Parents In Hysterics After Principal Allows Students To Wear Costumes For Senior Photos

Picture day isn’t as much about excitement as it is about anxiety and awkward smiles. However, that’s not the case at North Farmington High School in Michigan. In 2013, seniors got permission to do away with boring ID photos.

Instead of having the pressure put on to find the perfect, timeless outfit students were allowed to pose in full costume! This crazy tradition has only escalated over the years, resulting in some truly gut-busting student portraits. You’ve never seen teenagers get this creative before.

1. Mia Thermopolis: Just check out this pre-makeover look from The Princess Diaries! Unlike Anne Hathaway’s unhappy character, however, Sydney seems to be having a blast in high school.

1. Hagrid: Speaking of bushy hair, every school — magical or not — needs a wise, gigantic groundskeeper. Victoria bravely stepped into that role, and it looks like she used a little bit of magic to grow Hagrid’s signature beard.

3. Colonel Sanders: It’s pretty rare for a high school senior to ascend to the rank of colonel, but that’s exactly what Alexander pulled off. We can only assume that he spent all of picture day licking his fingers.

4. Princess Leia: Gwyneth might have been a little short for a Stormtrooper, but she made a killer Leia. This ID made for a nice high school souvenir before she went off to college in a galaxy far, far away.

5. Elle Woods: It looks like Alexis has a future at Harvard Law, seeing as she positively nailed this Legally Blonde character. She really committed by bringing in her own dog to school, too.

6. Dwight Schrute: Who knows if Erik was ever Student Body President, but he would make a great Assistant to the Student Body President. Fact: his costume beets every other get-up on picture day.

7. Good Burger: There’s no better use of ’90s nostalgia than this ode to Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell’s biggest All That triumph. We can only hope that North Farmington High also let Justin serve up that day’s school lunches.

8. Ruth Bader Ginsburg: All rise! Nobody can hold Ava in contempt for pulling off this awesome Supreme Court outfit. Best of all, if any teacher tries to fail her, she can just overrule that decision.

9. Spider-Man: Here’s a sticky situation. This student seems to be coasting off of his resemblance to Tom Holland more than actually dressing up as the web-slinger. Get yourself a mask next time, Peter Parker!

10. Miss Frizzle: Based on the wildly exciting and dangerous field trips she plans, this Magic School Bus character is either the best or worst teacher of all time. You’d expect Erin took that same level of confidence into her actual driving exam!

11. Bob Ross: Plenty of student have gotten in trouble for doodling in class, but what teacher could get angry at this PBS painter? Besides, it’s hard to stay mad when you’re sitting near a notebook full of happy little trees.

12. Captain Jack Sparrow: It’s pretty cool to be able to stroll into class dressed up as Disney’s most famous pirate. But on the downside, Julianne had to store all her books in Davy Jones’ locker.

13. Holly Golightly: Audrey Hepburn would undoubtedly approve of this high society lady dressing to the nines for her ID photo. Thankfully, Alexa decided to leave Mickey Rooney’s character out of her Breakfast at Tiffany’s tribute.

14. Rachel Green: Not a lot of teenagers drink coffee, but based on her Friends ensemble, Jordyn spends quite a bit of time at Central Perk. If North Farmington has any fountains on campus, you can bet she’ll be frolicking around in one.

15. Brick Tamland: Dressing up as this Anchorman favorite shows that Daniel really does love his school. He also loves lamp. Posing for this photo session must have been a real afternoon delight.

16. Moana: There’s just no telling how far Mara’ll go to outdo her costumed classmates. Inspired by one of Disney’s more recent classics, this senior has completed an epic journey of her own.

17. Rihanna: The hardest part about dressing up as the “Umbella” singer is that there are so many looks to choose from. Nyah took the sensible route and opted for this casual look sported by the pop star at a Clippers game.

18. Rosie the Riveter: Some students doubt that high school will ever end, but Hannah was sure to tell her classmates, “We Can Do It!” Plus, she had the good sense to show off her guns when there was a camera nearby.

19. Madea: Based on the fact that Tyler Petty is somehow able to make a million movies per year, this senior is the one you’d want to do a group project with. Let’s just hope that this Madea manages to stay out of trouble.

20. Dumbledore: When you come into school as the wisest professor in the magical world, who needs teachers? Regardless, Anthony was probably too busy hunting down Horcruxes to worry about silly grades or homework.

At other schools, kids express themselves with senior quotes. This kid? The man, the myth, the legend… By the looks of him, his quote is not a lie. He can play the bongos AND rock a tux? Nothing seems to be “Amith” here.

2. With a last name like “McDonald” you probably hear a lot of children’s songs or requests for McDoubles. But don’t tease Joe, or he’ll set the Hamburgler on you.

3. This yearbook quote may beat all the other yearbook quotes in both confidence and honesty. She dealt it, you smelled it, and you both laughed it off.

4. Did Jacob actually listen to his mom or deny her wish entirely? Well, that’s up to you, but we stand behind a boy who listens to his mother.

5. Oh Katia, let’s hope your quote isn’t a self-fulfilling prophecy. And let’s definitely hope she doesn’t have her computer set on low power mode…

6. Yunosuke’s got the spirit! Even if you think you’re rubbish, don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams. Especially if you’re in the Wrestling AND Japanese club.

7. While it’s not up to us to question the ancient wise words of Hannah Montana, we do love to see a young woman with high self-esteem. May you prosper, Kerry.

8. When you can’t think of your own personal life motto, a good alternative is to quote an influential person. Perhaps Kim Kardashian wasn’t the best choice… or was she?

9. Sometimes subtlety is key. At first glance, Daniel’s disposition seems sunny, but read the first letter of every word on his list, and you’ll see how he really feels.

