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40 Wild Comparison Photos That Expose The Strange Side Of Everyday Life

A ladybug next to a tire. A beeper alongside an iPhone. An artist's painting skills at age 12 versus 25. By themselves, most of these things would seem overwhelmingly ordinary — side by side, however, their differences are nothing short of stunning. Though time moves so quickly that we often fail to notice the changes happening around us, these wild comparison photos prove that even the smallest transformations are incredible when you look close enough.

40. Big pupper

Time flies when you're having fun! These photos were taken when this guy's puppy pal was just eight weeks old and then again at eight months. Pretty soon, ol' Pierre here will be lifting his human instead of the other way around!

39. Powerful genes

Genetics are an incredible thing. The image on the right shows this Redditor holding her son while the one on the left is a photo of her grandmother holding her father. Amazingly, these photos were taken 63 years apart to the day!

38. A year of biking

All bodies are beautiful, but after buying her very first bike, this Texas woman was determined to make a change. This is the result of just a single year of dedicated biking. Way to go!

37. Straighten up

That looks like one serious backache! These x-rays show what this Redditor's spine looked like before and after intensive surgery. In addition to completely straightening their back, the poster also reported that the surgery added almost two extra inches to their height!