Scott Peterson Was Accused Of A Grisly Crime, But 20 Years Later Experts Are Debating The Truth

It was a killing that shocked the nation: Scott Peterson had apparently murdered his wife Laci in cold blood — while she was pregnant with his first child no less — and thrown her body into the bay. Emotions were, obviously, running extremely high during the trial and the aftermath. But did Peterson definitely take Laci's life in such a brutal fashion? That’s what people are now trying to ascertain.

The beginning

Peterson had a seemingly normal life before he was accused of a heinous murder. He had dreams of being a professional golfer, and he was even teammates with the future golf star Phil Mickelson.

Yes, he was attending the University of San Diego High School at the same time as sporting great. The only hint of trouble was a drinking incident that got Peterson thrown off the golf team. But aside from that, his teachers generally thought he was a delight.


Peterson met Laci while both were studying at California Polytechnic State University. She was majoring in ornamental horticulture, and he in agricultural business. Laci was instantly taken with him, and she even told her mother she’d met the man she was going to marry.

And after two years, that’s exactly what happened. In 1997 they tied the knot and settled down to a life together. By this point, Peterson had put his dreams of professional golf aside.


Everything seemed fine on their wedding day. “I vividly remember Scott carrying Laci up to their room at the end of the wedding,” Peterson’s brother-in-law Ed Caudillo told In Touch magazine in 2020. 

“He’s shouting and happy, and she’s laughing, and we’re all worried he’s going to drop her. But Scott had her safe in his arms.” No-one could have guessed back then the grisly nature of what was to come.

Peterson’s affair

Peterson and Laci settled down in Modesto, California. After a period of trying to conceive, Laci became pregnant with a much-wanted child in May 2002. And her husband had seemed to be very happy indeed about it.

After all, he'd made a point of attending all the doctor’s appointments with his wife. But all was not well: Peterson’s eye had wandered. And when Laci was seven months pregnant, he began an affair with a massage therapist called Amber Frey.