62 Times The Internet Had The Answer

Before the world was inundated with internet chat forums and endless knowledge mere mouse clicks away, if you came across something you didn’t understand, you just accepted it. (Unless you put in the legwork to find out what it was, but who has that kind of time?).

Nowadays, however, the Internet is an endless fountain of information spewing answers to those who seek them. Come across something that has you scratching your head? No problem. Snap a picture, post it online, and the all-knowing information super highway will jump at the chance to enlighten you…

1. Has the alien invasion of planet Earth finally begun? Are they going to enslave all of humanity? Rest assured, those are no martians. Internet users pointed out this is actually what the sky looks like after a rocket launch test.

2. There’s no way that kind of contraption would pass any sort of safety inspection. Luckily, the person who owns it doesn’t have to worry because it’s a camera crane arm used solely for filming.

3. This person found a tiny slender plastic tube stuck to the side of a piece of meat they were eating. It’s a good thing they didn’t swallow it! It’s a cattle microchip, attached by farmers so the meat can be traced. The slaughterhouse almost started tracing them.

4. Any day is made better when you find some extra cash on the ground, but this money doesn’t look like American currency. That’s because it’s actually Filipino money from 1941, when the country was occupied by Japan.

5. At first glance this looks like it has to be a shoe tread that was solidified in mud. However, any botanist will weave a different story: it’s actually a fossilized tree trunk impression.

6. Is that a snowball with legs stuck to the ceiling? This person wished it was; the internet confirmed it’s actually a spider that’s been infected with fungus. That’s a two-fer you never want to find when you’re home.

7. These look like the windows Vincent van Gogh was gazing out when he painted Starry Night. But the swirls in the center of these glass panes came from the window-making process; long ago, glass was spun until it flattened out, and those swirls are the spin centers.

8. This person thought they found a big yoga ball wedged into the grounds of White Sands, New Mexico, but they were way off. It’s actually a titanium sphere of space debris that crashed down to Earth at some point!

9. Although this looks like the world’s tiniest voodoo doll, it’s purpose is nearly the complete opposite. Internet users revealed it’s a worry doll; instead of instigating bad luck, it’s supposed to take away your worries if you leave it under your pillow at night.

10. Anyone would stop in their tracks if they came across this brown mound while walking through their yard, but what is it? Savvy interneters told the person who snapped this photo quickly it’s two European red slugs mating.

11. What could possibly be the use of this big awning looming over the dinner table in this 1700s plantation house? Before ceiling fans were invented these massive rectangular panels were manually fanned to keep flies away from the food.

12. When one woman found this little group of bead-like objects in her dinner, she assumed they were maybe seeds of some kind. Well, she was horrified to learn they’re actually insect eggs!

13. No one likes having to organize wires, but what would you do if you pulled back your desk and saw this metal mass lying among the wiring? Sure, internet users could identify it as a Russian Sagger Missile. But they couldn’t say what it was doing there.

14. Is that a faucet head sticking straight out of a mountain? Did someone stumble upon a giant’s kitchen sink? Nope. These nozzles, internet users said, are used to start controlled avalanches by blasting oxygen and propane down onto the mountain.

15. This is the last thing you want to look up and see above your doorway once you unpack all your things at a hostel. Why? Because that thick black line is a termite infestation, and those little suckers are there to stay.

16. While kayaking in the Mississippi River, one man came across something that looked kind of like a lawn ornament. It’s a good thing he didn’t grab it because it’s actually a colony of thousands of microscopic creatures called bryozoa.

17. Everyone at a nursing home was stumped as to what this item was after it was left for one woman when her friend passed away. As it turned out, it’s an opium pipe.

18. That rooftop bubble might seem like it’s extra space to allow a really tall person to man the wheel, but that’s not even close. Vehicles with these unusual roof ornaments work for Bubbl, a company similar to Uber that’s aimed at kids.

19. A young girl found this while cleaning out a fish and had no idea what to think. The answer the internet provided was pretty creepy: it’s a parasite that consumed the fish’s tongue and then took the place of it. Yikes!

20. A guitar without strings may be impractical, but internet users informed this instrument owner he had a valuable possession in his midst: this was a Gibson, manufactured between 1903 and 1933.

21. Radiologist Ben Heggelman performed a CT scan on an ancient statue of a monk and uncovered a shocking surprise: this was no statue, but a mummified body! Its organs had been removed and replaced with scraps of paper with Chinese characters on them.