10. Hooray for Makenzie! Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’re eating too much. Plus, we’re glad she’s not pregnant – yet.

11. Being the sole minority at school may seem tough, but Yang knows how to make the best of an unfortunate situation: by mocking everyone who asks stupid questions!

12. In case you weren’t born between 1990 and 1998, you may not get this reference. Just google Plain White T’s (the band, not the apparel).

13. Who doesn’t have at least a few proper Spongebob quotes up their sleeve? Not only were these two inspired by nostalgia, but they also teamed up to create something wonderful. They’re ready!

14. Okay, how can we explain this one… Actually, if you don’t get it, you’re probably still innocent, and we won’t corrupt you with Cameron’s dirty mind.

15. Another example of team-work for the history books! Or yearbooks, we suppose. And just like Kim Kardashian, any quote by Lil’ Jon is nothing but pure genius.

16. “Oh man, I totally agree, I love blowing bubbles and I should do it more often! Oh, wait… no… that’s not what I had in mind!” Well played, gentlemen.

17. Anyone who has seen or read Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets should know better than to give a hard worker a piece of clothing. Look what you’ve done!

18. Unfortunately for Alice, Kim, Theresa, and Vivian, Nguyen is the most common surname in Vietnam. Technically, these girls are probably related, only very, very distantly. That said, we’re sure this gets annoying fast.

19. Just like Yang and the Nguyen girls, Fatima probably gets a lot of unwanted questions. Luckily she has an answer that will scare away any muggle who dares to disrespect her.

20. Yep, that about sums it up. While high school may seem easier when looking back, it’s always a whirlwind of puberty, stress, and confusion while you’re in it. Just ask Randey.

21. Of course, students aren’t the only ones who have mastered the art of sass and shock; their teachers have perfected it for ages! Across the world, teachers find ways to stand out.

For instance, when high school students step into a chemistry class, the first things they want to see are chemical reactions, explosions, and lab-coat wearing teachers conjuring said explosions like modern day wizards. This teacher gave ’em everything they asked for.

2. Good teachers are willing to put a bit of pride on the line for a good cause, and that’s what this teacher did! For a donation of $1 to a school-sponsored cause, students earned a piece of tape they could use to stick this teacher to the wall!

3. Eccentrically dressed teachers have a way of getting through to students, but a chemistry teacher that’s a dead ringer for Dimitri Mendeleev is a gift from the visual gag gods. It was clearly impossible for this student to resist the photo opp.

4. One goofy teacher confiscated a student’s phone and set a picture of himself with two colleagues as the lock screen. The ultimate message? “Don’t use your phone in class again or else you will have to see my smiling face for a moment.”

5. If there’s one thing that gets a math teacher jacked, it’s Pi Day, March 14—a celebration of the constant ratio of a circle’s circumference, 3.14. To celebrate, this math teacher shaved his beard into the pi symbol.

6. Knowing the importance of reading, this remarkable preschool teacher created her own free library and put it in her front yard. Anyone in Elk Ridge City can borrow a book from the mailbox that doubles as a front yard library!

7. This teacher was kind and creative enough to let her students show off their artistic talents as they drew on her dress for the last day of school. What a wonderful and fun way to commemorate the end of the school year!

8. When one of his students needed to take her son to class because she wasn’t able to find a babysitter, this teacher understood. And when the little boy started crying? The professor wasn’t afraid to come to the rescue! That’s a moment the students won’t forget.

9. Kids love fire and explosions, remember? That’s something this chemistry teacher used to create an unforgettable autumn lesson. She stuck a hydrogen balloon inside a pumpkin and ignited it. The explosion blew out chunks of pumpkin, making a Jack-o-lantern!

10. Two teachers used the annual yearbook to show students that, yep, teachers are people, too! These guys used their side-by-side placement in the back of the book to create goofy, joint photos to make students laugh at the end of the year.

11. The little kids in this teacher’s class will never forget how a rainbow is made after he refracted light to create one right on the wall of their classroom! Up next? A double rainbow.

12. This teacher promised to dress in a Scooby Doo onesie and bring sparkling cider to class if his students did well on a test; that was all the motivation they needed to study hard! Thanks to his students’ good grades, he was forced to make good on that promise.

13. Before smartphones, math teachers often reminded students they wouldn’t always have a calculator in the “real” world. Well, in this teacher’s eyes, they wouldn’t always have a protractor either, so he taught them how to be extra resourceful—how handy!

14. This history teacher really got into character for her class’s unit on Egypt. Wouldn’t it be great if every professor did that? English teachers could dress as Shakespeare, music teachers could go as Mozart, and chemistry teachers could be Walter White.

15. High school students walking into homeroom may as well be walking into purgatory, so this teacher drew daily stunning pictures on the chalkboard to lighten spirits, boost morale, and subtly assert his dominance as the alpha artist in the room.

16. Nothing says physics like an Einstein lookalike zooming around a classroom on a janky go-kart so fast he’s a mere blur. The kids in class likely never forgot this day and the point of the lesson, whatever that may have been…

17. Instead of scaring this student awake, this remarkable teacher posed for a picture with the sleepyhead that would embarrass him to the point he would never fall asleep in class again, hopefully. Lesson learned? Only time will tell.

18. Rather than change his lesson plans after Pluto was deemed to no longer be a proper planet, this astronomy professor commemorated the demotion with all the fanfare a dwarf planet deserves. An effective and funny way to hammer home the lesson!

19. Sick of answering the question often posed by high school and college students, this teacher just cut out the debating and wore a shirt that stated the obvious. It might’ve earned a laugh from a stressed-out student or two!

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