Smart Ways Of Using Old Bed Sheets To Save Time And Money

If you have a bed — which is, hopefully, most of us — sheets are something that just seem to pile up, and before you know it you’ve got mountains of them! Well, you don’t have to take it lying down. While it’s tempting to just throw them out, consider upcycling or reusing them instead. Not only can you save some time and money with a little creative thinking, it can be a fun hobby too! Plus, recycling. So don’t sleep on it, and because they gave you 40 winks, check out these 40 awesome things you can do with your old sheets.

40. Braid toys for pets

Do you know why pets love your bed? Sure, it’s warm and soft, but there’s another reason: it smells like you! You can get rid of some old bed sheets and treat your pet to a new toy that reminds them of their favorite person by cutting your sheets up into three foot-long strips about two inches thick. Knot three of them together at the end and braid them, finish up with another knot at the opposite end, and voila!

39. Clean ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are great when the weather’s hot, but they also attract dust, and trying to work out how to clean them will make your head spin. The solution? Your old bed sheets! Consider using some of them as dusters. Just slip a sheet over the blades — preferably when it’s not on - and give your biggest fan a clean. Dust clings, but you can always give them a cold water wash and dry until they get too grubby to reuse.

38. Protect plants from frost

More and more people are trying to live sustainably by having their own gardens, but when winter comes, the frost can do a number on your plants. You can keep your thumbs greener and your plants alive longer by tucking them in at night. Cover your plant pal with a sheet before bedtime to keep the frost out and heat in. Then, remove it in the morning to create a friendly (and affordable) greenhouse effect. Bedsheets are especially helpful for larger bushes and plants.

37. Protect your breakables

Are you planning a big move, or transporting valuables that you really don’t want to end up shattered or broken? Then you can upcycle your bedsheets by using them as packing cloth to make sure everything stays in one piece. They make excellent wrapping for important objects, and you don’t have to buy bubble wrap — which, by the way, is not just expensive but bad for the environment. Now you can stay greener than the Incredible Hulk (but without the smashing)!