really do seem like charmers. But, you can’t please everyone, especially when it comes to royal family members.

Sure, on camera everyone buddies up to Middleton, but behind closed doors, there’s a very real competition for the crown brewing. And you better believe Middleton’s close proximity to that almighty throne has some family members feeling mixed emotions, but she’s always got one Windsor on her side…

Her brother-in-law Prince Harry has always been one to stand firm in her corner. It doesn’t matter whether they’re attending a charity event or sporting match, Harry considers Middleton “the big sister he never had.”

But, unlike the ease with which Prince Harry and the duchess hang out, there’s noticeably less comfort between her and her cousin through marriage, Princess Eugenie. However, the media has noticed a more seamless relationship in recent years, along with a strengthening bond with another member of the extended family.

That, of course, would be 14-year-old Lady Louise of Windsor. She warmed audiences hearts in 2011 when she served as one of Middleton’s bridesmaids. Despite the 22-year age gap, the classy gals enjoy plenty of outings together.

Kate doesn’t just hit the town with the younger members of the family, either. She goes out of her way to show the utmost respect for her grandfather-in-law, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. She’s admitted to putting in the extra effort to follow in his footsteps. But some family members require a bit more effort.

Take, for example, Kate’s relationship with Camilla. Things apparently started off slightly rocky for Middleton and her stepmother-in-law, the Duchess of Cornwall. It’s been rumored close confidantes of Camilla may have supplied the press with unsavory info about Kate and her family. Yikes.

Camilla’s hubby has his own feelings on the subject, too. When Middleton and Prince William first wed, Prince Charles was apparently unhappy that the first royal trip his son and daughter-in-law took was treated more like a personal holiday than a diplomatic trip.

But his mother didn’t agree! The Queen has long been a Middleton fan. If there’s one person, in particular, you want to impress when joining the ranks of royalty, it’s her. Middleton was with Prince William for quite some time before the two finally met, but her grandmother-in-law has only grown fonder of her since.

The queen is not a fan of gossip, so you can only imagine how she felt when Anne, Princess Royal, reportedly spread some saucy rumors about Middleton before her wedding. But, looking at the pictures of them, you’d never know it.

The same can be said here! The relationship between Middleton and her cousin-in-law, Princess Beatrice, has made headlines on several occasions, but not in a good way. The princess apparently feels somewhat sidelined due to Middleton’s popularity.

The jealousy, it would seem, is contagious. Photos of Middleton and her aunt, Princess Sophie, rarely show the women at odds, but there have been rumors she and Middleton had a falling out over the queen’s favoritism toward Sophie.

But not every relationship Kate enjoys is so easy to interpret from afar. Media and spectators have found it challenging to decode the dynamic between Middleton and Zara Tindall, her cousin-in-law. Some speculate they’re at odds, while others have confirmed a solid relationship. Hmm…

While only time will tell if Kate and Zara really get along, Middleton and her cousin-in-law’s wife, Autumn Philips, get along just fine, and it’s most likely because of their commoner roots. While not frequently photographed together, they’ve always been friendly.

Relationships with the family are all well and good, but there are other connections that are just as important, especially outside of the Royal Family. Two other women Middleton knows well and seems to thoroughly enjoy are Princess Charlene of Monaco and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands.

Traversing the royal world can’t be easy, and all Middleton can do is give it her best and hope those around her accept her with open arms. At least she’ll always have a great guy like Prince William to support her if she ever feels overwhelmed.

And now, she’s got a new sister-in-law to turn to! Or does she? Though the two duchesses have possibly become the two most visible members of England’s most famous family, reporters can’t help but speculate — are they friends, rivals, or something in between?


Meghan and Kate made their first official appearance together on Christmas Day in 2017. Of course, they had very different paths in ingratiating themselves into the Windsors. They were almost from two separate worlds.

Even though she wasn’t a noble, Kate came from a privileged background. Her parents ran a successful party supply company, and she attended the prestigious University of St. Andrews. There, she befriended classmate Prince William.


After years of dating, William and Kate decided to tie the knot in 2010. The following year, in what the press dubbed “The Wedding of the Century,” she became the Duchess of Cambridge. Similarly, Meghan got married in 2011.

However, she didn’t marry any prince! Then a Hollywood hopeful, the Los Angeles native got hitched with actor and producer Trevor Engelson. Their marriage dissolved two years later, as Meghan’s career really started to take off.

Meghan’s earlier career was defined by bit parts and a stint as a suitcase girl on Deal or No Deal. However, her name went up in lights when she nabbed the regular role of Rachel Zane on the USA legal drama Suits.

USA Network

As Meghan’s work prospects took off to new heights, her personal life did the same. In 2016, a mutual friend did her a royal favor by setting her up on a blind date with Prince Harry. Their relationship started heating up before long.

Soon, she scored an invitation to Kate’s 35th birthday party. We can only assume she made a strong first impression on the royal family, but the details are hazy. All we know for sure was that she gifted Kate a dream journal.

Vanity Fair

And the two women would soon get to know each other even better. Not to be outdone by William and Kate, Harry and Meghan wed in lavish fashion in 2018. A foreigner — and a mixed-race one at that — had officially become a Windsor.

The New York Times

With Kate and Meghan now firmly entrenched among the royals, there was the big question of how the sisters-in-law would get along. Insider accounts reported they got off to a bit of a bumpy start.

While pregnant with Prince Louis, Kate felt stress from both the physical toll and the public scrutiny. She didn’t necessarily have the time to properly welcome Meghan into the family, as she already had a ton on her plate.

Entertainment Tonight

However, Meghan reached out to Kate during this trying time. She shared some dietary advice that helped the Duchess through the rest of her pregnancy. In turn, Kate lent a hand in Meghan’s big dilemma.

Naturally, Meghan found herself in a big adjustment as she shifted from Hollywood to Buckingham Palace. Her experienced sister-in-law helped her learn royal protocol — everything from proper wardrobe to how to stand at official events.


From there, a close bond formed between them. When their busy schedules allowed, they spent time together one-on-one, such as a weekend visit to Wimbledon. They exchanged jokes and comments throughout the match.

The royal sisters-in-law grew closer on a personal level, but Kate also took Meghan under her wing on a professional level. She invited Meghan to join the Royal Foundation Forum, a charitable organization started by William and Harry.

ABC News

This was a huge step forward for Meghan. “She really admires how Kate has carved out her own space when it comes to humanitarian work alongside being an amazing mother,” said a source close to the royal family.


When Meghan announced her pregnancy in late 2018, nobody celebrated more than Kate. She couldn’t wait for the two of them to experience motherhood together. But she didn’t foresee the other big change on the horizon.

Just months before the birth of their first child, Harry and Meghan decided to move out of Kensington Palace. They would take up residence at Frogmore Cottage, under a separate roof from the rest of the family for the first time.

Town & Country Magazine

The move would mean that Meghan and Kate would see each other on a less regular basis. Still, there was no doubt they’d still make time for each other, especially once their children became friends.

W Magazine

Though they may clash on occasion, the two women realize that they’re best off supporting each other. When it comes to marrying into the world’s most high-profile family, Kate and Meghan know they need to stick together.


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