22. A homeowner discovered this precious old art after removing some wallpaper. Apparently, in 1997, a dad promised to eat his overalls if the Spice Girls were still popular by the time the room was redecorated. Do you think this dad should be chowing down on his denim?

AngieB1818 / reddit

23. You’ve likely heard of a Swiss Army knife, but how about a Swiss Army computer disk tray? Perhaps floppy disks wouldn’t have become obsolete had these trays doubled as measuring tools like this one.

The_purple_is_blue / reddit

24. One traveler found a simple—yet oddly interesting—hidden treasure in their hotel room: an outlet inside the room’s safe. With it, travelers could feel more comfortable charging their laptops in their rooms while they were away.

ParisianSpartan / reddit

25. Speaking of safes, this guy found one after he accidentally put a hole in the drywall. How long had it been hidden inside the wall of his apartment without his ever knowing? Sadly, there wasn’t anything inside.


26. When a chess player’s knight piece broke in two, she found hidden treasure in the form of a die tucked inside it. Apparently, the Chinese manufacturers simply recycled some materials in making this chess set.

27. Another chess player found his queen was “pregnant” with a pawn when the royal piece snapped in two! Hidden within this chess-ception was some kind of philosophical statement on pawns and ruling classes…

WantedOnAVoyage / reddit

28. Perhaps it was a powerful strike that cracked off a piece of this cue ball, revealing a second ball hidden inside it. Was there a third ball inside that one? Was this a Russian nesting doll sort of thing?

29. A dog went to town on this stuffed pineapple toy—which wore an expression indicating it just loved being torn apart—and discovered another toy inside. This time it was a stuffed emoji-looking thing that seemed embarrassed to have been found without its disguise.

30. Hotel managers must’ve really understood their clientele when they installed bottle openers in all the showers. At the Sonesta Hotel in Duluth, Georgia, enjoying a shower beer wasn’t just allowed; it was encouraged!

ihearttatertots / reddit

31. A native Texan stumbled upon this marker in the middle of a nondescript patch of grass alongside the highway. This so-called “brass cap” actually marks the exact location of the northwest corner of Texas.

MaelstromTX / reddit

32. One guy found a toothpick built into the back end of this spoon—a simple addition, but a real hidden treasure for “picky” eaters. But it begged the question: what food commonly consumed with a spoon would require a toothpick?

woodperson / reddit

33. This dad discovered a teeny compartment inside his daughter’s school-issued shoes. Besides hiding inch-tall cat figurines with crowns and beards, what good could possibly come from this little, hidden treasure?

QuietlySpoken / reddit

34. This situation turns the age-old riddle of “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?” on its head. Forget two yolks; this egg-eater found another egg in her egg. It was egg-ception!

35. Naturally, when a couple hikers found a World War II-era bunker hidden in a German forest, they had to explore it. They didn’t come across any gold, but they did locate tunnels and chambers steeped in history.

hellomynameisthatthingfromthewalls/ imgur

36. Tucked away in the armrest of a Delta Boeing 757-300 was a strange remote control that this traveler couldn’t quite figure out. Pushing buttons on unknown devices while 35,000 feet up in the air might not be the best idea…

sethik / reddit

37. While the battle between the imperial and metric systems rages on, U.K. passports have made it easy to avoid any temperature-related confusion. Printed on one of the pages is an actual Celsius-to-Fahrenheit temperature conversion key!

prerryroper / reddit

38. This guy bought shoe deodorant only to find that, once he peeled off the label, it was in a women’s antiperspirant bottle made by an entirely different company! Apparently, the shoe deodorizers recycled their bottles. How eco-friendly!

cl3ft / reddit

39. Few things in the world are better than surprise chocolate. Just ask this guy, who ordered a camera lens and received a complimentary Toblerone bar alongside it! Either that, or whoever packed this box is missing a candy bar…

toastmyoats / reddit

40. When this chocolate hound had a craving and broke off a piece of his Kit Kat bar, he found something heinous: the wafer inside had been misaligned. This was no Kit Kat bar; this was a Kat Kit bar.

41. Sure, everyone loves some support from time to time, but most women probably wouldn’t be interested in this sort of support. That didn’t stop this bra-maker from putting a few tiny hands on their product’s cups anyway.

chegavarik / reddit

42. While clearing out some brush in the backyard of one of his properties, this guy found hidden treasure in the form of a shed! Untouched in years, the shed contained foliage, rot, and some old junk. It almost looked like a mystical hobbit hole!


