The Juiciest Revelations From Barbra Streisand's Memoir

In 2023 one of Hollywood’s most iconic names finally decided it was about time she told her remarkable life story in her own words. And across 992 pages, to be exact. Yes, never one to do things by halves, the inimitable Barbra Streisand delivered a weighty memoir: My Name Is Barbra. But if you don’t have the time to sit down and read each chapter, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve collected 40 of the book’s juiciest revelations, from career regrets and boyfriend problems to on-set feuds and suprirsing romances.

1. She didn’t date Barry Dennen 

Jesus Christ Superstar actor Barry Dennen claimed in his own 1997 memoir that he’d dated Streisand during her early years. But the Funny Girl star dismissed such talk by revealing she thought her one-time Greenwich Village flatmate wasn’t interested in women.

Streisand did, though, admit that there had been some sexual tension between the pair. “But it was all very confusing,” she added. “I was still so inexperienced that I didn’t know what was going on.”

2. She regrets not standing up for herself on Up the Sandbox 

In 1972 Streisand appeared in the drama Up the Sandbox where she shared an on-screen smooch with a co-star of color. Not that you’d have seen this particular romantic display in the final edit.

The interracial kiss, which took place in a fantasy scene in which the pair deliberately caused the Statue of Liberty to explode, was omitted by the studio over fears that audiences wouldn’t be able to handle it. Streisand writes in her book that she wishes she’d fought harder to keep the shot in the film.

3. She explained why Mandy Patinkin behaved badly on Yentl 

Yentl may be considered by many as Streisand’s cinematic crowning glory. But it wasn’t always the easiest shoot, and leading man Mandy Patinkin was apparently to blame. The actor was allegedly rude to both Streisand and fellow co-star Amy Irving. And when the former asked what his problem was, Patinkin gave an unexpected answer.

“His face crumpled and he said, ‘I thought we were going to have a more personal relationship,’” the singer recalled. “And I suddenly realized what this was really about. I wasn’t paying enough attention to him as a man.”

4. She didn’t deliberately snub Celine Dion at the Academy Awards 

In 1997 Celine Dion stood in for Streisand to sing The Mirror Has Two Faces’ Best Original Song nomination “I Finally Found Someone” at the Academy Awards. But the original performer was nowhere to be seen when her replacement took to the stage. Inevitably, the press believed that Streisand had it in for Dion.

But in her memoir, the former revealed there was a perfectly valid reason for her quick getaway. She said, “I was sitting in the audience watching the show… when I suddenly started hemorrhaging. (I was having more problems with endometriosis.)” Streisand later explained all this to Dion and any potential beef was instantly quashed.