The Most Stunning Spring Photos From Around The World

Who doesn’t love spring? After the cold and gloomy winter months, it’s a wonderful relief when the days begin to get brighter and new life starts to emerge. Lovely pastel blossoms, baby animals, hazy morning skies; those familiar sights of spring fill us with warmth and wonder. But this time of the year doesn’t look the same all around the world. These stunning photographs capture the colorful kaleidoscope of springtime — but not quite as you know it.

An explosion of color in Fujian Province, China

This snap is a real feast for the eyes. What you’re looking at here is a very popular tea garden found in Fujian Province, China, with the flora coming to life between January and March. Hsieh Tung-Ching, who brought the trees to that spot, noted, “When the cherry trees blossom, more than 10,000 tourists come to see them every day.” The garden brought in more than $14 million from 300,000 visitors in 2022. Folks can’t get enough of it!

Stunning tulip stripes in the Netherlands

Nope, that’s not a color chart: it’s a photo of a real place! Those bright shades are actually tulip fields that you’ll find in the town of Lisse, which is about 25 miles outside Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The European nation as a whole is renowned for these gorgeous flowers; most visitors flock to this particular spot to see them. The fields are at their most colorful between March and May.

The rose harvest season in Oman

Starting from March, bright–pink roses begin to blossom across Oman’s Jabal Al Akhdar mountain range. It’s a gorgeous sight, with the bloom period lasting until May. Now, this photo shows someone harvesting the flowers for the Bait Asarh Rose Water Factory, which itself is a popular tourist spot. It gives visitors a glimpse of “traditional and modern methods” for purifying rose water.

Rapeseed harvest in Guizhou Province, China

Thanks to their beautiful yellow blooms, rapeseed flowers are very difficult to miss. And they’re grown en masse in places such as Guizhou Province, China, with this shot providing an up-close view. But in 2023 the region’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs made an exciting announcement. For two days in March, a Rapeseed Flower Festival was set to take place. We bet that was an eye-catching affair!