Lowering The Temperature At Night Could Mean A Better Night’s Sleep

Everyone has their own preferred environment for a good night's sleep. Some people need complete darkness and silence while others like to sleep snug as a bug under covers, even during the warmer months.

However, just because you like to burrow under layers of blankets, that doesn't mean you're doing the best thing for your body. In fact, there are proven health benefits to sleeping in cooler temperatures!

Just take a look at some of the advantages of sleeping in a cold room, and then stick around for some ways to reduce the temperature while you snooze...

1.  It can help you manage your weight: Who doesn't want to lose weight without going to the gym? Studies have shown that sleeping in cool temperatures can help raise your metabolism. Despite not moving much, your body does burn calories while you sleep, so why not sleep with the A/C on and let your body do the work?
2. You'll look your best: Sleep is your body's best medicine; the better you sleep, the more you produce melatonin, which is like your body's natural anti-aging cream. When it's cold, you sleep better—period. So, try to lower that temperature before you catch some Zs and reap the benefits of that beauty rest in the morning.
3. It regulates body temperature: Staying under the covers with your head exposed is the healthiest way to sleep. While the length of your body stays warm, your head will remain cool, ensuring that your overall temperature is consistent. That means no hiding your head under the blankets!
4. It can lead to better physical and mental health: Sleep studies have shown that symptoms of diseases such as sleep apnea and fibromyalgia have decreased when sleeping in cooler temperatures.