43. In 1978, two kids were digging around the back yard of their Los Angeles home when one of them struck metal. It turned out to be a Ferrari Dino 246 GTS that had been stolen by an unknown suspect.


44. In Argentina, Jose Antonio Nievas found what he initially thought was a dinosaur egg, but it was actually the shell of a glyptodon or a prehistoric armadillo that would often grow to the size of a Volkswagen Beetle!

voalao / Facebook

45. In 2007, a man named Andreas K. from Austria found a huge assortment of treasure on his property, including rings, buckles, and silver platters. He had them assessed by a jeweler, who determined they were 650 years old!

CBS News

46. Despite the astronomical odds, Radivoje Lajic from Bosnia had six meteorites fall on or near the front porch of his home. Scientists from the University of Belgrade studied them, and they confirmed they were, in fact, actual meteorites.

Weekly World News

47. When a California couple bought their home, they knew a bomb shelter was built in the back yard during the Cold War. They assumed everything had been destroyed over the 50 years it existed, but when they investigated, everything was in perfect condition.

Daily Mail

48. A resident of El Haraneya village near Giza Plateau in Egypt was digging around his yard one afternoon when he came across a mysterious tunnel. It was a hidden passage into the largest and oldest of the Giza pyramids, the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

Ancient Origins

49. A 14-year-old boy from Salt Lake City, Utah, named Ali Erturk found human bones in his back yard while he was digging one morning. Forensic investigators determined the bones belonged to a Native American who lived there about 1,000 years earlier!

NY Daily News

50. In 2012, a Los Angeles resident was installing solar batteries in the roof of his home when he stumbled across a bag containing $175,000 worth of marijuana. Police figured someone trespassed into his yard when he wasn’t home and stashed the drugs.

Huffington Post

51. In 2013, while walking their dog in their back yard, a married couple came across several rusty buckets sticking out of their land. The buckets were full of gold coins minted from 1847 to 1894. The total value of all the coins was about $10 million.

National Geographic

52. In 1997, John Lambert of Ipswich, England, found a large bone in his yard that he absent-mindedly put it in his garage for 16 years. In 2013, he took it to specialists who determined it was the bone of a pliosaurus, a 250-million-year-old sea serpent.

Daily Mail

53. In 2013, a man who lived in the Czech Republic was installing some pipes in his back yard when his tools struck something metal. They were two huge church bells that were nearly 400 years old!


54. A man from Calgary, Canada, made a very disturbing discovery between his garage and his backyard fence. He found an old pillowcase, and inside it was a fully loaded machine gun and a cell phone. Police had no idea where it came from.

55. Two boys from Detroit, Michigan, were building a small dam in their back yard when one of them spotted an odd rock. The family called a paleontologist named John Zawiskie who authenticated the “rock” as a 13,000-year-old mastodon vertebra.

Fox News

56. In 2011, Wayne Sabaj was picking broccoli in his garden when he came across a bag with $150,000 in it. It was eventually claimed by his neighbor, who said she buried it because it was “cursed.” A court decided to split the money between Wayne and his neighbor’s family, but Wayne tragically died 10 days before receiving his payout.

Chicago Tribune

57. There is a 12,000-acre plot of land in Orlando, Florida, that used to be a World War II bombing range, and hundreds of rockets and bombs have been found underneath housing developments since 1998.

Maria Lombardic

58. In 1996, Margot Kidder, the actress who played Lois Lane in the Superman movies, was found in the back yard of a Glendale, California resident. She’d been missing for three days when she was found, alive but paranoid. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and made a full recovery while in psychiatric care.

Den of Geek

59. California resident Gary Johnson found an oddly-shaped rock in his yard and called an expert to evaluate it. Initially, it was deemed worthless, so it sat untouched in his yard for the next 35 years. finally, Johnson realized it was actually the fossil of a baleen whale believed to be 14 to 16 million years old!

Creation Revolution

60. When UK resident, Julie-Ann Taylor heard her son say there was a cheetah in the back yard, she chalked it up to a wild imagination. When she looked out her window, however, there was a six-foot-long cheetah who had just escaped from a nearby sanctuary!

Animals Time

61. In 2011, a man armed only with a metal detector and a shovel found a chunk of gold that weighed over eight pounds. The massive nugget sold at auction for a whopping $460,000!

San Francisco Gate

62. In 2013, a Czech resident was excavating tree stumps in his yard when he came across several metal objects. When he called the police they found dozens more grenades and explosives from WWII resting untouched beneath the vegetation.


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