15 Of The Strangest Pieces Of Clothing Ever Created

Fashion designers often have to make bold choices in order to stand out in an oversaturated market. From creating unique designs that everyone can wear to making ones that are completely impractical, there are plenty of ways to make a splash.

There are times, however, when these designers let their imagination run amok. Sure, their creations might make sense on a fashion runway, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to the mainstream masses.

That’s why we’ve collected 15 of the most bizarre pieces of clothing ever designed. You’d be foolish to go out wearing any of these outlandish designs…

1. Whatever fashion designer came up with this cuddly piece of clothing must’ve been holed up in their studio without any company for quite some time. It looks like they could’ve really used a hug at the time and thought everyone else could, too.

2. Typically, when you’re in the market to buy a new pair of designer high heels, you pay an arm and a leg for the style you want to take home. Well, if you buy this style, they’ll actually supply the leg… or at least the sock.


3. This boot-sandal hybrid is for those people who want to be prepared for any potential changes in terrain. It features all of the breathability of a sandal combined with the ankle support of a boot!

4. This outrageous pair of “overalls” takes wearing floods to a completely new level. Come on, only real nerds like Steve Urkel pull their pants up this high! It also sort of just looks like you’re wearing a single jeans pant-leg over your whole torso.

5. In the 1980s, fashion was all about the bold shoulder pads. Apparently, millennials are countering that by totally getting rid of them… plus the material over the shoulders as well. Sometimes being stylish just means destroying a normal piece of clothing.

6. There’s a lot going on with this fashion statement. First, the colors on the front and the back of these denim jeans don’t even match. That is… bold. Then, you’ve got the whole “are they, aren’t they?” thing going on with the shorts-pants, skinny-wide leg combination. Do us a favor and make up your mind, fashion designers!

7. There’s a good chance that whoever designed this versatile piece of clothing probably wanted to make a combination of shorts and pants for those days when you want options. Sadly, the end result was actually a… denim diaper?

8. Ah, who doesn’t think that combining lingerie garters with denim would be anything other than great? You’ll just want to be sure to wear a long shirt and underwear, should you dare to sport this gnarly design.

9. By everyday standards, there aren’t a whole lot of similarities you can draw between beach bums and cowboys. Well, that is, until this design came along. With the comfort of your favorite boot and the airiness of a flip-flop, you can finally have the perfect item for that rodeo-themed luau you were invited to!

10. Don’t be fooled: this group of men aren’t donning their grandmother’s curtains, oh no! They’re sporting the all new lace male romper. That, or the new Power Rangers has taken an odd turn…

11. The basic denim jacket is a simple yet fashionable garment that’s been around for ages. That’s because it’s ageless. You know what they say: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Clearly, someone missed that memo.

12. Where skorts—short and skirt combos—offer the look of a skirt while ensuring you’re covered at all times, these dreans (dress and jeans) are pretty pointless. Besides their strange aesthetic, they don’t offer much in the way of practicality.

13. As if ripped jeans weren’t already a racket, who’s going to spend extra money for this pre-muddied pair? Just go outside and roll around in a dirty puddle, and you’ve got yourself a pair on the cheap!

14. Ask yourself: do you really want the convenience of having pockets in your jeans? If you said “no,” then have we got the perfect pair of pocket-less jeans for you! They’re going to make for some pretty interesting tan lines in the summer, though.

15. It’s funny that a designer would want to create such a high-fashion style of sweatpants, given that, typically, donning sweatpants is a sign you didn’t care about what you were wearing that day. Also, what the heck is up with these? They don’t look warm at all!

There are really some bizarre fashion garments out there. It’s anyone’s guess how these ever made it to the market. Let’s just hope you’re not going to see anyone sporting these clothes anytime soon!

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